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Sept 19, 2017
  1. 7th Anniversary of Harry’s X-factor Audition
  2. First Show of Harry Styles Solo World Tour
  3. Liam drops the ADORABLE video for ‘Get Low’ from the sky
  4. Niall Flicker World Tour Verified Fan Presale Begins
  5. IDEK it’s not even 9am where I live yet ANYTHING could happen I guess but all eyes on you Louis

Best ending: Bethesda, humbled by Fallout 4′s heavy criticism from critics and fans alike, begins to understand their own shortcomings. Looking to fix this, they form a partnership with Obsidian Entertainment, to help provide new Fallout games. With this future Fallout games are universal for well written story, interesting game-play mechanics and overall amazing experiences. 

Good ending: Bethesda hoping to please Fallout veterans contracts Obsidian Entertainment to do multiple spin off titles of the Fallout IP. These games are seen as a new gold standard in terms of writing for the modern Fallout series. Bethesda taking notes of both fan backlash of Fallout 4 and the success of the new spin off’s tries to implement it’s teachings into their own new Fallout projects, for better or worse. 

Neutral ending: After so much fan outrage over the mediocrity of Fallout 4, Bethesda reluctantly hires Obsidian entertainment to do one spin off game using pre-existing Fallout 4 assets. This game is well loved by fans and Bethesda takes note, trying to implement them into their own upcoming Fallout games. But they do not understand the nuance behind Obsidian’s writing and the new project falls flat in the story department because of it. 

Bad ending: Despite pleads from fans of the series Bethesda decides to hoard the IP of Fallout for themselves. However they do listen to player feedback and try to fix these problems to make Fallout 5 just a little better. Yet ultimately Fallout 5′s story fails as a cohesive and a thought provoking piece of art. 

Worst ending: Bethesda, drunk off of the financial success that was Fallout 4, hoards the IP of Fallout for themselves, secretly working on Fallout 5 for another seven years without so much as an official announcement. They pass those seven years by selling remasters of Fallout 4, and Skyrim on new platforms. Gamers buy these releases because they are sheep, and with each copy sold Bethesda’s ego grows larger. When Fallout 5 is finally released it is a buggy unpolished mess. All pretenses of Fallout being a story driven RPG are gone, replaced with solid shooting mechanics, RNG styled dungeon crawling quests, and a new gimmick of the week. Some quests are ripped wholesale from successful mods, and any continuity of Fallout 1, 2 and New Vegas; are completely gone. Replaced with a continuity centering around Fallout 3 and 4. The previous identity of Fallout, that of a gallows humor based nuclear odyssey drenched in tragedy and human emotion, is scrubbed away. All that remains is that of sarcasm and wacky post apocalyptic shenanigans. Fallout as a thought provoking piece of art is dead. And people around the world merely know Fallout as “That post-apocalypse game where you can shoot mini-nukes.” 

Here are my thoughts on the bullshit

Klance literally isn’t dead djsjsksma

Listen I know it’s super easy to jump to the worst possible conclusion and I get that fr I was like 👀 when I first heard it but listening back now like

All they said was that Keith n Lance have a natural progression that’s already been written out and it isn’t like what the fans think. Which was 100% expected from the very beginning.

They also said that they didn’t want fans to jump to ‘its baiting’ and that’s fine!

At this point it’s time to really think about the fact that, Voltron isn’t a show about romance! And in the end it’s very possible that no ship will have ever become canon! and that’s cool!

