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Gems from Emma Straub

On researching old Hollywood:

“They have this incredible, incredible library in Los Angeles that is filled with every single book about the movies. Not only do they have every book about every person you might be interested in, but they also have all of the 1930s fan magazines on microfiche and clipping files on everyone. It was just delicious.”

On writing:

“Sometimes the sentence-level stuff comes in subsequent drafts. But sometimes, I think because I do write pretty quickly, when I go back to start revising, I’ll find things that I have no memory of having written. Absolutely no memory. So, I’ll read it and I’ll be like, Oh, that’s not bad. And I tend to surprise myself with details like that, with little offhand remarks.“

“But I’m like anyone else; I think that sentences come after going over them again and again and again. I think I’m finally old enough to understand the revision is the hardest part.”

On having a writer for a father:

“There are books everywhere in my parents’ house: stacked next to the dining room table, bookshelves in every room, et cetera. So, I always knew that books were really, really important, and I never for a second thought about doing anything but being a writer.”

“I think the most important one is that he showed me that being a writer is like having any other job, that you have to do it every day and that you have to take it seriously. It has nothing to do with waiting for a muse to strike. I mean, there’s nothing precious about it. You get to your desk and you get your pages done.”

On working in a book store:

it’s just really satisfying, not as a writer, but as a person with a lot of opinions about books, to be able to put a book in someone’s hands and say, “You are going to love this. This book is incredible. You have to read this.” That’s my favorite part. I love that. That’s like a drug that they should bottle and sell.“

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picture via Paper Mag

Game Freak, the group of people responsible for the Pokemon series, didn’t always make videogames-they started off as a small doujin circle(Fanmade magazines and comic book authors) in the 1980s, their doujinshi usually focused on featuring the latest arcade games as well as strategies and game guides to getting around many of the difficult areas of such arcade games; many of these doujinshi were even illustrated by Ken Sugimori, as you can see on the covers of these fanzines-that’s right, that is indeed Suimori’s art style during the 1980’s!


150630 || less than a week left before the start of another semester and i’m making the most out of my remaining vacation days by balancing fangirl stuff and advance readings. i really hope this coming semester would be as good or even better than the previous one (人´∀`*) hoooraaay for my third year in college!


Christmas publicity portraits from 1920s Hollywood fan magazines, featuring Joan Crawford, Mary Miles Minter, Norma Shearer, Leatrice Joy, Clara Bow, Baby Peggy, Arlette Marchal, Marion Davies, and Anita Page.

(Found over the course of countless hours joyfully frittered away at The Archives.)