I’m getting new followers and my old post for this is outdated so here’s a new one!

I’m Selan. I’m 27, I’m a professional illustrator, and I’m fandom trash. Current obsessions are Steven Universe, and Problem Sleuth/Homestuck Intermission.

This is my art blog!!! I also have a personal blog that also includes cosplay, and a space blog!!!

I also have projects. They are:

Midnight Sleuth. An MSPA fan-adventure wherein Team Sleuth and the Midnight Crew must join forces to defeat a shadowy new enemy. It’s 100% complete!

Dead Shuffle. Another MSPA fan-adventure, taking place within an AU where Team Sleuth and the Midnight Crew’s alignments are switched. SNOOPING SCOUT and his MEDDLESOME COMPANY must prove PECCANT SCOFFLAW guilty of a murder but things turn out to be more complicated than anticipated. 100% complete!

Apocryphal Antithesis. YET ANOTHER MSPA fan-adventure, and a direct sequel to Dead Shuffle. 100% complete!!!

Precarious Investigations. An original series in a similar style to my fan-adventures. It’s about a gay detective trying to solve crimes while navigating his shitty love life. On hiatus, about to return.

Midnight City Problems. A collaborative effort done by myself, Hanari and several other writers and artists! It’s an MSPA illustrated fanfiction about the Midnight Crew, Problem Sleuth, and a lot of bullshit.

Evil FTW! A project I started in 2007 that will not die. It’s a superhero story where the villains are the main characters. It’s long as hell but broken up into bite-sized chapters. It’s rough in places, funny in others, and heart breaking in still others. Give it a read!

Evil FTW: Applied Villainy. The continuation to EFTW! It updates slowly but is still going.

I also have a few other things in the planning phases! Keep an eye out.

Anyway thank you for following me and I hope you like my stuff!


What I’ve been working on lately.