But go back, watch those episodes, watch their progression from rivals to two people who respect and care for eachother

Watch the bonding moment scene. Watch the scene where Keith yells and pouts because Lance isn’t out of the cryopod fast enough for his taste. Watch the scene shortly after in which Keith’s voice cracks as he insists that him and Lance had a bonding moment, that he cradled him in his arms! Watch the faces Keith makes once he gets lances lion back for him and is talking to him over the mic. Watch the elevator scene. Watch the scene in which Keith saves lances life by freeing him from the airlock and pulling him to safety. Count every time they make fond expressions when talking to/about eachother. Space ranger partners. Sharp work samurai heh like that that’s actually a better plan I’ve got you thank you Keith I’d recognize that mullet anywhere I thought we bonded h e y m a n

We’ve got all that. They didn’t say it wouldn’t happen and they didn’t say it would
They aren’t allowed to say if it will or if it won’t

In my onion, they have been written as a romance from the start and now that they’ve made those comments abt how compatible they are, they had to tone it down a bit to leave it more open to interpretation and tbh that’s a smart move

at least it’s not as bad as having your ship being called brothers all the time by the head writers god can u imagine?

Don’t lose hope my lil gays it’s gonna b alright

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of So Wrong It’s Right, we’re doing a special show on 12/19 at Starland Ballroom! We’ll be playing the full album from front to back and more. Fan club presale begins on 8/22 at 4pm and tickets go on sale to the public on 8/25 at 10am.

2018, the end.

Guy’s I’ve had a few asks relating to my last post so I’m just gonna reiterate what I mean. 

Career wise, Fifth Harmony can’t go any further. Even if Camila was still a member of the group, it wouldn’t make any difference what so ever. Their music is repetitive and fans are beginning to disassociate and detach themselves from the songs they put out. Besides, ‘Bridges’, nothing on their album really stands out. Yes, vocally the girls are flawless, but the melodies/beats are consistent on each track, nothing stands out from any other song in the mainstream media. When I say that, I unfortunately mean it just isn’t Grammy worthy. I do genuinely believe the girls wanted to call time on the group last year, when Camila’s departure was announced. In interviews leading up to the 19th, the girls were undecided on a future and there was an uncertainty in the air even when we presumed Camila would remain. Now to me, Camila left at the perfect time. Her induvial success so far is remarkable. She’s getting endorsed by some of the biggest brands and her music is climbing the charts. However, if the girls chose to split last year at the same time, there would not have been space for 4 solo females in the music industry. It’s as simple as that. By prolonging the split, the girls are growing their own individual fan bases and preparing for their solo endeavours. The brand ‘Fifth Harmony’ simply cannot get any bigger. It’s just not growing as it should. It like a flower, you can water and nurture it all you want but it won’t get any bigger until eventually it dies. The label are fully aware of this, therefore are using drama/hype to get the girls recognised and to keep people talking. At the same time, each girl is dropping individual projects on the side. For example, Ally’s feature in Lost Kings’ hit “Look at Us Now”. Lauren’s previous hits with Halsey/Marian Hill including her upcoming collab with Steve Aoki. Dinah and Normani recording in the studio separately. All the signs are here. As soon as that group contract ends next year, the girls will jump into solo contracts. Remember the girls auditioned as solo artists, ultimately they wanted solo success. Being in this wonderful group is sadly only helping them to achieve their own personal goals. It’s a platform, a step up into their dream if you will. And that’s completely okay. We have to accept that. So, over the next few months and into 2018, whilst all this drama/shade/bitchiness will continue, remember this post. Remember everything is all happening for a reason. Be smart, don’t allow this to further divide our fandom. Because it shouldn’t be split 5 ways, it should remain as one.

anonymous asked:

Hey dude how do you feel about all the pewdiepie drama lately? Honestly I still love him, he made mistakes trying to make a joke and he realized what he did was not cool and apologised. I dont think he deserves all the backslashes and hate he's gotten. But anyway what do you think?

(this post is talking to people generally, not specifically to you, the person who asked. :>) 


cuz I’m getting so many asks on it. 

I was in California for when this situation happened in Long Beach comicon from an event I literally came back from tonight, and I’m, both disgusted, and I’m not even surprised that this happened. If anything, I’m surprised it took so long for everyone else to finally chip in and see the vulgarity that the media is placing on Pewdiepie. 

