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I've got really into hwarang and I was wondering maybe you could do something like how you meet taehyung through filming, say you worked in hair and makeup, this isn't a request per say more of a suggestion, btw I love your blog and your writing

this is a cute idea!!! and i want to get warmed up before writing something longer so here is some cute stylist x actor!au ^^

  • taehyung’s hair is the most,,,,,,important part of his costume as hansung
  • but those extensions are a BIG BIG BIG problem,,,,they get tangled in everything if you don’t treat them right and if your stylist bag gets knocked around while you’re moving around during filming
  • you take out the wig and clip ons and it’s just,,,,,a mess,,,,,,all the brushes and pins are stuck in the fake hair and you have to squat somewhere in a corner and pick them all out and then brush it back to where it look presentable 
  • and this happens way more than it should,,,like today,,,,,and you can hear the director yelling out that the break for lunch is going to be over in half an hour and you’ve just opened up your bag to set up the wig and hair when,,,,,,,,,,of course,,,,,,,,,,,,everything is a tangled monster
  • and you’re like FRICK because aside from the hair you need to help taehyung with makeup too so you need to get this all sorted quickly so you grab the nearest brush and sit down on the floor to get to work,,,,,
  • and you hear taehyungs voice calling out your name and you’re like “sorry i can’t speak right now i have an emergency,,,”
  • and taehyung sits down in front of you and points to the wig in your hands and he’s like “hansungs hair!” and you’re like “yes,,,it got tangled and i need to get whatever is stuck in it out before you get into costume and we get back to filming so please let me concentrate lahkfsljas”
  • and taehyung sits there for a moment and he’s like “should i go steal minho’s wig? our characters basically have the same hairsty-”
  • and you’re like “tAEHYUNG NO”
  • but he’s getting up and you’re like “taehyung tAEhyUng plea S E”
  • and you hear him laugh and he’s like “im joking im joking!! here let me help!”
  • and you look up and you see that he’s sitting quite close to you. his knees touching yours as he reaches out for another tangled strand of hair and delicately holds it up 
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,did you eat? you should have your lunch we’re filming for eight hours straight don’t worry about me-”
  • and taehyung just grins and he’s like “you’re asking me if i ate? i always see you here in the styling booth running around frantically after us actors i don’t think i’ve ever seen you have a proper meal”
  • and you’re like hEY i ate,,,,,,,some chocolate on the way here and taehyung is like “chocolate is not a meal” and you’re like “that depends on who you’re asking” and taehyung is like “ooo sassy are we” and you roll your eyes but smile because he’s made you feel a little better about the situation
  • and you guys are almost done untangling, when you hear the director say filming is back on and you panic but taehyung is like “ill go change first, ill buy you some more time ok??”
  • and you nod as he gets up and runs off to get changed and you’ve got the hair straightened out and you’re getting it back into the high ponytail that is hansungs look
  • when you’re done, you wipe some sweat with the back of your hand and then you feel someones hand on your shoulder and you almost juMP up but taehyung is like “it’s me,,,,did you finish??”
  • and you give him a thumbs up and taehyung suddenly just turns around and gets like on his knees and he’s like “ok!!! im ready for you to put on the wig” and you’re like kdjlgfsd you could sit in the cha- but then you look around and release you didn’t even set up the chair for him and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,oh god
  • and you’re like “taehyung the costume, you might get it dir-”
  • and he’s just waving his hand like “it’s nothing, i just don’t want you to get in trouble i know the director can be an ass to stylists”
  • and you feel your heart flutter a bit,,,,because you’ve known taehyung is sweet - his fans are always raving about how nice and funny he is - but you never knew he was so considerate too,,,,,and so down-to-earth
  • and so you help get the wig and the extension on and taehyung stands up but you’re like “um can you just lean your head,,,you’re tall” and he’s like “ah! of course!” and you’re finishing up with getting his headband tied 
  • when someone runs by and is like “HANSUNG WE NEED YOU!” and taehyung looks at you with a wink and he’s like “that’s me!!”
  • and you’re like “do your best!!” but before taehyung runs off again with a smile, he fishes something out of his pocket that looks like candy and takes your hand to drop it in your palm 
  • and he’s like “it’s not a meal, but eat it!! you’ve worked hard~”
  • and with that he’s off and you’re standing there holding the candy but when you look down there’s a note among the wrappers and in taehyungs handwriting it says: ‘my stylist who is always by my side, thank you~ from v, taehyung, and hansung ^^’

No. 3: Catherine

This game is so high in my list because it is one of those really wierd games that put you inside the story. You really can feel all Vincent’s problem like if they were yours! It has an amazing story full with unexpected turn, super interesting characters, an hells of stuff to discover that will make you to understand everything better.

Blake’s 7 Birds- Avon

Blake’s 7 characters and their associated bird familiars/ daemons/ only friends in the entire Galaxy.

The third in the series of Unfortunate Events is Avon, and his Common Raven.

Ravens are highly intelligent, easily bored, wear a lot of black and are sometimes seen as harbingers of death.

Avon’s raven is to be found perched beside him as he works on whatever gadget he is working on at the moment, holding the next tool he needs in her beak, ready to pass it to him.

This one- this one was pretty obvious, Avon is clearly some kind of corvid, an ‘intelligent but bad-tempered corvid’ according to Mum, and the main question was whether it would be a raven or a crow. I love them both, but ravens won in the end. Better not to ask how.

Listen it’s not about whether you saw a movie today before you read a comic or you’ve been devouring the material since you were a young ‘un and have vast knowledge of the ‘verse, or if you’re a thirteen year old crushing on some 70′s cult following. No one comes out of their mother’s womb a fan. If you like it, you like it. You wanna rave then go ahead and rave. Fan the shit out of that art, write fic til your fingers necrotize (actually, don’t), dress in spandex and aluminium coated cardboard or nothing fancy at all. Familiarize yourself with the history and get cracking. All I’m saying is, welcome to the family. Own the life.

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I can't imagine that they'll only be given a bit part. Fans will be absolutely raving over this. You can't just bring Amazon's into the main timeline and NOT have them interact with their more cartoony colleagues. That'd be the equivalent of Superman stopping by the Avengers Tower in the MCU to pick up some donuts and leaving without explanation. And yeah, I absolutely want them to meet Amazon. And also Ex-Aid. Think about it: the most serious and the most silly riders exchanging banter.