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Okay So

First RWBY overtakes Red Vs. Blue as RT’s signature show

Then RWBY gains a fanbase so big there’s a fan made game, fan made animation and even a fan made visual novel/

Then RWBY gets a massive fanbase in Japan.

Then RWBY gets to be the first American made anime (Yeah, I know anima means “Japanese animation” but Monty called it an anime so suck it) to get a JAPANESE DUB.

Then RWBY gets a manga in Japan which gets a major release.

Then RWBY actually AIRS on Japanese Tv.

And now RWBY is not only in a crossover fighting game but the people making the game are so confident in the show they actually made it one of the focuses of the ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER (sharing the spotlight along with legends like Blazblue and Persona.)

… Monty, you really didn’t know what you started.

Act My Age - Hidden Vocals

i think finding the hidden vocals in act my age is the best thing i’ve ever found… this is a compilation of all the good bits

MONSTA X ‘Beautiful’ tour in Chicago - Highlights

  • So many fan projects!!
  • Starting the concert late bc they opened the doors late and everyone was stuck in the merch line
  • MONSTA X looking fine as usual
  • Opening with ‘Beautiful’
  • Introductions that included Jooheon beat-boxing and Minhyuk saying, “My favorite word is ‘gorgeous’… You’re so gorgeous.”
  • So much dabbing
  • All the members using English as much as possible
  • The translator having an oddly attractive voice
  • Wonho commenting on this and the translator saying “Oh…. um… ‘Our translator’s voice is very handsome.’”
  • Minhyuk/Jooheon hyping up Wonho’s muscles whenever he took off his jacket (”MU! SCLES! MU! SCLES!” “Make some noise for his muscles!”)
  • Jooheon saying Chicago is the best because they have delicious (and apparently salty?) pizza
  • Always leaving a spot for Hyungwon. Having seven standing mics onstage, Shownu/Kihyun putting their arms around the space Hyungwon was supposed to stand…
  • Their competition on who was the most romantic feat. ‘Flower Cafe’ (Jooheon won)
  • Sharing water bottles
  • Kihyun looking like a vampire prince the whole time
  • During ‘White Sugar,’ I.M shouting “Alright, who wants toffees?” and MONSTA X throwing candy into the crowd while Wonho ate one
  • Wonho performing ‘From Zero’ and thanking us for loving it even without Hyungwon
  • Shownu/Minhyuk/I.M performing ‘24K Magic’ and all 3 killing the raps
  • 2CHAIN
  • The translator accidentally saying “This is our last song” and all the members being like “No! Don’t listen!”
  • Legendary remix of ‘Rush’
  • Minhyuk’s hair sticking up and Jooheon fixing it for him
  • I.M forgetting his water was uncapped and spilling it everywhere
  • Before the (actual) last song, Minhyuk saying “Our last song is Bruno Mars ‘Versace on the Floor’” and Shownu singing it
  • Group photo with Monbebe
  • Right before they left, pretending to descend into the floor but there was no descending platform
[ADMIN] Wonho's lives/V Live Etiquette

Regarding Wonho’s latest V App lives this past week, please keep in mind the following etiquette list for future lives:

1. Do not ask the idol to read your name or say hi to your country
The purpose of the V Live is to communicate, not to get noticed.
Wonho has explicitly said multiple times before that he can’t communicate with Monbebe because he keeps seeing people asking him to read their names or the names of their countries (trans). If you watch members’ lives frequently, you will notice how lost they look as they scam through the comments. This is because Monsta X’s lives often have a lot of viewers, so imagine how hard it is to read and communicate with fans if the comment section is filled with people’s and country’s names.

2. Do not demand the idol to speak in English/your language
Korean idols are not obligated to know how to speak English or any other language.
You are not obligated to know Korean either, but there are translators working on translating content for you, so please be patient (and thankful!).
If you want more than this then it’s going to require some effort from you as well.

3. Do not make rude comments
Even if not all of them are fully able to speak or understand English, idols can see what you comment and they do understand comments such as: asking for other members, shouting other group/fandom names, sexual harassment, and so on. Please avoid repeatedly asking for other members when one person is doing a live, and respect the fact that you’re on Monsta X’s channel; it would be rude to promote your other favourite groups then and there.

During today’s live (09/17), Wonho read that he was a “muscle pig”, said that wasn’t a nice thing to read and then he apologized and said that he will “try to be a style that you guys like” (trans).