I watch Pewdiepie’s videos every day. I also watch him more often and favor him over literally any other channel for he’s even apart of my daily routine. I wake up, watch the new vid that came out, and then draw. He’s by far my favorite channel, (I know, CRAZY! innocent little me doesn’t seem like the type to enjoy his entertainment, but I truly do, and will be a bro forever. XD lolol) and because I’ve been actively watching him without fail as a big fan of him for the past year, I’ve seen from the beginning how the media has placed attack after attack on him, warping what he says out of context to make him out to be a monster, when he is infact NOT. because I would watch the videos first and see the context of his videos before the media threw lies at him. The proof, in my opinion, is undeniable that pewdiepie is being attacked. It’s actually because of how I see raw proof of evidence of how disgusting the media is that I don’t trust a lot of news I see anywhere, even regarding politics because the media targets that like it’s a gold mine. (because for them it is. it’s all about money to the media, NOT morals or standers, click bate and ad rev and controling people’s views and opinions so they can keep wracking in more money for later scandalous news articles and reports. it’s all a fake greedy glutenous ploy for money.) So seeing what happens to pewdiepie, I don’t trust most media, because they are the same people that make news on everything, even to people I don’t always agree with or support such as Donald Trump. I will say that I am definitely not a Trump supporter, but the media does the same thing to him as they are doing to Pewdiepie, they are in the same position, Just… food for thought… 

Now when I say this, I want to make it clear that my point when I say this is that, be careful what you believe when it comes to hollywood, news, the media, the press, even when it comes to people you hate, or love.  

I may be only 22, so it’s probably not saying much when I say this, but I have NEVER seen the media, the press, news, even the bias of some teachers in education, Hollywood, etc become so full of lies, let alone people be so GULLIBLE as to believe whomever gets to them first, and then believe it without question, or do any background check, or research. The people that think Pewdiepie is what the media is making him out to be, is just as ridiculous to me as the media itself who is accusing him of these horrendous labels. Like seriously, the least you can do is watch his videos to actually see what’s going on. it takes all of 15 minutes. I don’t understand how people can be so disgustingly violent and ready to believe and hate and disrespect someone so quickly just because someone pointed the finger to them, let alone with false evidence, when they have NO idea what the story is? HOW Can you people be so hypocritical to call someone scum, and then act like scum, TO SOMEONE WHO IS INNOCENT!

basically, the media is disgusting, and I’ve seen it’s vulgarity for a while, and I find the people that believe it to be wrong too, especially when they spread hate themselves and lets the media control their views.  

Look, I’m not saying that Pewdiepie’s jokes were in good taste, and that labeling it as “oh it’s just a joke” justifies the bad joke he made, and I can understand why it would be offensive to some. but an offensive joke is something worth forgiving, that’s just a mistake, and it’s a COMMON mistake that many do, everyone is guilty. it only matters because he’s in the public eye. like it’s not like he raped someone, or committed murder. and unlike those things, a joke, does NOT define a person for what they truly believe in, that’s why it’s a “joke”. So to call pewdiepie any of the horrendous names that the media is labeling him under, is absolute slander and bull, it’s disgusting, it’s inhumane considering the fact that it’s literally an all out attack to give attempts in ruining his career, Just So the media can make money off of a story that isn’t even true.

I see other’s such as Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, h3h3, CToastKen, even The Amazing Atheist who hates pewdiepie, etc. defending pewdiepie, and these hypocritical “social justice warriors” who’s blindly follow the horrific media trying to tear down Markiplier and all who defend pewdiepie with hate, and calling them homophobic, racist, nazi, kkk, antisemetic etc. I even saw people accusing Markiplier, one of the most genuine and respectful people on youtube’s platform, being called these things today…So originally, being a small tiny youtuber in comparison to the giant youtubers who are being attacked just for defending a friend who is innocent…. I was scared to talk about this subject, because unlike them, a lot of hate for me defending pewdiepie can seriously hurt my channel…. And chances are, I will receive hate for this post, and will be labeled the same things as them. but ya know what?… I don’t care… And if people don’t agree with me and think I’m a homophobe, or a sexist, or a racist, and attack people and tell people to go die over a situation you don’t even know, (despite that I’m a female, feminist, liberal that is apart of the LGBT community) you can gladly unsub to me if you so desire. And I will respect that. because respect, is important. it’s not easy to respect someone you don’t agree with, or even someone who hurts you, it definitely takes the bigger person to respect something you don’t agree with, And it seems like a lost trait these days… 

So I’m ready and prepared for whatever is thrown at me once I click that little blue button saying “post” in the bottom right corner of my post. 

