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I’m still breathing, Chapter 11

Sophie was sat at a large table with Natasha at one side, Clint and Tony at the other. Loki was standing right behind her, his hands on her shoulders.

‘Is this really necessary?’ The director asked, motioning to everyone surrounding Sophie like she was of royalty and they were her body guards.

‘Since one of your guards tried to manhandle her, yes it is.’ Loki snarled.

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The Haunting and Killings of Iplier Manor

Summary: Mark Iplier Manor has always been a subject of great mystery and a possible investigation for Ryan and Shane. So when they finally go, thinking it’ll just be another ‘haunted’ home, they are in for a real surprise…

Word Count: 3,854

Thank you to my amazing editor, Jay, aka @pastel-and-gore​. They are an amazing human bean who deserves the world! I can’t believe they can put up with my multiple doc bullshit and continue to edit but I am so grateful for them doing this. I literally cannot say thank you enough, my dude.

A/N: This is not a script. This is how I believe the experience Ryan and Shane would have in the manor would go if they visited. The reason not everything Also, everything in bold would be where the visuals would be and is the ‘script’ that Ryan wrote.

“I don’t like this, Shane. Like really don’t like this,” Ryan said, looking up at the Manor they’d be covering in this new video. The sense of death hung in the air, something Ryan had felt at almost every single place they’ve filmed, but it never got easier to experience. It was even worse here, the air was so heavy that it was almost tangible.

“You say that everywhere we go,” Shane argued, glancing at the door and patio.

“Yeah, but none of the places has so many sales and ownership transfers for the same reason!” he sighed. “Let’s just get some daytime, outdoor shots and then get inside. We’re doing this alone, remember? The landlords didn’t want to ‘risk’ more than two people at a time. And that’s something that’s already a horrible thought.”

“Whatever dude. His loss,” Shane said, turning on his camera and walking to the left. 

As Ryan walked around the house, the mere sight of it gave him chills. Not because it was creepy, but because it wasn’t. While weeds and grass were overgrown in the nearby gardens, the house remained very intact, only the occasional chipped brick or vine. Other than that, it was in perfect condition. The mansion itself was confusing and he felt like he was walking in circles. Was that chessboard always there? How many times had he passed by the pond-sized pool?

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Looking for so Alpha/Beta help for a Hannibal fic.

I only have the first chapter so far.  It will likely be a chaptered fic although I don’t know how long it’ll get.  I’m really looking for someone to bounce ideas off of.

The current chapter is 692 words.  It’s at the moment a gen fic although I do have an idea where it my become romantic.  I haven’t committed either way.  Definitely AU as far as my understand of what AU means. 

It definitely murdery.  The main protagonist is an OC, Hannibal is her psychiatrist.  Will and Belinda will both be heavy characters in the fic at this point as well.

It’s currently on google docs at the moment. 

I hope that helps.  If you have any questions please ask. :)

Person A: Hey, I brought you pizza for lunch.

Person B: Pizza?

Person A: Yeah. You said a few days ago you wanted pizza.

Person B: …and you remembered?

Person A: I remember everything you say.

Angel Unaware

From @southerndragontamer (here):

Oh I’d LOVE to see Chica protecting Mark from Dark who’s glaring and growling/snarling but backing away from this sweethearted dog XD 

[snip] would you mind when you have time and want to Miss Melissa?

Yup! And I finally got around to it, after ages of fighting off writer’s block and depression, and just generally having no time and space for the peace and quiet I need to write a thing. So, here it is! Enjoy!

Originally posted by ozzkat

Brown eyes stared at black ones. 

There was a snarl and a flash of sharp, white teeth.

Dark was growling as he glared at the sweet-faced dog before Him. How could Mark not know the creature was no mere canine?

There was a voice, downy like feathers but also unequivocally powerful, and distinctly feminine. It was not a voice heard with human ears, but was there nonetheless. You leave him alone, demon! she snapped. He is not yours anymore!

We had a deal,” Dark sneered. “He owes Me a debt that must be paid.

Well, your deal’s off. As long as I’m here, you have no business with him!

We shall see, mutt. We shall see.

She growled back at Him and, with a vision that no human eyes possessed, there was the sight of her wings splaying forth from her tawny back in a grand visage of heavenly might that belied the simple form.

This is merely the form I’ve chosen, demon, she countered. He is under my protection and you. Shall not. Have. Him!

She lunged, teeth bared, and He vanished. Good riddance.