This isn’t something to be taken lightly and comments like these affect idols directly, especially when it’s about sensitive issues like body image/weight. Wonho said earlier this week that he is now dieting so he can look his best for Monbebe. Do not pressure him about his weight by insulting him.
You can flag or report these comments during the lives.

4. Do not tell the idol to lose/gain weight
Other people’s body and weight are none of your business. Idols know their own bodies and needs and that’s not something you can dictate based on your personal greed for a certain look.

5. Do not be intrusive with information the idol does not want to share
Regarding Wonho’s surname (Shin or Lee), Wonho was confronted today (09/17) and he replied that he is both and that you can call him whatever you like because he’s okay with both (trans). After that he got asked so many times he eventually had to ask people to stop asking (trans).
His stage name is Wonho and whatever his real surname might be, that is nothing for you to be concerned about. Simply call him Wonho.

Please keep in mind you’re having a conversation with a real person with real feelings. Treat idols like you would treat your friends, parents, or any other person: with respect.

Like any other Monsta X member, Wonho takes some of his time to come online and talk with Monbebe because he genuinely wants to communicate with Monbebe. Don’t make it hard for him or for Monbebe that are actually interested in communicating.
Monsta X are comfortable enough to share while they work out, while they eat, while they’re in bed and even in the bathroom; appreciate their efforts and don’t take them for granted.

Here’s my full piece from the @ladybugzine ! I just received my copy and DAMN there is so much gorgeous art to drool over * Q* 

….It’s been long enough since I drew it that I kinda hate it already rip I had fun drawing his sparky, de-transformation light though!!

Also, shameless plug for Menons la Danse!, the dance-themed ML charity zine Jeananas and I are organizing! There’s just a few days left to apply!

yugyeom’s “shopping!” v-live summary 

  • he bought things for other members
  • he looked like a little lost kid the entire time
  • a woman stopped him and asked if he was an idol because he was so good looking 
  • he wanted to buy a Frozen princess toothbrush for jinyoung
  • he bought BamBam milk with the label that looked the best because “bambam really likes the packaging”
  • he bought cucumber to torture youngjae with 
  • he bought chocolate milk for himself and debated on buying more
  • he screamed when he saw the ice cream
  • he wanted to buy mark a fan but the electronics section was closed
  • he danced to and sang to michael jackson
  • he knocked into a display and got super flustered and embarassed
  • jjp called yugyeom to check up on him
  • he almost forgot to buy toothpaste until he saw the comments and remembered
  • he also bought a wine opener (bc jackson likes wine i think?)
  • every time he found what he was looking for he laughed and
  • he paid for everything on his own as a gift to the rest of got7 💕
On Supergirl and Homophobia

I am seeing a lot of posts saying how calling out what happened at SDCC as homophobic is ‘ridiculous’. I’d like to address first the scope of what homophobia is, then move onto how the incident was driven by homophobia. 


When you hear the term homophobia, it conjures up images of assault or of slurs being thrown out in the open. This is often not the case. Incidences of homophobia can range from the above to smaller instances that make you question whether of not you’re being ‘hysterical’ or ‘dramatic’ for thinking you’re being discriminated against or not. Merriam-Webster defines homophobia as: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. 

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Finished during 2014 Winter Olympics 

Ye–es. It was swan lake and Levi took the role of black swan and Eren was some Prince unfortunately seduced by the bird. 

Some sort of Ludwig II stuff. (google him if you have no idea)

I might have a hobby… posting many at one post.


Secret Santa 2016 - Fullmetal Alchemist

say your prayers now | m.a.w (insp.) (Rem ver.)

some Lan Fan for my Secret Santa, @tuan-mihie!! ♥

To the wonderful women who guessed where Star Wars was going

Hello everyone. I know I haven’t been posting much recently and I’d like to explain why.

I had been slaving for months and months, (since June 2016), gathering evidence and writing metas about how I believe kylo Ren found the Kenobi lightsaber and in turn had a vision of Rey when he picked it up. Just like she had a vision of him when she picked up his ancestral blade.

I found countless tweets, visual evidence, audio evidence, photos and themes all backing my theory up.

One day a big YouTube blogger took this theory and put it in his video.

He initially didn’t credit me and he read parts of my meta in his video and passed my theory off as his own. He only decided to credit me once many people complained about it (thanks to those who helped)

His video has generated over 1 million views and he has made god knows how much money off of my hard work. People in his comment section are praising him for discovering the “secret”.