I completely 100,000% defend Pewdiepie, and stand firmly by him. The Media is disgusting.

dianela-roxy78  asked:

Daron doesn't like starco? I didn't know that

She’s said multiple times she didn’t really ship them, even stated before the show premiered there wasn’t gonna be any romance between star and marco.

She’s supportive of  any ship the fandom likes, but personally she doesn’t ship em.

Even Adam said it in a livestream way back.

The fandom (Being majorly st///arco shippers), like to bury that lil detail.

What she said at Creativa fest for Tomco is amazing not only because she confessed to liking them, but it’s honestly the first time she’s ever admitted to liking a ship on the show.

 Now considering the fans don’t influence her work, it’s clear Star’s crush was intended from the beginning ((Which is also kinda amusing cause Star’s va doesn’t ship it either, i can only imagine how she felt when she found out they were doing this angle)), so if Daron is telling the truth and has no intention on them having any romance, you start to wonder why the crush element was added to begin with.

Which frankly, is what gives me higher hopes that they’ll take another path with this. Daron probably knew the fandom was gonna ship them the most, and a lot, she seems to be a bit self aware on how fandoms do work….I almost consider Ruberiot to be a parody on over obsessed St//arco shippers (They hugged, they must be in love!!).

Can’t promise what she is planning, but she clearly has something in mind with this and i really do hope it’s not another cliche romance. The star crew has done so well with avoiding typical cliches and I want to see Star grow from this kinda stuff instead of giving kids unrealistic expectations out of friendships.

Kids would get more out of it learning to cope with being rejected, then being told their crush owes them a relationship because they’re friends.

You aren’t a real 5SOS fan unless you were here from the beginning


Funny that because Ashton wasn’t even there from the beginning and he’s in the band.

Theory on the Ipliers

As we all know, “Markiplier” comes from “Mark” and “multiplier”, an appropriate name for a (possible) engineer. but i say that this simple username choice lends itself more heavily to the explanation of the others: Darkiplier, Googleplier, Wilford Warfstache, Mark, and all the rest. THEORY TIME! GET COMFORTABLE.

Originally posted by rubies-and-oaktrees

(this theory really focuses on mark, dark, warfy, and google specifically, though it applies to all, like yandere, santa, and the rest.)

Mark is a multiplier. he has created multiple channels for himself, multiple different “characters” that have helped build his iconic image, and now he has a team of multiple other people all working for/with him (he’s even colored his own hair a bajillion times). “multiplier: to multiply” is literally in his name. it’s in most of their names as well. but, like how mark is more than just multiplier, the others are as well.

what was the first icon from mark’s channel? what continues strong as his signature accessory? what can be found on every tee-shirt, mug, fanart, and all the rest of the merch? the Warfstache.

mark built himself a channel playing the most popular video games at the time and being a silly fool. warfy then borrowed some screen time, and, being warfy, firmly established his character from his first appearance as a slack-jawed, investigative, take-no-crap reporter. warf was the first, and warf is unique. while dark and google and the rest keep their “iplier” names, warf does not. he goes proudly, and loudly, by his full name, establishing the role between himself and the viewer as celebrity and adoring fan, right from the beginning. that’s his style.

dark appeared next, albeit more patiently, slowly, and carefully than warf. dark didn’t even give his name away, he didn’t take a whole video, he just slipped in. small, subtle, terrifying. dark rocked mark’s community to the core, and only now has he been established, fully exposed, and given the spotlight (but even that was over shadowed by warf). his established relationship with the audience is the lover, the charming boyfriend, to unrequited love. but he still gives us the chose.

