fan sterek

I love how when I watch shows with my dad, he assumes certain people will become couples and they're almost always my ship.

Supernatural: “So when do Dean and Cas actually hook up then?”

Teen Wolf: “Stiles loves Lydia? Someone should tell that actor then, cause I thought he was hot for Derek.”

Shadowhunters: “At what point does Simon get over Clary and get with - who does he get with? Izzy, Raphael or Jace? (After Clary calls Jace straight). That boy is not straight!”


Today, Home turns two years old ♥

(And I thought I’d wrap it up in three months… Whoops)! Thank you for your constant support, patience, and kudos (all 12,700 of them?)!! This project has really gotten me through some tough anxiety (and lupus, apparently) whilst introducing me to the wonderful, talented, empathetic, and creative sterek fandom. I’m honored to be friends with so many of you *hugs*

The final chapter is still in progress, as is book!Home! I’m eager to share both with you soon. ♥

  • people: what is this? It is not that you are reading fanfiction or other?
  • me: hahaha wtf, of course not I'm not so perverted HAHAHA
  • also me: CODE RED! HIDE ALL PORN. NOW.

Does anybody else have this ONE fic that they always end up rereading? Like no matter how many other fics you read, there’s THE fic. The default fic; the home fic.