Despite the minuscule and well hidden credit he eventually gave me, sadly the majority will not know where it originated from.

The same blogger is now making money off of the reylo community. Yes he decided to credit people this time but the sad truth is that male fans in his comment section are suddenly only now giving reylo credit. Only now taking it seriously and why? Because a man is talking about reylo.

I think one of the worst comments I saw was: “I never gave reylo credit but now that you have made a video it makes sense, your theories are the bomb!” So despite this blogger clearly stating that it was the women of tumblr who predicted this. It’s still ignored and not appreciated and the credit is still going to him?

We as a community we’re shunned, ridiculed and treated appallingly for a year and we slaved so hard on tumblr with millions of words and metas. We predicted so much accurately and now male youtubers are taking our hard work and jumping on the band wagon because now it’s “safe” to discuss reylo because it seems clear that’s the way the story is going. Now money can be made off of reylo on YouTube. But they are not using their own content. They are taking OUR content and making money. Capitalising of of our hard ass work for the past year or so.

ReyKenobiFiles and myself have a podcast and we are relaunching it. Let’s get female voices heard a little louder. If we have coincidentally mentioned your theories please message us and we’ll add you to the credits!

Shu Sakamaki - Dark 3

Yui: Shu-san…?

Yui: Are you still taking a bath?

Shu: ….Mm…

/Shu appears/

Yui: Kya…!

Yui: why are you naked…!

Shu: …’s too troublesome to dry my body

Yui: eeh….

Yui: (Shu sometimes seems like a child when he speaks like this…)

1 M- Dry his body

2 S- Urge him to use a towel

Choose -> 1 M- Dry his body

Yui: (As it is, he’ll catch a cold…I’ll have to dry him)

Shu: ….what are you doing, are you inviting me in?(1)

Yui: No…! I just don’t want Shu-san to get sick…

Shu: oh. I don’t care if I get sick. Won’t you stop? It’s irritating

Yui: but, at least let me dry your hair

Shu: n…

/he pulls yui against him/

Yui: Wa….! No, I’ll get wet…

Shu: then, take off your clothes?

Yui: (how mean……..)(2)

Yui: Shu-san, is it ok if I ask you something weird?

Shu: …….

Yui: we….before as well, have not been doing things….(2)

Yui: (surely all that time Shu-san was in the bath 扡きつかれて…)(2)

Yui: (my clothes got all soaked–)

Shu: ….I don’t remember now

Shu: I feel like I do….or maybe I don’t

Shu: …..troublesome. Are you going to continue your question?

Yui: n-no. It’s ok

Shu: from such a thing, the bath made me thirsty. Your blood…..i’ll suck it

Yui: eh—

Shu: Nn

Yui: ee…!

Shu: Mn…..Nnn…….haa…..!

Yui: Shu-san, wait a little…

Shu: I won’t wait (3)

Yui: at least dry yourself properly with a towel—!

Yui: (Shu-sans body is sticking against mine….it’s very cold….)

Shu: Nnn….haa…….Mn…nn

Yui: You’re still cold from the bath….

Shu: haa….you’re still saying such a thing?

Yui: because….I’m worried about you

Shu: then, will you heat me with that blood of yours?

Shu: Mnn….ha,Nn…..っ…!

Yui: Aah…!

Shu: …kuku. You’re getting hot. Aren’t you?

Yui: …..ah, Shu….sa

Shu: Nn…..っ…haa….っ…

Yui: (my body… becoming so hot…)

Yui: (why do I get so hot when he drinks my blood?…)

Yui: (It’s….strange…)

1) He’s basically saying you’re inviting him to suck your blood

2) These lines were hard to interpret because they didn’t really make sense in english, also if anyone can find out what that kanji means that’d be great.

3) Honestly hearing him say this with the tone of his voice and everything, i just about died

Pride of the Actor, Pt. 1

Summary: Michele and Jesse ask Dan and Arin to come in and talk about Good Game, Season Two. The Grumps are super excited… until Michele suggests making the proposed romance between Ryland and Alex canon. Now Arin and Dan need to decide if they’re professional enough to make that happen. 

Warnings: Some crying and angst, some introspection of the egobang community, mild criticism of Tumblr and other social medias.

Genre: Meta fiction, fluff, sort of mild egobang, rylex, some angst.

Author’s Note: This fic is over 5000 words long, so to make for easier reading, I’m putting it into two parts. =) Enjoy! 


“Thanks for coming in, guys,” Jesse said. “Michele and I appreciate it.”

