fan made

Faerie Symmetra’s full outfit <3 She’s like a faerie mage. I’ve been meaning to draw this for a while because I’m in love with the idea of the flowy parts on the top and the skirt. In my mind she uses spectral wings to glide but doesn’t have permanent ones. She, Genji, and possibly two other characters I haven’t drawn yet can’t truly fly but they have other abilities. ;D

“Dear Reader,
I’m sorry to say that the poster you are looking at is extremely unpleasant.”


Majora’s Mask - Terrible Fate


Television Posters Made By Rabid, Talented Fans

The best thing about a piece of television isn’t the story, or the characters, or the costumes– it’s what the fans do with the work. Spinoffs, fan fiction, all of these obsessions make these shows more than just mindless images to watch– they’re important in people’s lives and they stimulate creativity.

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