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Anyways I’m going to sound dumb here but I literally just now realized that The Human League, a group that 2D states he is a fan of, is also the group that sings that song “Don’t You Want Me Baby” (along w/ other songs but this is the one song by them that I happen to know) and like…not to be dramatic but I feel like I’ve just gained this entirely new insight to his music taste and thought process lmao. It suddenly makes so much more sense to me that he also likes Missy Elliot and George Michael. I don’t always expect to overlap in music taste with him that often but today has been an belated learning experience.

And also, the whole reason I’m even on this topic is because I’ve been doing some additional music exploration tonight. Another thing I’ve latched onto is how 2D and Murdoc were meeting each in the midst of the late 90s (emergence of modern pop, grunge, pop-rock…think Blink-182, r&b) and how great a soundtrack that could potentially make on a purely nostalgic level? (I’m speaking as a biased millennial here) Obviously I can’t create a full blown movie scene (can’t animate) but sometimes when I write I like to imagine what song might be playing in the background of like, idk, a bar scene or over the end credits and now I have a lot to think about. This is also again me taking a roundabout way to endorse the pre-Gorillaz era and how it’s a lot of fun to explore and surmise about


PaperHat Fan Service

Made a poll of what my followers on Villainous Amino wanted me to do and PaperHat won. So– yeah. I had to do it.

And I thought I should share it here aswell.’cuz I haven’t really been posting much here or.. anywhere really–


Hope u like

See you around

EDIT: At the 14th Panel. Kinda removed Black Hat saying “Dismiss” to Dr. Flug. So… yeah.

Apparently, the one thing I like drawing more than Pokemon is Fakemon and fusions.

It’s “fur” is actually made of wax and it drips everywhere. It’s lil’ feets click-clack on the ground wherever it goes. It will chew your shoes and then accidentally set them on fire, not recommended for inexperienced trainers.

You can change the trim by feeding it special items that change the fire color (like how you can change real fire colors depending on what chemicals you’re burning). Then it shakes off the wax and it “grows” back in the new trim. As for the hat… magic.


So @hushowl did such a great job on illustrating the “love potion all over BH’s face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” scene ( ) from one of the cutest freaking shit on the internet ( ) named “Irresistible”, wirtten by amazing @gayblackhat . I just couldn’t resist and draw the rest of this precious gay moment.
Oh my, oh my. The returning of my fuckboi-looking BH, am I right?

ps. If you’re curious, in the first frame Demencia sorta tries to turn Flug towards her and punch the shit out of him ( probably because they were fighting all over this potion and Demencia is practically a lot stronger than Flug, so he would pass after one good shot ) but freezes after what they both saw.

ps2 It’s 2am here!! KILL ME!!!

ps3 I just saw that little typo I made in the last pannel. Fuck this. Just read the original fic. Maybe I’ll change that later…

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hey if ur looking for requests can you draw cheddar my son from Brooklyn nine nine


if you don’t believe that cheddars loving fathers have bought him a tiny captains hat then you are wrong my friend