fan talking

Psst tumblr RP community - as someone who actively hangs out among you folk, I need to stress this. If you want to use my art for promo, icons etc, you need to talk to me first. If you don’t I’m gonna get rustled and defensive - especially without any proper crediting or sourcing. Please ask before doing things. It’s common courtesy

just some warm-up doodles with an older Shouji. While I headcanon him growing up to be as tall as his brother, I picture him on the leaner side. Still with a roundish ‘baby-face’. Still would hate being called ‘cute’ or ‘fluffy’ lol I also wanted to see what he’d look like with sports glasses, and I think he’s cute with them lol Anyway, gonna work on my last prompt now before starting on anything else.

it’s been three months (?) and i still can’t stop thinking abt fantastic beasts gdi

i won’t say i wish it got more attention on this godforsaken website bc i already know what kind of attention it’d be but even being fully conscious of it being a money grab i can’t help that it’s so enjoyable