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A fangirl can act calm, quiet and collective in public until you mention her favorite book/character

Missandei // April 2017 for Character Design Challenge!

“A slave who served as an interpreter to the masters of Astapor, Missandei was freed when Daenerys Targaryen took the Unsullied army and used it to overthrow the slavers. Missandei now serves Daenerys as her trusted advisor and Handmaiden.”


yeah, i think there’s been a bunch of things this year that kinda stick out in my mind. and obviously, scoring your first goal or your first point… it’s obviously up there and i mean, when i got that, there was honestly no better feeling at the time. and it’s something that i’ll remember for the rest of my life.   ——   lawson crouse on his rookie season with the arizona coyotes.

Mediterranean fanworm - (Sabella spallanzanii) Sabella spallanzanii is a species of marine polychaete worms in the family Sabellidae. Common names include the Mediterranean fanworm, the feather duster worm, the European fan worm and the pencil worm. It is native to shallow waters in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea (wikipedia). by denizoner

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what's cringe about the article?

It’s cringey because it seem written by a larrie since it uses the same vocabulary and the same expression employed by them in one of their many ranty essays… then because it flat out attacks the the Rolling Stone article whose only fault was to provide constructive criticism by addressing a very serious trend that periodically occurs within the fandom… aka fans projecting their own wishes and desires upon Harry and then getting mad when said projections do not align with the reality. Is it not true that part of the fandom went apeshit at the mention of a woman being the source of inspiration for Harry’s album?? Is it not true that instead of discussing the 34690 other amazing parts of the article some people (anons) literally obsessed over that detail (is it Kendall?? does he still have feelings for Taylor? did a mystery girl steal Harry’s heart etc) ad nauseam, like they always do? Let’s not be naive, certain factions of the fandom (surely the ones that inspired this article) don’t want Harry to be asked that sort of questions, aka girl questions, because they wish his privacy to be respected and protected, they hate it because they don’t want to be confronted with a reality that does not allow their fantasies to reign free, whether it’s larries (for obvious reasons), and some harries too.

You know, a lot of people complain that the media or outsiders in general don’t take this fandom seriously and do not respect it… but why, instead of complaining and getting defensive all the time we don’t own it up for once when we’re called out on our bullshit? why don’t we display a mature behaviour instead of going for the usual meltdown or just start attacking people - I’m also thinking about the gp who are getting to know Harry only now (yes, some exhibiting some snobbish attitude which sucks, but alas)- and giving them a reason to think ‘hey I had these prejudices about this fandom and I was right about it’? It would be far more productive for us in primis. 

I realize that many reblogged the article in good faith (and I’m not accusing those who did btw) because it defended the fandom, which I get how it can be perceived as a good thing, but I can see the hidden agenda behind it and it drives me crazy… that’s why it’s cringey, imo.

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if youre still cool with requests, how do you feel abt a glaistig uaine? would love to see how you draw her

I have a very specific image of her in my head, but I can’t quite seem to capture it. Of several images I’ve drawn out (to varying degrees of completion), this one comes the closest…

She clapped her hands together. Then she pointed into the crowd “Alright! So, you… yeah you, the girl in the yellow shirt and jeans. If I told you to, would you pick up the gun and shoot someone?”

It took me a second to spot the girl, at the far end of the crowd. She looked at Bakuda with a stricken expression and managed to answer, “The gun m-melted too, Ma’am.”

“You call me Bakuda. You know that. Nothing fancy. If the gun was still there, would you shoot? Or if I told someone to give you a gun?”

“I-I think I maybe could,” her eyes flickered to the puddle that had been Park Jihoo.

“Which concludes my demonstration,” Bakuda addressed our group, “Fear! It’s why Lung went out of his way to recruit me. I always understood deep down inside, that fear was a powerful tool. He just phrased it so well. True fear is a blend of certainty and the unpredictable. My people know that if they cross me, I only have to think about it to make the bombs in their heads go kablooie. Boom. They know that if I die, every single bomb I’ve made goes off. Not just the ones I jammed into their heads. Every single fucking one. And I’ve made a lot. Certainties.”

Lisa reached out and grabbed my hand, clenched it tight.

“As for unpredictability?” Bakuda kicked her legs against the side of the jeep like a grade schooler sitting on a chair, “I like to mix up my arsenal, so you never know what you’re going to get. But you’ve also got to keep your people wondering, right? Keep them on their toes? Case in point: Shazam!”

The word coincided with the start of a very real explosion that was closely followed by something like thunder, but Lisa was already pulling on my arm, pulling me away.

WORM: Shell 4.8

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Fear (Bakuda)
The ABB retaliates, catching the Undersiders on the back foot.

- Undersiders

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Steven Universe Corrupted Gemstone Icons. Free to use!

In order (top to bottom): Centepeetle, Crab Gem Monster, Gem Cave Creature, Heaven/Earth Beetle, Ice Monster, Invisible Gem Monster, Lighthouse Gem Monster, Tadigrade Gem Monster, The Cluster, Worm Monster.