A sing-song baritone issued from the front door. “Chicaaaa! Chica Bica! Daddy’s home!”

She grinned, relieved that he hadn’t been here to see the conflict, and bounded forward on four padded feet to greet her ward.

Mark was all smiles when he saw her, and energetically rubbed his hands along her furry neck and back in enthusiastic scritches. “Chica! Who’s my good girl?”

She smiled and bumped her head against his shoulder as he played with her long ears. Hopefully, he’ll never need to know.

Vermilion: Aftershocks

Y’all, I’m starting this shit today. After the most recent episode of BNHA, it’s definitely got me in my feelings and has my heart aching for my Bakugou. Plus, I just REALLY miss writing for him and Kiri.

Originally posted by khirishima

So wish me luck, and I can’t wait to post the first chapter! 🧡

peeb’s fic commissions

hi y’all, i’m peeb. i’ve got a few reasons to start making some extra cash, so i thought i’d open up my fic commissions again! i want to go back to school in the spring, i need to buy a car, and my husband is having some health issues that might keep him out of work for a bit. 

here’s a link to my Ao3 works, so you can decide if i’m worth your money.


$10 (US) per 500 words (for works up to 1,500 words)

$20 (US) per 1,000 words (for works of 2,000 words or more)

works over 5,000 words will be priced individually, because they will take a lot of hard work on my part.

prices are certainly negotiable.

guidelines are listed below.

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Hamilton College AU Part 31

*Thank you @joshua-flipping-washington for the inspiration for the last scene :)

Also, need more questions to do another Q&A with the boys*

Hamilton stretched out and rubbed his feet against Burr’s bare legs while Burr kissed at his chest. It was late—he didn’t want to know how late and he had a feeling his alarm would go off in an hour or two. They had gone out for dinner and spent hours sitting in the restaurant talking. They’d fooled around upon return, accidentally broke the blanket fort and had to rebuild. Now, all was quiet and serene.

Burr snuggled close to Hamilton and squeezed him. His eyes closed, ready to claim a little bit of sleep.

“I love you,” Hamilton whispered.

Burr’s breathing stopped and he tensed.

“You don’t have to say it back,” Hamilton reassured. “I just wanted you to know how I felt.”

Burr kissed his neck. “Thanks.”

Hamilton snuggled into him and tried to bury the hurt. It had been a risk to utter those words and he knew Burr had a harder shell that would take more time to crack. But he had hoped… It would mean he was making the right choice, at least, in pushing Laurens away. Because part of him still…

“How are you still horny?” asked Burr, breath warm against Hamilton’s neck.

“Sorry. Ignore me.” Hamilton brushed his hand against Burr’s chest. “Sleep.”

Burr settled in with a soft sigh.

Hamilton remained awake when his alarm went off an hour later. He rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom to shower. If you had to choose, he asked himself as he shampooed his hair. First thing in your mind…


A smile tugged at his lips. Of course, Burr wouldn’t have said he loved him back, they’d only been “together” for a few weeks and Laurens remained a bit of a threat. He’d ask Burr out. He could do that, right? A commitment would be good. He’d managed it pretty well with Laurens after all. He hadn’t slept around much since high school. He was getting better. He could do this.

Just not today.

Today was too soon and if Burr said no…

Hamilton finished rinsing and turned off the water. He dried and wrapped a towel around his waist.

Burr remained asleep, his first class starting later that day than Hamilton’s did.

Hamilton dressed quietly, kissed his cheek, and hurried to class.


“Any plan for tonight?” Burr asked as they met up after their last class.

“Coffee,” Hamilton said through a yawn. “I have to finish an essay.”

“I’ll get your coffee. Anything special?”

“Lots of sugar.” Hamilton pecked his lips. “Thank you.”

Burr headed to the coffee shop down the street, mind in a thousand different directions. Was Hamilton who he wanted? He’d never really put a lot of thought into it, it just seemed to happen and he liked it. But long term? As a boyfriend? Would Hamilton even go for that? He professed his love but Burr balked as those words were barely in his vocabulary. He couldn’t remember ever telling Uncle Timothy “I love you” and he’d probably only told his sister that a handful of times. His family just didn’t do love. What if he couldn’t give Hamilton what he needed?

You’re not marrying him right this second; he scolded himself as he pushed open the door to the coffee shop. Why worry about all that now? They were freshmen in college; live a little. 

“What can I get you, hon?” 

“Hamilton.” Burr’s cheeks burned at once and he forgot what all words were to correct himself.

