fan va

Murdoc talking to most people: aauuurrrwwwhh, i’mmurdocniccalsfromgorillaz and i’m better than all of you, i’m a shithead sex god with a killer dick, appreciate my band you tasteless wankers

Murdoc talking to fans: oh, hello! i’m so glad you’re here! do you want me to laugh for you? i’m so glad you like my laugh! thank you so much! i love you, okay? love you! bye bye!

  • pj's daycare fans: omg I love pjs daycare its gr8 ANIA draws it so well <3
  • drunk chara fans: yeah thats good but have you seen STARBOT'S drunk chara series like omg she's the best <3
  • me: *shoves hawker and rouge in their faces* WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE THEN???????
  • them: um???? some random people having nothing to do with the stories we're talking about???
  • me: *facepalm*

I drew this joke my big sister pulled lol.

You know that VA panel when they put Jonny Cruz on the spot with pickup lines for Yeah and then everyone started with suggestions and Fred Tatasciore goes “Are your legs tired? From walking in and out of my dreams all night“ as a suggestion but Lucio shoots it down cuss it´s too cheesy lol? Or however it was I can’t remember.

And then Daps changed it obviously so here it is lol.

Today was the wedding ceremony of editor K’s colleague and Yana drew this illustration for him!

Editor K: Today was the wedding party of my colleague. He was involved in all anime series (of Kuroshitsuji) from the beginning. That’s why Ms Yana Toboso drew this illustration to celebrate! Happy Wedding! Your wife is beautiful! (※The groom is an anime staff but he’s not a VA)

Yana: Happy wedding! I couldn’t attend the party because of work, so I had Sebastian go celebrate in my stead. -Toboso

Happy Wedding!