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Prompt/Summary: A little something for all of my knitters out there (and crocheters)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: fluff in a knit hat

Word Count: 1347

Author’s Note:

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I guess lil baby Kanaya Grub has to learn the ins and outs of knitting yet! I would imagine it would be tough with those tiny lil claw leggies anyways.

Drawn: January 1st, 2017


This woman though. 😍🤓

Yvonne vs. All The Nasty ‘B’ Words - Interviewed by LA Times - 17 May 2017 [x]


(i’ll probably write a full little “story” on this one later so yAy)

Weekends are never a full group ordeal. Every Saturday, Trina has her afternoon shift at the diner. Everyone in the TKF had been pestering her for weeks trying to get her to take off so they could go and do something.

So one Saturday, Trina calls in sick so they can actually hang out. They end up going to the local bowling alley and split up into two teams. Losers buy the winners ice cream.

The Gays™ consisted of Whizzer, Cordelia, and Marvin. Marvin voted STRONGLY against the name (“But I’m ASEXUAL.”) and insisted he switch teams with Charlotte, but no one let him.

The Big Kids were Mendel, Trina, and Charlotte. When Marvin questioned their team name as well, Trina stated quite proudly that they were the only three with any common sense. Delia took offense (and rightfully so, because she has some sense in her head too), but Charlotte shot her down by saying she couldn’t drive and therefore wasn’t a big kid, and Delia didn’t argue after that.

Strangely enough, the best bowler in the crew is Mendel, followed very closely by Whizzer. (Side Note: Mendel has on a sweatband, Hawaiian shirt, and tall socks. He ain’t playin’ no games. AND he does the cabbage patch every time he gets a strike, which is often.)

Marvin, Trina, and Charlotte can’t bowl for SHIT. Mendel tries to help Trina, but he gets too flustered and caught up in himself to actually benefit her in any way. Cordelia’s actually pretty okay because she and Whizzer went bowling many times their freshman year. But no, back to Marvin. He’s actually the worst. The first game they played, he had a total score of 13.

Whizzer attempts to teach Marvin to bowl. This means a lot of hand touching and wrapping his arms around Marvin and a lot of Marvin staring at Whizzer’s ass.

And he’ll never admit it, but everyone’s pretty sure Marvin kept doing bad on purpose so Whizzer would help him more.

Also Mendel singlehandedly carries his team to victory. He’s that good. The Big Kids get ice cream and it’s a good day.

Help, please.

Ok, Knitters-who-are-fans-of-Harry-Potter, I need your help.  A while back I read an article about a knitwear designer who made a hat for the baby Harry to wear when he was left on the doorstep, but it was warm that day and someone decided not to use it in the movie after all.  Now a dear friend of mine who loves HP has a brand-new baby and I’m trying to find that pattern, or at least a picture of the hat so I can make it for her little one.  I have looked everywhere I can think, but nothing.  Does anyone know where I could find this?  I think there may have been a star on the hat, but am really not sure.  


I pinned out the Winter Soldier mask to see if this initial version is acceptable enough to try blocking it. (it is)

I didn’t want to unpin it, wash it, and then get it back on while it’s still wet, so I’m blocking it right on the styrofoam. Put wool wash in a squirt bottle and sprayed the shit out of the mask, ‘rinsed’ by spraying clean water in it, and lightly sprayed with the wool wash again (it’s no rinse, but I might’ve mixed it at way too high of a concentration - supposed to be 1 tsp/gal, but I only needed about 16 oz, sooo).

We’ll see how this turns out, lol.