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akumeoy  asked:

Do you have any fantrolls/fankids?

as a matter of fact yes, or at least, I used to. back in summer 2010…the hivebent days…those candycorn days, those fantroll nights! I never named him but he was an indigo-blood with a crown of broken horns who was devoted to proving the natural superiority of his blood by disguising himself as a lowblood and fighting his way up the ranks in the gladiatorial arena. 

he had a crown of broken horns and a dark blue scar down the left side of his face that he got tattooed burgundy to help disguise his blood. while fighting in the arena he comes to respect his lowblooded compatriots/opponents, eventually losing an arm defending his closest friend from an imperial drone. obviously his blood sprays everywhere, revealing his true identity, and he leads a revolution that is ultimately quashed, his name stricken from history

all of this was just for fun, of course, and in the spirit of the whole fantroll thing he was pretty brazenly a composite of a bunch of different gladiators I like–spartacus, maximus, gurney halleck

9's guide to: Sburb lands

So a looot of my followers were asking me how I make lands.

So here is a little guide!

Start with a title. Take the person’s aspect and think of 4 words that you feel when you think about it.

Let’s go with Prince of Breath.

Well for Breath you can say

Then think of a word that reminds you of each!
Ships (since old ones use wind)

Now you can go off of those 4 new ones with similar words
Tornadoes- Tempests, Hurricanes
Ventilation- Air ducts
Compass- Maps, wind compass
Ships- Fleets, armadas

Let’s go with Tempests and Ships!

How would this land look and feel?

Well Tempest would be some crazy storms at sea and with Ships, there’s probably tons of islands. Ok, so the world has no continents!

There’s a buuunch of islands and tooons of storms.

How does Tempest affect it? Well there are tons of storms, and since it’s to ocean, maybe there is a tempest like The Breeze that keeps circling the planet?

Now, how does Ships affect it? Let’s look at similar words, Fleet/Armada! There could be tons of famous fleets in history! Vikings, the Greeks, England, etc!
Maybe each style of fleet has a direction??? Ō _ Ô?

So you have your basic planet.
Tons of storms and islands

Now think of the planet’s problem in relation to the person’s class. What are they supposed to learn???

Princes are supposed to learn how to be less destructive and controlling, but use it in moderation to get rid of the excess aspect around them

So how can that go with the land?
Well… Tempests were chosen because they would fit that well

The Prince is supposed to stop the crazy Tempests and storms that are presumably hurting the consorts!

So now let’s get a biiit more into it.
Special locations.

Think about the overall feel of the land and think of 1-2 places of note. Well ships and storms are the theme, so maybe a legendary indestructible ship!
Or maybe a mysterious lighthouse out in the storm, but you can’t quite see it because it’s too stormy!
You can reeeally get creative there, just remember to stay in touch with the theme!

To recap,
Find the land name
Describe the land
Figure out the quest
Think of a few special places

And that’s all there is to hit!

Hope that helps! And remember, get creative!

So I’m going to try and make a blog dedicated to being a guide for making Fantrolls

So my idea for this is basically just made a guide, with resourcess and info for trolls. 

I’m hoping to make it a bit less strict with things than most of the fantroll guides while making it close to canon and easy to navigate. I want to make something that’s up to date, kept up to date, and includes a large array fo topics, and not just the basics. 

Things i want to include are

  • Tips for making mutant/fuchsia bloods
  • Sprite and talksprite resources
  • Trolls with visual, physical or mental disabilities (Or anything else like this for that matter. I’m more than willing to accept help with this, since I am no expert by any means.)
  • Themes for trolls (Ie like how vriska is spider/8 themed or how one of my fantrolls is The Elder Scrolls themed.)
  • A blood color guide that remains true to canon while giving a bit broader of a spectrum to use.
  • Topics like Beforus and Earth C trolls. 
  • Help with names, as well as acestor titles
  • strife specibus and fetch modi help
  • Trollian/Online Handle help
  • Symbol help
  • Lusus ideas and guides
  • Hive help

I already have a sideblog reserved for this, @unofficialfantrollgiude and hopefully it will be up and running soon.