The gal watched him with a bemused, somewhat concerned smile. “Pardon?”

The menu blurred before Burr’s eyes. “Black,” he mumbled. It was far from what Hamilton liked but it was the only word available to his muddled brain.

“Coming right up, hon.”

Burr paid and retreated to a nearby table and pressed his hands against his hot cheeks.

His order was soon called and he took the cup and hurried out. There had to be another coffee shop nearby. He pulled out his phone to check and found one a few blocks away.

Hamilton jumped when the door opened forty-five minutes later and jerked out of a tired stupor. “Did you get lost?”

“No…” Burr handed over the cup.

Hamilton raised an eyebrow.

Burr rubbed his neck. “I fucked up at the first coffee place and said your name for an order,” he stammered out.

Hamilton grinned. “That’s adorable. I take it that wasn’t such a drink?”


Hamilton set his cup down and got up from his desk. “You don’t have to say it back, but I love you.” He kissed Burr’s lips. “You’re amazing.”

Burr pulled Hamilton closer to him but any words he could think to say stuck in his throat. “You should get back to your essay.”

“Yes, sir.” Hamilton kissed him again and returned to his desk. He gulped down his coffee while reading the pages he’d written.

“Do you want to go to dinner after?” Burr asked.

“This might take a while, sorry.” Hamilton’s eyes remained glued to his laptop.

“I can bring you something?”

“Aaron, I need to concentrate.”

“Sorry.” Burr closed the door softly behind him.

Hamilton finished and submitted his essay a few hours before the deadline. He picked up his phone and texted Burr, where are you?

He yawned and undressed for bed, too tired to worry. He fell asleep at once.

He woke around three felt the spot next to him on the two mattresses pushed together underneath their beds in the blanket fort.

“What?” Burr mumbled.

“Wasn’t sure if you came back,” Hamilton replied. He snuggled close.

“I thought you were mad,” Burr said. He rolled over to face Hamilton.

“No, just tired and crabby.” Hamilton tucked his head under Burr’s chin and was asleep once more.

Hamilton sighed with relief to wake up on Saturday. He checked his phone—already after ten. The spot next to him was empty but he could hear the crinkle of a food wrapper nearby. He crawled out from under the blanket fort.

“Morning,” Burr said. He sat at his desk, food and phone in front of him. “Poptart?”

“Please.” Hamilton sat on his lap and took the pastry.

“You’re, like, addicted to sitting on people, aren’t you?” Burr said with a grin.

“Pretty much.” He took a bite. “I’m small. I get away with it.”

Burr tousled his hair. “I’m barely taller than you, buddy. You’re not as tiny as you think,” he teased. “Your friend, James, now he’s tiny.”

“Whatever.” He wiped crumbs off his bare chest. “I sit on Washington all the time.”

“He’s six-two.”

“What’s your point, Burr?”

Burr grinned. “Your bony ass is crushing my legs.”

Hamilton rolled his eyes but stood. “Are you doing anything today?”

Burr finished his last bite. “I thought we could watch a movie later.” He opened the top drawer of his desk and handed Hamilton a DVD.

“Ghostbusters?” A smile stretched across his face. “How did you know it’s one of my favorites?”

“I’ve seen your underwear, Alex,” Burr said. “You have boxers with the ghost logo-thing on them.”

“True.” Hamilton bent down to kiss him but Burr stopped him.

“Sometimes you kiss a little too much,” he admitted. “I love you but you’re really touchy.”

Hamilton’s mouth dropped open. “You love me?”

Burr groaned. “Ugh.”

Hamilton sat back on his lap and grabbed his face. “I knew it.” He kissed Burr all over.

Burr squirmed and tickled Hamilton’s sides until he bent over giggling.

“Alright, alright!” Hamilton panted. “Do you want to watch the movie now?”


They set themselves up with Hamilton’s laptop under the blanket fort. 

“I haven’t watched this in forever,” Hamilton said. “Who you gonna call?”

“Don’t.” Burr pressed a finger against Hamilton’s lips. “I will kill you.”

Hamilton licked Burr’s finger.

Burr rolled his eyes.

The morning drifted away as they watched the movie, Hamilton quoting half the lines. Burr watched him in amusement.

Hamilton grinned at him.


“I’m gonna sing.”

Burr winced when he realized the Ghostbusters theme song was starting. “Don’t. You can’t sing.”

Hamilton did anyway, as loud as he could.

