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[NEWS] YG Reveals Upcoming Plans For BLACKPINK

A source from YG Entertainment spoke with Star News to reveal upcoming plans for new group BLACKPINK.

The source stated, “We didn’t know BLACKPINK would receive this much interest from so many people this fast, so we’re really thankful. We’re also thankful for the requests to see BLACKPINK appear on variety shows and the producing of ‘BLACKPINK TV.‘”

The source continued, “In order to repay fans’ support of BLACKPINK we are carefully considering variety appearances. However, since BLACKPINK was planned as a team that would meet fans through awesome music content from the beginning, we will focus on making good music content for now.”

Furthermore, the source revealed that the group will be unveiling at least two new songs soon. The music video for one of those songs has already been filmed while the other song’s potential music video is still under discussion.

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Beforus is accepting artist applications for last minute visual art allocations

Hello! I’m pleased to be able to tell people that, if you are a visual artist who is interested in taking part in creating visual album art for Beforus Album project, we are now once more considering applications for the project. These are last minute applications, so you may apply with the provision in mind that we need  people who will be able to produce a piece of track art fairly fast (without sacrificing on quality). The hard deadline for the receipt of allocations sent to new applicants (people who apply after my posting this post) will be the 20th March, although I would much prefer them sooner than that if possible.

Nonetheless, this is still a great opportunity to put some of your art on this fantastic Homestuck fan album! With the musical content of this album practically complete, it is just the art that we need to fully get in order before the release.

In order to apply, send me an ask or a submission with a link to some of your previous artwork, or else email us at The ask must also contain an email address that I can contact you at! If you are accepted I will send you the details of your allocation immediately, otherwise I will send you an email if your application is declined. However, Beforus has a history of accepting a very large number of our applications!

All the best, and please get in touch soon! I would also appreciate if people could boost this to best help in getting everything put together.