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In case anyone is wondering what they made Tom say in the video, he said "Shut up, cakes." And something like "Cookie is the right (word)." Bc here in Brazil in some regions people have a word for cookie and in others is a different word like if they said cookies in Rio and biscuits in Sao Paulo and for some reason that's a big meme fight, actual civil war.

Oh my god, adding context to the video is even better. That is hysterical. Dragging Tom into your dessert meme war is literally the best thing ever. Well done, Brazilian fans. Well done.

Meeting Place

Victuuri Week Day 2: Travelling // I’m late but I couldn’t pass up the prompt. Victor is from the future where people live underwater and Yuuri is from the past where gods and goddesses exist. Once in a long while the two meet at the point where the sky meets the sea, their hearts calling to one another.