160529 "Inkigayo Prerecording"

We were all screaming because Jonghyun was just so… So cute. Indescribably adorable. He started thinking we were teasing him so he asked us why we were constantly saying “AWWW” and dying, but when we replied “because you’re cute!” He made a displeased face that was really cute too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he’s so cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Cr: professorjjong


When jonghyun 1st started crying key couldn’t believe his eyes, he looked at him like seriously?? Why are you crying now?!? Because it was a very emotional but sweet atmosphere. But then jjong started talking about how difficult it really was preparing for this concert and they’ve had slumps as well and other things… and then we lost key. he started crying and then when it was onews turn to talk suddenly his voice broke, no one was expecting that, then he gave his speech, everyone cried again, it was Taemin’s turn and we all thought we were safe.. boy were we wrong. He choked up really bad. He was smiling and his voice wasn’t shake but no matter how many times he tried he just couldn’t get the words out =/ onew came and hugged him jjong held his waist from the side, he wanted to talk about how even if we like other ppl etc etc but he never got to finish because everyone started going never! he got emotional again and just finished it without saying much and passed on the mic.

cr: MelodyMeritamon

[Fan Acc compilation] Twice when bored @ ISAC 2016 recording

cr. shmesm & tzuyoda614

“Tzuyu carried Chaeyoung and was spinning her round and round and Chaeyoung was dying afterwards” 

“Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, Nayeon, and Momo are having a piggyback race. Chaeyoung on Jeongyeon vs Nayeon on Momo. They’re running all over the place.”

“Nayeon is pretending that she’s shooting with a bow and arrow. The members are pretending to be shot by her.”

“Nayeon pretends to shoot Tzuyu, Tzuyu pretends to die and whispers to Nayeon to do it to the fans, so she does. Fans pretend to die.”

“Nayeon and Jeongyeon are wrestling. Nayeon won, again.”

“Nayeon and Jeongyeon are busy teasing Tzuyu. They played with Tzuyu and messed up her hair.”

“Momo and Chaeyoung are waving their arms around pretending to do magic spells and ended by hitting each other in the head.”

“Nayeon was sitting alone on the ground pretending to cook and eat. Chaeyoung is staring at her, judging her.”

“Momo, Chaeyoung, and Nayeon are miming. Dribbling in the air, eating, etc. they’re going insane.” 

+ “Sana took off Jihyo’s shoe and passed it to Jeongyeon and they started chasing around.”

[ISAC 2016 Fan Acc] Momo fell asleep three times. Woken up once by Nayeon, second by the cheers, and third by the signal gunshot.

fan acc by tzuyoda614

[UPDATE] “Momo was staying still for a long time so a fan looked at her through binoculars and her eyes were closed. She’s asleep for the fourth time.”

[UPDATE] “Momo is asleep for the fifth time. She’s using Tzuyu’s back as her pillow.”

Things that make me angry:
When one idiotic army hacks the biggest Exo fanbase account on twitter, deletes the content, changes it into a BTS account, deactivates it & then comes back with a lame ass apology because they for some reason have a personal issue that makes them feel the need to take down an account that had over 1 million followers which was achieved by constant effort.
Great work asshole.

I wrote this immediately after I left the hi touch so it's mostly rambling

Omg so okay taehyung was the first one to greet us at the hi touch and he did this slap thing and was like sup super hip hop guys super hip hop but being an awkward child all I did was laugh and say “hi” and he did this cute little smile and then next up was Suga and we shook hands and he’s so beautiful and omg wow can I just say soft hands for everyone then it was jungkook WHO HAS OMG THE EYes OfAN ANGEL HOW DA FUCKKK and I swear he looked into my soul!!omg it was great it was so great..then after that I think it was Jin I don’t remember he gripped my hand a little bit and cocked his head to the side and gave me a small smile and at that moment it was confirmed that he’s in love with me lol and then it was jimin . PARK JIMIN. THE SON WITH NO JAMS BUT HAS THE JELLY the BAEeeeAhhh It thought to my self if I don’t say nothing now then idk when I ever will so I shook his hand and i was like “you’re so handsome” and he was like “oh thank you” and gave me a genuine smile !! Can you believe it?? He smiled at me you guys this is great aaaaand he held on to my have a little longer omgggg were obviously married now mhmm yay after that was namjoon and he was like “thank you” and I’m like no thank you and it was great after that was jhope my one and only hope he smiled and said hi and I said hello back after that we was gone but dude Jin has the most beautiful eyes ever and jungkook stared into my fucking soul and OMG how to survive they’re all so handsome AND CAN I GET AN AMEN FOR THEIR HANDS LIKE GIVE ME SOME OF THAT MOISTURIZER BRO BC WOW AND I JUST CANT BELIEVE IT THIS CONCERT WAS GREAT BYE I CAN NOW SAY IVE LIVED TO MY FULLEST ADIOS AMIGOS