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The Truth

A fangirl can act calm, quiet and collective in public until you mention her favorite book/character

Missandei // April 2017 for Character Design Challenge!

“A slave who served as an interpreter to the masters of Astapor, Missandei was freed when Daenerys Targaryen took the Unsullied army and used it to overthrow the slavers. Missandei now serves Daenerys as her trusted advisor and Handmaiden.”


Surprisingly awesome fan made Taylor theme music by  Ealonex

(I honestly didn’t know original musical compositions were like, a thing people did for fandoms)

Day 13’s Sketch.

A Thrasher bellows out what remains of its rage after completely crushing an ODST Fire Team.

Thrashers are Mgalekgolo who’s bond brother is slain in battle, but they survive. Filled with unquenchable anger they are refitted into Thrasher units to satisfy their bloodlust. Thrashers carry out their namesake on the battlefield and are usually utilized on bunkered positions where the enemy has backed themselves into a corner with no way out.

With their rage goes the loss of the hunter’s desire to live. Most Thrashers die the first time they are deployed.

Based on the Thrashers from Halo: Out With a Whimper, a sprite game from years ago. (Also canon in Halo Ammunition)