 Two days ago Jesse called and asked Dan and Arin to come into his office. Arin had been hoping it was about Good Game. They had been pushing YouTube Red to let them try a second season, though it was hard to truly gauge the fan response. Game Grumps YouTube comments suggested a majority of their fans hate it, or at least the ones that hated it were loud and drowning out the actual fans. Facebook was a little more positive, Reddit was all over the place and Tumblr… well, Arin wasn’t on Tumblr, but from what he gathered, it was generally positive. And full of shippers. Which could be a good or a bad thing, depending on your perspective.

 “No problem,” Arin said, taking a seat next to Dan. “What’s up?”

 “Well, to start, we have great news,” Michele said. “YouTube Red approved Season Two of Good Game.”

 “No fucking way!” Dan said with a grin. “That’s awesome!”

 Michele smiled. “We thought so. But it does mean we have some thinking to do regarding season two.”

 “Whatever you need Dan and I to do, we’re up for it,” Arin said, grinning ear to ear.

 Michele and Jesse exchanged glances.

 Arin raised an eyebrow. Uh oh. Had he just promised something they couldn’t deliver? He tossed a quick glance at Dan, who shrugged. He turned back to Michele and Jesse. “I’m not sure I like that look.”

 “Well…” Michele continued. “We were talking about story related stuff for season two, and we thought we’d take a look at what the fans want for this next season.”

 Oh, crap.

 Arin ran a hand down his face. “I think I know what’s coming next.” Dan’s face grew red.

 “Well…” Jesse said. “You know that there’s a ton of people who… who, um. .” 

 “Who ship us,” Arin finished. “The Rylex shippers, or whatever.”

 “‘Rylex’?” Dan repeated with a little snicker. “Well, they’re clever with their ship names, if anything.”

 “Don’t google it,” Arin said.

 “Anyways,” Jesse continued. “We were… we were, um… considering making that… canon.”

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maireep  asked:

SLIDES IN ON MY KNEES. . . .. ... . .GRYFFINDOR KEITH AND RAVENCLAW LANCE PLS pls some hogwarts au .. .. kisses the ground u walk on

you know the way to my heart marie i love a good hogwarts aus


They first saw him at the quidditch pitch.

It was a cool autumn day; the sun was glowing strong over the forest, casing its rays over the red and orange leaves that were scattered throughout the landscape. The wind tickled their ears as the teams made their way into the arena, one team sporting red while the other was covered in green.

It was the biggest match of the year, and Gryffindor had a new trick up their sleeve in the form of a transfer student from Durmstrang. He was a legend, according to the Daily Prophet, a real prodigy. The article had gotten passed around school for weeks before he had arrived and gotten sorted into Gryffindor.

“I don’t like him.”

Pidge sighed, fixing the collar of her blue robes before rolling her eyes at Lance. “You don’t even know the kid, how can you possibly hate him?”

Lanced scoffed, flicking his wand dramatically at Pidge before replying. “I just don’t. I don’t like the vibe he gives off, he’s so full of himself.”

“And you’re not?” Pidge murmured under her breath as Lance gasped dramatically (as he did in response to most remarks made by his friend). Before he could respond, a loud voice echoed around the quidditch pitch.

“Welcome everyone to today’s match!” Boomed the voice through the microphone. It was Allura, Gryffindor’s head girl. Her voice bounced around the pitch, light and airy and captivating. But Lance was focused on something else, someone else.

His eyes were locked on Gryffindor’s seeker. His black hair stood out against the deep red of his robes, and though they were a bulky fabric, Lance could tell his arms were muscular. (His face wasn’t half bad either.)

Lance didn’t like him, not one bit.

His trance was interrupted as the starting whistle blew, sending both teams into action.

“Go Shiro!” He heard Pidge cheer loudly as a green blur flew by them. Their friend, a 7th year who was a chaser for Slytherin, had the quaffle.

Lance joined Pidge in cheering, momentarily forgetting about the boy in the red, until he heard someone from behind him shout “Look! Keith Kogane has the snitch!”

As if time was slowing down, Lance shifted his gaze upward to see Keith hovering above him, hand triumphantly raised holding the golden snitch.

Somewhere to his left he hear Pidge say “Can you believe it? The game’s only been going on for 10 minutes!”

But Lance didn’t acknowledge her comment. Instead, he continued to stare at the seeker in the red robes. For a fleeting moment, they made eye contact, blue eyes meeting gray, before Keith shifted his gaze back to the rest of his team.