the next (that i consider one of the big ones) is google. google didn’t go by his full name either. in fact, he appeared twice, at the same time, on two channels, and with two different endings. google has also confessed to being a robot, and he strives to serve the audience, as well as murder us and ruin our stuff. google cares for the audience the least.

still with me so far? now that we know who we are messing with, here’s the root of my theory:

mark, dark, wilford, google, and all the rest, are all multiplications, or clones, of themselves, and each other. mark might be the original, and most human, but the others are all his equal, and coexist.

each iplier is a basic template, with a different shift in character focus for each. (if you know Thomas Sanders, you can consider dark, wilford, and google as Tom’s “Sanders Sides”, with one big difference…)

Originally posted by aikofanfan

mark is the humanity side. he has a human body, a human personality, and is OVERFLOWING with human empathy and emotion. we all know mark and his bleeding heart.

wilford, the second oldest, is harder to pin down. he and google both want to get to the truth and get answers and spread a little chaos, but in slightly different ways. so, while wilford is more interested in mental stimulation, be that through questions or pain of torture, google is more interested in getting to his goals in an entirely physical manner. the entire basis of google’s character is that he is the physical embodiment of a nonphysical program, and warf revolves around the fact that he wants to make people think, reconsider, and answer questions, the most effective mental stimulation around.

dark is the emotional side of things. think about it. what was his entire goal in “date with markiplier”? to get us, the audience, through our emotions. he charms us, elevates himself and his care of us above mark’s, and offers to provide everything we could every need or want. the first thing he accuses mark of is insulting him emotionally, going back on his word, his promise. dark is, i would say, even more emotionally deep than mark, simply considering their different reactions and actions in “date with markiplier”.

all of these sides have a physical body, clearly, but also have a nonphysical side. dark gets in your head and physically wrestles mark. warf has escaped death and interacts with time. and google can somehow appear at two places at once, and when prompted by computer errors.

these guys can’t kill mark, and mark can’t stop them. they can’t lay a hand on each other. they exist through each other, not within each other (like how the Sanders Sides are all in tom’s head). they are not demons, or viruses, they are simply multiplications, all be them imperfect copies, of each other, living independently.

each other’s imperfect equal.

here’s the kicker: unlike the “sanders sides”, these guys don’t exist in tom’s head (or mark’s head). they exist in our realm, through our interactions with them. mark needs the feedback and human connection. it’s why he does youtube and why he keeps doing youtube, he’s stated this several times. wilford needs our undivided attention and adoration, as he puts us immediately in the role of cheering fan. dark revolves around our emotional commitment and vulnerability with him. he wants himself to be our everything, unlike mark, in this case, who wants to be our everything. and google is a walking paradox of himself. he needs us to serve and answer our questions and solve our problems (and also harass) but he clearly hates us and wants to be our ruin.

Originally posted by jiminy-krispies

even though i didn’t mention them, this would apply to the rest as well. yandere, santa, and the several others that i can’t think of. they are all just multiplications of each other.

that’s all i got.


[✘ = Smut] [❥= Fluff] [✯ = Angst] [✐ = Work in progress]

✦ All ✦

• The boys want you to date Hoseok [1] [2]

The boys find out that you and Yoongi are dating

Taehyung exposed your crush

They’re jealous because you’re hanging out with GOT7

Funny texts with ot7

• BTS as dads ~ [Jimin and Taehyung] [Hoseok] [Jin and Yoongi] [Namjoon and Jungkook]

When you hang out with their siblings

Hoseok likes you

You want them to call you noona

They hear your Jamaican accent

They hear you speaking Spanish

• They say they love you for the first time hyung line Maknae line

• They get jealous because you hang out with EXO [1] [2] [3]

• Stalker!BTS [1] [2] [2.5] [3] [4]


✦ Kim Seokjin ✦


You get into a fight over him

Appreciating him

BTS as dads

College roommates

• He’s your older brother [1] [2]


