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I’m very lazy while doodling and Evan is definitely not a morning person

(the only reason connor wakes up is because he likes drinking his jet black coffee)

There is so much Mario hate on this site and people who usually do it are like ‘I hate Mario, Luigi is the only one that matters!’ and its kinda funny bc if Luigi heard someone saying that he’d be so mad

Luigi is Mario’s biggest fan lmao

things i don't want to see on my dash this era

active swiftie follow trains !!! :)))))) *made by urls i have not seen in 3 years

any type of post that starts with “IMPORTANT please reblog this and tag taylor!!!!one!!!11!!!!!” and shows up five times on my dash (you know the ones)

any post with fifty reblog comments that are variations of the same damn thing

any post that has fifty reblog comments of “@taylorswift YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS LOL”

reposted edits/gifs/graphics. make your own goddamn content you cowards

and while we’re at it don’t send me asks or messages asking me to reblog your posts when i don’t even know you either. (this is exactly why i took out “taylor follows” from my description in the first place)

OKAY but imagine this: the Crystal Gems are in trouble. Suddenly, a giant Famethyst fusion appears out of nowhere and kicks ass. Holly Blue Agate is sitting on their shoulder. She praises them on a job well done while the CGs just gawk at them from far below. The next episode is a half hour flashback, as Holly and the Fam explain how/why they’re on Earth, but most importantly, how Holly learned to stop being a bitch and love the Famethyst.

its canon that nico is insecure about his feelings and can’t express them the best sometimes. in fact, i think that when he finally felt brave enough to tell will, he wanted it to be as vague as possible, just a very hushed ti amo–and of course, it was in italian.

maybe it was in some of those quiet moments they shared. like right before they dozed off to sleep in the hades cabin or during one of their comforting hugs. maybe he just sighed it one day after a dangerous mission or mouthed it into wills hair when they were just giggling and laying in the strawberry fields.

either way, it was quiet and gentle and so absolutely genuine and will heard it and understood it no matter the way nico said it. and maybe will knew that he’d said it quietly for a reason, and so will said it back, not by words but by holding him closer

me in 2016: they’re bringing back ufo kirby i’m crying

me in 2017: they’re bringing back yo-yo kirby i’m crying

Pitch Perfect Fandom

Dya know what I love about the PP fandom? It’s that the fanfiction has turned so many of the minor characters into major characters. Particularly in the Bechloe fics.

Take ‘Tom’ for example. The dude is in the first movie for 6 seconds at the end of that shower duet, and 3 seconds making out in the back of a scene with Chloe at the aca-initiation night. But he’s actually considered quite a major antagonist in Pitch Perfect fanfiction - particularly Bechloe fanfiction (I see you ‘Experimentation’)

Stacie, who I love in the movies despite really not being in them that much, has become this awesome best-bud-to-Beca in many fics. She’s the out-there girl who tends to drag Beca along to parties or events in their post-Barden years, which often leads to Beca reuniting with/meeting/finding Chloe. In the movies I do believe the only interaction Beca and Stacie ever have is Beca saying “You call it a dude?!” mid-way through PP1, and “Keep it in your pants maybe?” in PP2. Yet in fanfiction she is often written as one of Beca’s closest friends.

And if she’s not written as one of Beca’s best buds then she’s often written in ‘Staubrey’ fics as being a love interest for Aubrey - even though the only real ‘interaction’ the two had in the movies was in PP1 for 12 seconds during Stacie’s audition, 12 seconds when Aubrey used the word ‘penetrate’, 8 seconds in the riff-off, and that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment lasting 2 seconds when Stacie hisses “Where did he come from?” to Aubrey while they’re stood in the wings waiting to perform with The Bella’s. 

Basically, this fandom is aca-awesome, the fanfiction is aca-awesome, and I bloody love being a part of it. 

Kudos to ALL the fic writers out there, whether you’re brave enough to post your work or not. You guys are all aca-awesome!

Ramble over.

Dazatsu Week 2017- Day Four: Free Day

So I made this for the Dazatsu Week: Sleeping Atsushi with Dazai, and I’m super late T-T but here is my entry anyway.

