fan ism


/ fænɪb(ə)lˌɪzəm/


1.    the practice of being a fannibal in relation to the tv show Hannibal.

Elsa is a fan of the tv show Hannibal; her life revolves around the practice of Fannibalism

2.    the complex cultural phenomenon of those who enjoy the tv show Hannibal. Sometimes this phenomenon borders on obsession; many people who practice Fannibalism write fanfiction, create art, or discuss life in relation to the show. Fannibalism usually attracts intelligent and highly engaged individuals.

Shoutout to all the Sherlock blogs who remained a Sherlock blogs despite the excruciating long hiatus and occasional unnecessary drama brought upon by certain people.  You still managed to find your own joy within the Sherlock fandom and tbh y’all are da real mvp

especially for someone like me who have weird attachment issues with BBC Sherlock and I just can’t let it go, your continued fan-ism and dedication towards the show is what makes tumblr a fun, not-so-lonely place for me. So yeah hanks for that chaps!