Burr pushed him out of the blanket fort. “Hush!”

“Who you gonna call?” He held his fist out to Burr as if it was a microphone.

Burr sighed, “Ghostbusters.”

“Yes!” He dragged Burr out with him. “Come on! You know you want to.”

“No. No, I’m good.”

Hamilton tickled Burr’s stomach. “Come on! Best part!”

Resigning himself, Burr sang with him, unable not to grin at Hamilton in his boxers and socks dancing to the best of his white-ass ability.

“You’re insane, Alex.” He panted when the song ended and they could resume hiding in their fort.

Hamilton draped himself across Burr’s back. “I know.”

AO3 Tag Game

I was tagged by @telltaleclerk. Thank you, my friend! <3

What is your total word count on AO3?

54,402 total over 13 fics- I’m not particularly wordy.

How often do you write?

I pretty much only write on the weekends. My work day is long, so I barely have enough energy to scroll through Tumblr and curate my queue once I get home. Excuses, excuses! LOL @ myself for thinking I could update a multi-chapter fic weekly.

Do you have a routine for writing?

I have to have all of my other chores done first. Routine or procrastination? You be the judge.

What are your favourite kinks/tropes/pairings?

I’m struggling to think of any specific kinks/tropes that are my favorite to write, but I enjoy writing canon-compliant Pynch the most so far. Trying to get a little more comfortable with AU stuff though.

Do you have a favourite fic of yours?

Still Breathing - I’m really proud of this one!

Your fic with the most kudos?


Anything you don’t like about your writing?

I rush things sometimes and I don’t really know the rules. But, eh, I do this for fun, so I try not to get too hung up on the stuff I don’t like about my own writing.

What do you write in (program)?

Google Docs  

Tagging some other fellow TRC fic writers: @emmerrr, @ellipsesetcetera, @dkafterdark, @neveronceintoit, @toast-the-unknowing

This is it -

I’m following my dreams so to speak, I’m at least attempting them.

I’m starting a beauty blog of some kind. It’ll definitely be more personal and more about the things I’m really passionate about.

I’m also not done writing. I’ve been working hard on putting this new blog together and working even harder on this outline of a BOOK. Yup, I’m going for it. I’m piecing things together but y’all know me and back stories.

I’m excited, even if this takes me nowhere I’m excited to write this and try it and put it out there.

Following @xbeautyxragex is where I’ll be and where you can get a first peeks, if not chapters of this upcoming story.

It’s been a trip with all of you and I owe you all my confidence to even move forward with this. Thank you to every ask and message and every like and reblog that’s encouraged me.

King for a Day

Chapter 15 - Unsurity  is now live!

Very short chapter, but there is reason behind my madness!


After ensuring his new gown was fixed in place with the royal pendragon crest at the front, Arthur made his way to the balcony.

Of course, as he walked he began to wonder. It had been only this time yesterday that he had summoned Merlin for his coronation; and since then Camelot’s new king had made himself very scarce. He hadn’t really seen Arthur all that much (which was a shame because Arthur really liked Merlin in those clothes, and he sure as hell wouldn’t mind tearing them off him) and he’d definitely had a council meeting without him. Didn’t he value Arthur’s words of advice? Or had he just wanted Arthur to have a break? Merlin was always telling Arthur he had to much responsibility so maybe he wanted to relieve him of that burden?

It had been a long couple of days so far; full of love, fear and work. Arthur just hoped that whatever Merlin was doing would answer some questions.

All Yours: Fangs Fogarty x Female Reader {WARNING: contains language and explicit sex}

‘You and Fangs have been best friends since you were little kids.. but what happens when one night changes everything?’

Originally posted by serpentbaby

You and Fangs met when you were eight years old; he was the only boy who DIDN’T bully you for having braces and wearing glasses. Since that day, you did everything together; you were inseparable. One night, all the students of Riverdale High gathered at Thistle House for a party. You and Fangs stuck together; you felt more comfortable around him than around anyone else. Toni and Cheryl see you and Fangs talking, hardly being able to hear each other because of the loud music, and they both walk over to you, holding hands.

“Hello, Fangs.. y/n, it looks like you can’t hear each other talk”, Cheryl said to you. “We can’t even hear ourselves THINK, Cheryl”, Fangs answered. “Then why don’t you two head inside and go upstairs so that you can talk?”, Toni asked. “Okay.. what the Hell are you two bombshells up to?”, you ask out of suspicion. “Oh, y/n, we’re just trying to help you two out”, Cheryl responded… Then gave a subtle wink at Fangs.

