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According to a good Scooby-enthusiast friend of mine, the original script and presentation artwork of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! will be on display at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Massachusetts staring November 12! I may need to take a road trip!


My boyfriend and I visited four different Museums here in Stockholm and since i’m not the biggest museum Fan i’m pretty happy that three of them were actually pretty cool 🤗 the pictures you can see are from the Museum junibacken which was literally SO CUTE and amazing, i really suggest anyone to go there if you are here. It’s a children Museum but it’s really cool anyways! The other Museums that were intresting was the fotografiska and the vasa Museum, the one that i wasn’t intrested in was the historika museum right next to the vasa and junibacken Museum.

I found myself doodling the floor plans of the old and new NMNH paleontology exhibits (I wonder how many people have ever drawn museum exhibit fan art?). One thing led to another, and this is the result. There are a few fudged details, but this should more or less represent the layout and placement of large mounted specimens in both versions of the hall. 

I’ve color coded them to show how much square footage is allotted to each topic or time period. Surprisingly, there isn’t much change overall. The only dramatic losses are to Paleozoic and Cenozoic marine specimens, both of which are now covered in Ocean Hall. 

What do you all think of the new layout?  

Reading Naoki Urasawa’s “Monster” after “20th Century Boys”

I’m not a massive manga reader but I do like the masterpieces which are slightly unsettling, but tell you something about the world.  I get put off by silly or childish humour, but if I like something I will read it again and again.

My favourites (these works are just pure art):

Kazuo Umezu’s “The Drifting Classroom” and Junji Ito’s Uzumaki (and anything with Souichi) only recently were joined by Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys.  The first half of the latter was just fantastic, but it just slowly trickled downhill and then 21st Century Boys I felt was a disappointment. Loose ends were tied, but the craftsmanship just didn’t seem to compare to the first few volumes.

I just started Urasawa’s “Monster”, and the unfolding of this series seems like the exact opposite to “20th Century Boys”. It is a slow burner, whereas you get twists and turns a-plenty in the first few chapters of 20th Century Boys, Monster’s initial hook didn’t quite grab me. But the character development over the course of the series, in my humble opinion, supercedes 20th Century Boys. It is fantastic, I’ve got 4 volumes left and I can’t wait to finish it.  My only criticism is that the political commentary (though interesting at some points), can be a little forced at other points. But it’s a small failure, the rest of it is fantastic. I’m looking forward to Pluto now to complete my Urasawa trilogy.

Basically, what I’m asking is, does anyone else share my tastes of Junji Ito, Kazuo Umezu and Naoki Urasawa?   Can you recommend something else, I want more…. “Look at me, look at me. The monster inside me has grown this large.”“

How do you say “fuck me” in Middle Egyptian?

Fandom: Night at the Museum. I’m sorry
Pairing: Ahkmenrah/Reader (female)
Word count: 1633
Rating: E for dirty talk, oral sex
Summary: You heard the exhibits were active at night, but this is ridiculous.
Dedicated to: @agent-fluff. Stop sinning
Notes: I used Google Translate. Sorry for the mistakes.

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