fan troll


==> Meet that one sea troll

You arrive at a beach accompanied by various of small sandy islands with plants that you can’t see right now. as you are looking at the one that is closest to the shore at the moment, the first sandy island of many. This particular small sandy island has a hive that looks like a tower that might fall at any moment. or not. you don’t know. 

==> check for troll

You find a sea dweller troll in his natural habitat, he seems to be excited, for he has found a book of his ancestor, which contains many magical secrets that can further him in his long life yet to come. 

==> Stroke the book

Ah yessss…Soft book, good book. precious. 



==> Don’t.

Actually you won’t fuck the book, that’s painful and paper cuts on a bulge would be terrible.



==> look into ball

You look into  you CRYSTAL BALL and began seeing an image of your kismesis.

==> pester

you two begin to pester one another. she makes remarks on wanting to see you soon, wanting to catch up on missed times on annoying you. You laugh and reply to her, saying how you can’t wait to annoy her too, but explain how you’re too busy to do anything with her at the moment. She replies, asking you if she can watch you do your ‘busy’ things.

==> maybe.

You don’t reply right away, unsure what to tell her. The last time you did magic in front of her, it almost ruined your cool human dumbledoor poster. You say maybe, but she has to promise to not mess with anything. She giggles ( from what you see ) and promises. 


Bioluminescence in Seadwellers

AKA: Why its probably the most adorable thing ever.

According to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the product of bioluminescence occurs when the chemical luciferin and a catalyst named luciferase which allows the former chemical to interact with oxygen and produce light.

(There are other reasons for this too but I need to be at school in like, five minutes. Just read the sources.)

In order for seadwellers to glow, they must be able to produce this chemical. But why do they produce it?

In order to attract mates or food.

So many people know that if you want to “attract a mate” then you yourself are probably already hot and bothered, which would cause a blushing in your cheeks and body. However, blushing can obviously occur when someone is not wanting to make love (or hate) to someone so…

Unless they can control it manually (which many actual sea creatures can), when a seadweller is glowing it usually means they are either hungry, horny, or embarrassed.

I’m pretty sure I got many things wrong but as I said I need to leave for school in like five minutes so if you have anything to add please reply to this!