Fangs takes your hand and walks with you inside of Cheryl’s house. When you get inside, you walk upstairs and into an empty bedroom. You sit on the bed and watch as Fangs closes the door behind him. He walks up to the bed and sits next to you.

“Well, shit.. this is awkward”, you blurt out. He responds with a subtle laugh, “A little bit, yeah. Look, y/n, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you lately and I want to get it off my chest. I know that you and I have been friends for almost ten years and it’s rather forbidden to fall in love with your best friend but– y/n, I’m in love with you. And the only thing you could do to break my heart is say that you don’t feel the same and walk away.”

You are in shock by his proclamation of love for you, so shocked that you start to lightly tremble. You gaze into his dark brown eyes and pulled him close to you for a kiss. He pulls apart from you, trying to compartmentalize what had just happened between you two. As he was about to speak, you kissed him again; this time, with more passion. He grabs you by your waist and puts you on top of him and you continue to kiss. Then quickly, and in an instant, flips you over on the bed to where he is on top of you. You slightly tilt your head against the pillows and arch your back as Fangs began kissing on your neck. It was as if he was an artist who didn’t want his canvas blank, he wanted to make his masterpiece into his very own work of art. He stopped, but only long enough to rip off your shirt and remove the bra from your boobs. In an instant, your breasts were completely exposed and he took advantage and started kissing on both of them; making you slightly moan. His soft lips worked their way back up your neck and to your lips. You took off his shirt and instantly see the stitch mark from when he got shot outside of the police station. Instead of continuing to stare at it and remember the horror of that night, you pull down towards you by his dog tags and continued to kiss him. He removed your ripped Jean shorts to reveal some laced Violet purple lingerie, which matched your bra. “Sorry, princess.. but I’m gonna have to take these off you”, he said with a smirk then removed the panties off of you with his teeth. He threw the panties, along with your shorts, down onto the floor.

“Damn, you’re wet, baby girl. What should I do about that?”, Fangs asked then began to kiss on the inner folds of your thighs. “Oh my God, Fangs. Shit, you’re gonna make me cum”, you say to him. He looks up at you and says, “That’s what I intend to do.” Then he started to lick your clit, making you moan louder than what you did before. Your eyes roll back and you scream, “Shit, I’m gonna cum! Oh God!” Then, you climax to the point of no return. He continues to tease you then makes his way back to kissing you. “You taste good, baby girl”, he says and crashes his lips onto yours once again. You turn him over to where YOU are on top of HIM and you cover his mouth and whisper, “I’m taking over. It’s my turn to tease you til you cum. So, here’s what you’re going to do before I get right to it.. you’re going to shut off your brain and breathe into your body–” “How can I when your covering my damn mouth?”, he asks. “Breathe through your nose. Relax and let me do the work. Mind you, this is my first time doing this so bare with me, baby.”

You unbuttoned his pants and took them off his legs to reveal black and red plaid boxers. He tries to help you by taking the boxers off, but you yank them off of him and pinned him back down onto the bed. You start kissing his neck then began to work your way down towards his dick. You teased him by licking the tip before sucking on it as if it were a lollipop. “Shit, y/n. Fuck! Damn it, I’m gonna cum!” But, before he did, you leveled his hard dick with your vagina and slowly pushed it inside of you. “y/n, are you sure about this? What if– what if you end up pregnant?”, he asks you and pulls out as he turns you over and lays you on the bed. “Fangs, I can’t get pregnant”, you tell him. He sighs heavily in sadness and says to you, “We don’t have to do this if you don’t to or if you’re not ready.” You kiss his forehead and say, “I’m ready.” “What if I hurt you? I don’t want to hurt you.” “Fangs, I trust you. Just, do me a favor and go slow.”

He nodded and put his dick back in you and slowly started moving in and out. His pace starts to quicken and your nails dig into his back as you and Fangs’ moans were loud and in sync with one another. “Oh my God! Don’t stop, Fogarty! Fuck me!”, you shouted. You both moan loudly as he started to cum inside of you. He pulled out and the both of you were drenched in sweat, trembling heavily. Then, you say, “By the way, Fangs… I love you too.”

He smiled and kissed you once more before resting his head on your chest.

Is it just me or does anyone else have a odd prejudice against fics that are not properly spaced out? Like I need multiple indents at random places & no paragraphs longer than 3 sentences.