• Kidnapped [01]


Random Drabbles



✦ Min Yoongi ✦


The boys find out that you and Yoongi are dating

Brother Yoongi finds out that you’re dating Jungkook

You want to break up with him ✯ ❥

BTS as dads

You’re pregnant and he has a crush on you

• He finds out you’re dating Hoseok [1]

You kissed him

• Secret relationship [1]

He confesses his feelings

He finds out that you’re skipping classes ❥ ✯

You text him when you’re scared ❥ ✯


Jealousy ✯ ✘



Panic Attack

• Doomed [01][02] [03] [04] [05] [06] ✯ ❥

• Double Dare [01]

• Vampire au [01]

Random Drabbles



✦ Jung Hoseok ✦


You get into a fight over him

• The boys want you to date Hoseok [1] [2]

You prank him with song lyrics

You’re in labor but he’s on tour

BTS as dads

Hoseok likes you

You get protective

He finds out that you sing opera

• He calls you clingy [1] [2] [3]

• Random boyfriend texts [1] [2]


After Dinner

• Connected [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] ✯ ❥


✦ Kim Namjoon ✦


Pranking him with lyrics

• Drunk Namjoon Confesses [1] [2]

• Namjoon gets jealous [1] [2] [3]

BTS as dads

He gets insecure

The prank war

• He likes you but you have a boyfriend [1] [2] [3] [4]

He cheers you up


“I wasn’t a good kid.”


✦ Park Jimin ✦


Taehyung exposed your crush

• Everyday texts with boyfriend Jimin [1] [2]

He wants you to meet his parents

BTS as dads

You break up with him

He finds out that you talk to Jungkook chatbots

• He calls you clingy [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

• What he did when he was drunk [1] [2]

Make-up texts


• Tutor [1] [2]

• Arranged marriage [01] ✯ ❥

Random Drabbles

[01] [02]


✦ Kim Taehyung ✦


• Everyday texts with boyfriend Taehyung [1] [2]

BTS as dads

Taehyung gets “jealous”

• He’s your brother’s babysitter [1] [2] [3]

He finds out you’re skipping classes ❥ ✯


“I’m in.”

“I don’t want to have a baby.”

Fans find out that you’re dating


✦ Jeon Jungkook ✦


He wants to see you but your getting your hair done

Brother Yoongi finds out that you’re dating Jungkook

Drunk Jungkook texts you

BTS as dads

• He makes you feel bad [1] [2]✯ ❥

You forget about a date

Sexting gone wrong ft. Memes

You’re pregnant

• Random boyfriend texts [1]

He’s clingy and needy

You’re insecure because of hate from fans


Will You Regret This?

• Begin Prologue [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [5.5] [06] ✯ ❥

• Just Like You [01] [02] [03]

• Love [01]

Random Drabbles

[01] [02] [03] [04] [05]


✦ Reactions ✦

They like you and you confess to them

Your boyfriend cheats on you

You getting close to another member

You dated someone from GOT7

A member walking in while you’re in a heated make out session

They find an old suicide letter you wrote

They find out that your parents are addicts

You dance to their solo songs

So here’s my feelings on the Strobelite video.

I loved the video. Strobelite like a lot of the album it got slack for not having 2D prominently featured on it whatsoever, but it’s a catchy upbeat song that talks about escaping & leaving your troubles behind. The music video portrayed exactly that.

Now I don’t necessarily trust backhanded sources but I did hear that someone that was on the set mentioned the vid originally having a fight scene for Russ & Murdoc. I’ll be honest, if I had seen that instead, it just would have contradicted the lightheartedness of the video. We don’t always needs Gorillaz videos to be dark, just like the innocence of Dare or Dirty Harry. Seeing 2D + Noodle dance the night away with big smiles on their faces just made me feel so happy knowing how far they’ve both come & what’s to probably come for them, knowing we’ve got long ways to go before phase 4 ends.

Now I will say that the video was flawed.