His teammates, however, were already surrounding him, slapping him on the back and congratulating him for a good game. Lance could hear the thundering cheers from the Gryffindor fan section all the way across the post.

It wasn’t until Lance had finally tore his eyes away from the celebration that he felt something hit his head.

“Pidge, what the fuck!” He cried out, rubbing his head before turning towards his friend.

Pidge shrugged. “Wasn’t me, dude. I think- hey, look!” She pointed to something sitting on the ground.

Lance quickly turned to find the golden snitch, wings detracted, sitting behind his seat.

“Keith must have dropped it during the celebration” Pidge, observed, her eyes flitting between Lance and the Gryffindor quidditch team. Lance nodded before picking up the ball, wings unfurling into his palm.

Lance smiled, fondly remembering all those matches where he had won for Ravenclaw by catching the tiny ball sitting in his hand.

Suddenly, his vision was covered in red. Shifting his eyes away from the snitch, he saw Keith  hovering before him, one hand gripping his broom the other brushing the hair out of his face.

“Looking for this?” Lance laughed as Keith spotted the snitch in his hand.

Keith glanced at Lance’s face once before quickly flying forward and attempting to grab it out of his hand. Lance moved to the side, sending Keith flying in the other direction.

“Not so fast, buddy. You can try to get this from me next week when you play Ravenclaw.”

Keith raised his eyebrow. “Is that a challenge?”

“Do you want it to be a challenge?” Lance replied, earning a grin from the boy in red.

“We’ll just have to wait and see.” Keith shot him a small wink as Lance tossed him the snitch. (Lance tried to ignore the way his heart fluttered as Keith flew away.)

Lance stared after him for a second, as the autumn wind blustered around him.

“So, you’re telling me you don’t like this guy at all?” Pidge chided, playfully punching Lance’s arm.

Lance simply groaned.

dolokhovisgay  asked:

okay so i see you're a dps fan from your about section and as u may have noticed from my url, so am i. hit me with a few anderperry headcanons for sleepover saturday? also anything else about the other characters that you want to talk about :)


  • Todd writes poetry, Neil performs it - usually with just the two of them, though
  • they often exchange jumpers, and not just for romantic reasons. their jumpers somehow fit the other better and both of them think the other smells nicer
  • the “flying desk set” becomes a tradition, sometimes they invite the others too
  • surprisingly, Knox is the first who notices their intimacy. he doesn’t tell, but his knowing smiles when he looks at the couple gives it away to the rest of the poets
  • Neil gets headaches a lot, usually because of his loud and boisterous behavior, and Todd sneaks into Welton’s kitchens and somehow manages to make the best hot chocolate and sneak it out without anyone noticing. it’s a mystery how he does it, really.
  • they leave each other small sweet notes on the typewriter
  • for example: “i hate your stupid face and can’t wait to kiss it after classes”
  • when they sleep together, Neil falls asleep first - and clings so hard that Todd has to wake him up if ever he needs the toilet
  • Todd hates all flowers apart from daisies, and Neil always makes sure to get one on his way to school from the theater
  • Neil annoys Todd when the boy is reading/studying so Todd starts writing on his face to shut him up
  • the writings usually say things like “i am annoying”
  • Neil pretends to hate them but keeps from washing that area on his skin for as longs as he can
  • they don’t kiss or have sex a lot. usually they just enjoy each other’s silent company, and it feels comfortable and they have grown into being unable to imagine themselves alone alone
  • Neil never dies

A random headcanon for each of the boys bc why not:

  • Knox is actually very good at poetry once he gets over Chris and starts writing about about better things like the cave and a certain boy named Nuwanda
  • Cameron loves chocolate. And while the boys pretend to hate him, he knows that the random chocolate bars in his pockets and bags and on his bed don’t appear out of nowhere
  • The saxophone isn’t the only instrument Charlie’s good at. He can play pretty much every string instrument known to mankind, and some occasional woodwinds here and there
  • Pitts accidentally creates a new staple snack for the boys: the nutella jam cake, which was never meant to be edible
  • Meeks actually is not good at everything, and has to take English lessons from Todd
  • Todd always lets his coffee go cold and then crashes on his books, Neil has to carry him to bed
  • Everyone thinks Neil is a natural at Latin, when in fact he stays up late just going through his books again again because he just loves the subject so much. Neil also smells of cardboard, for some reason

(also non-binary charlie dalton???? yes. canon.)