Here are the Pre-order Bonus Stickers for the windchime charms!!! (these stickers are about 3 inches big. The charm itself is 2 inches 15$) FINALLY DONE. I’ll have the other 6 for the r76 and bottle charms done soon. Been sick and busy but i GOT THIS

order here! –

Mario Kart Deluxe is out today so we decided to publish this collab work @the-whipple-effect and I did. Whinter and Clementine enjoying the Go-Karting! Earlier full size and sketches were available, and still are till 30th (of April 2017), in his Ko-Fi . Get one if you want this as your wallpaper!

I did the composition, character lines and colors. Whip did background elements, kart lines, BG colors and explosions!

Can’t wait to play this game later tonight! Let’s get Mario Kart salty