Oh and a bonus!!


Sequel comic to my previous Scorbus tie-straightening pic - I was laughing way too hard at the reblogs/replies, I never thought of the situation as such so I needed to draw this :’D

(special thanks to @echoandthefandoms for the original dialogue idea for the last panel!)


So lately I have seen a lot of in-fighting between various ‘ship factions’ and such amongst the fandom, which despite the fact I don’t approve, I have no control over. However I have seen some try to bring these fights to the cast and crew of the show, and it has never gone down well. I would just like you all to step back for a moment and think about where you are. This is just a show. Yes you care deeply about these ships and characters, and there are valid issues and worries that should be addressed, but petty fighting and attacking will do us no good. Especially not when it gets to the point that a cast member feels alienated and as if part of a witch hunt to the point that they seclude themselves from the fan base.

If feel it is as a good time as any to remind all you that the cast and crew are PEOPLE and despite how much you might think it, they do not owe us anything. As much as you might think you are owed the ships you seek for whatever reason, the decision lays purely in the hands of the crew and we must respect their choices and decisions, regardless of our view on them. Your ships may happen, they may not. Either way it is no one’s “fault” as it is not a problem. If the crew wish to interact with the fandom that is up to them, but this does not mean that we are guaranteed or owed any say in the show. We certainly aren’t entitled to starting a barrage of blaming and attacks on the crew. This does nothing and is not productive in any way. It’s time for a reality check.

If you don’t like the show, leave it.

If you have criticisms, express them respectfully.

If you are interacting with members of the show, remember that they are people.

A concerned RWBY fan.

I had this one lost in my PC for months because I´m not very happy with the face, at least I´ve finished it.

I´m kind of neutral about Kairi, I want to like her more but the games tends to forget that she exist or that she can be more than “The girl that Sora likes”.

Anyway I hope she gets more spotlight in the next game, not only because the character needs development but because the overall story needs it because the main trio feels very unbalanced with their story arcs. Well… even if it´s just a part of the new outfit it looks way better than the KH2 one, like if she is going to be more active so it´s a step in the right direction


It’s time for another svenska med Idz! This one is a little more unplanned (and sometimes I talk quite fast) but I hope you’ll like it either way! :)

procenten - percent

planera (planerade planerat) - plan

vattna (vattnade vattnat) - water

blomman - flower

vatten vattnet - water

vattenkannan - watering can

växtnäringen - plant nutriment

brun - brown

min älskling - my love

citrusfrukten - citrus fruit 

(Technically it’s a citrusträdet - citrus tree, I wasn’t thinking)

studenten - graduation from the Swedish high school

massa - lots of

skottet - sprout

frukten - fruit

nog - probably

mogen - ripe

dammig - dusty

dricka (drack druckit) - drink

man ba/man bara - one’s like/you’re like

fast - but

dock - though

uttråkad - bored

Har ni tänkt på det? - Have you (pl) thought about that?

för två veckor sedan - two weeks ago

dan (shortened form of “dagen”) - the day

avokadon - avocado

torr - dry

bladet - leaf

tråkigt - sad (in this context); boring

fylla år (fyllde år fyllt år) - have one’s birthday

Vad heter det? - What is it called?

elefantörat (lit. elephant ear) - pilea peperomioides

halvåret - half a year

minst - at least (in this context); the smallest

växa (växte växt) - grow

(jätte)taggad - (very) excited

gul - yellow

stjälken - stalk (on flowers)

på väg att - on it’s way to

vit - white

äntligen - finally

spilla (spillde spillt) - spill 

murgrönan - ivy

plantdödaren - plant killer

kaktusen - cactus

ensam - lonley

ingen (jävla) aning - no (fucking) clue

råka (råkade råkat) - accidentally + verb

stabilt - stable (can be used about a situation that is under control, often used ironically or jokingly though)

kämparen - fighter (figuratively)

ramla av (ramlade av ramlat av) - fall off

krukan - flower pot

roten - root

sloka (slokade slokat) - wilt

(as)törstig - (very) thirsty

min(uten) - minute 

improviserad - improvised

växten - plant

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