Why? No-show Russel Hobbs. I’m not sure what went wrong, apparently it had to do with the model but I still want to see & hear more from him. I do believe Jamie and his writers have a lot more in store for Russel. I’ve said it from the start that this album sounds like it’s been influenced by him the most, so I want to think that they’ll take this as a motive to make him a much bigger part of the plot. Regardless, there’s always been lack of attention on Russel, but I have yet to doubt Jamie Hewlett’s motives, so I’ll be patient.

Speaking of patience, oh my god. The reactions. Listen, it is totally okay to have your opinions about the video. It’s not my favorite and it doesn’t have to be yours, but the amount of disrespect I’ve been reading within the last 24 hours since the video’s dropped is absolutely disgusting. I won’t get into the 2nu discourse that sparked from this just because it’s a subject I’d rather not touch. I get that there were some fans expecting more out of this video since Jamie had set the bar so high for Saturnz Barz, but I think the issue here is the fandom is starting to expect too much. The nagging for a new video started since the beginning of May, before it was even announced let alone filmed. It was well worth the wait & lived down to the hype for me and I think it’s because I understood that you can’t half-ass this kind of editing and animation they did for the music video.

Unless you’re an artist or aspiring animator, you truly have no idea just how much work goes into animation. The motion capture from this video had more than a significant difference from what we’ve seen with Sleeping Powder & the test run promo interviews. It was so clear & smooth, it was almost video-game like. What impressed me the most was the way they edited the mo-cap so precisely into the live action that the characters were accurately proportioned height & body wise next to the real life background actors. Anyways, it really shocked me to see so many people trash the way the video looked when this took just as much effort as Saturnz Barz, if not more.

I’ve said this before but considering I’ve been a fan since 2013, I never got to fully experience new Gorillaz content in real time & it’s fair to say that a good majority of you guys who are new to the fandom haven’t either. There’s also a lot of fans who have been around from the beginning that should know what it’s like to wait. What bothers me most is seeing both ends of the spectrum act so entitled, even after Jamie & Damon give you guys as much as they can without burning themselves out.

I’m genuinely excited no matter what. I’m not gonna let stupid and negative comments damper my experience with being a fan of Gorillaz. I’m pumped for their tv series, those unreleased tracks to finally come out, the little hints they throw at us with plots, new merch, more art Jamie’s been working on, and upcoming tour dates with new added visuals with every show. There’s so much stuff to be excited for, and I have no idea why some people that claim to be fans of Gorillaz are acting like we have nothing to work with when in actuality, we could have never had any of this if it wasn’t for Jamie & Damon making amends.

Coming full circle now, I’ll leave you with this. Enjoy Gorillaz the way you choose to. If you find too many things wrong with it, maybe the band and overall community just isn’t for you anymore. It’s not like Jamie would ever read this but I think the Strobelite video was overall fucking amazing & I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

Evolution of Jon and Dany
  • game of thrones: Here is a bastard and a slave girl. They are not important. (wink, wink) Look over there.
  • fans: Oh, look! It's Ned Stark! Will he find out the truth?!
  • game of thrones: That bastard joins the Night's watch and that girl is now pregnant. BUT LOOK OVER THERE!
  • fans: Oh, NOOOO! All my favorite people are now DEAD! Are you sure those two are not important. They look like "Ice and Fire" to us.
  • game of thrones: I don't know what you're talking about (whistling nervously) Look! A guy got his dick chopped of, your favorite character is on trial, your new favorite character got his head squashed, and there are 3 new houses you need to learn the names of...
  • game of thrones: Oh, I don't know. The only similarities between them are that they have both been chosen as rulers by their people, they have both magically avoided real death, they are both proud but with kind hearts and tragic upbringings and their real goal is to protect the people...
  • fans: Are you saying what we think you're saying?!
  • fans: Too late bro, we don't care. We want Jon and Sansa now.
  • game of thrones: WHAT?! But... but... I've been building this from day one...
  • fans: JK. We've just changed the name of the ship. We DIED when they met.