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From JDM’s WSC Chicago panel:

Fan question: “My question is that you know your lean that you do with the bat?”

JDM: “Oh, yeah.”

Fan: “Yeah. Is that like a personal add-on you do or is that part of the script?”

JDM: “No, that was…that was kind of a fuck-up. There was…when I first got the job, I remember looking at issue #100, I think and there was a frame of Negan kinda leaning back a little bit. And I remember doing it and I remember I did it in front of Andy and the look on his face was one of such…he was so confused by what I was doing…like truly, he was like “What the fuck is this guy doing?” that I liked it. Uhm…and I’m always trying to…if you’re an actor, hopefully worth yourself, and I hope that I am. Sometimes I’m not but I try to be all the time. Uhm…I try to keep the guys that I’m working opposite off-balance. Because we do every scene, you know, 30 times, you know, It’s never one and done. You gotta do their coverage, you gotta do my coverage, you gotta do wide-coverage and close-coverage and it’s crazy, so you do every scene 9 million times, uhm…and so I like to do something for every take just to keep my friends and co-stars on their toes otherwise you kinds get lazy and start to falling asleep in the middle of the scene and that’s not good for their performance, it’s not good for my performance. Uhm…and so that’s where actually the lean came from, because it was just so weird and disconcerting to have this guy fucking, you know talking to you like that it was just…and I got crazy reactions and that’s kinda where it came from. And now…unfortunately or fortunately that’s what Negan does! Yeah! Kirkman likes it. He’s like: jep…I’m gonna put that in some comic books!”


Rework of my Tianshan Day 4 Comic [Part 1]

This has been sitting in my drafts for a good few weeks now… ^^; I’m still not satisfied with how the next panel looks like– So instead of trying to fix it up like a normal person, I’ve been working on other stuff~ *whistles*

I have completed some of the other panels, but the story can’t continue until the 4th panel is done~ Hey, I just work in mysterious ways! 😂

Ah, I’m just gonna post it as it is now, and I’ll upload the rest at a later date! ;)

Sequel comic to my previous Scorbus tie-straightening pic - I was laughing way too hard at the reblogs/replies, I never thought of the situation as such so I needed to draw this :’D

(special thanks to @echoandthefandoms for the original dialogue idea for the last panel!)


what a weekend! (continued from this part

NGL this one was just an excuse to draw more stupid faces.

Part 5 Here

ALSO FAIR WARNING TO PEOPLE FOLLOWING THIS AU: It’s gonna start getting some (tagged) NSFW content soon, so…yeah. Watch yourselves.

Also if anyone wants to know more about this AU feel free to ask/message! 


Mana would definitely dress up as Santa during the Holiday Season. I want to draw Allen sitting on Mana’s (Santa Claus’s) lap, but for now have this cute comic of Allen meeting Santa. 

So since it’s #ahsokalives day, and since the fanzine has been all printed and shipped off, I thought I’d finally drop the whole picture I did for the Star Wars Fanzine earlier this year! 

I’m so hype for the Ahsoka panel– just a few hours left!! WHO’S WITH ME??


Some fun and great scenes/thought of the panel! Clearlymy favorites.


I really hope i captured this idea @markiplier