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The Spring

Greetings fellow Throne of Glass and Sarah J Maas enthusiasts! The idea for this fan fic just kinda zapped into my head today and flew onto the paper quite of its own accord. This fic is titled The Spring or The Spirit of the Spring and is set in Doranelle after EoS and sometime during ToG6. All characters and locations are subject to copyright by SJM. ENJOY! ***contains EoS spoilers***


      Her back.
      Gods, it was shredded. Rowan couldn’t make out a single remnant of the tattoo he had etched into her skin only months before. Not a drop of ink could be detected by sight or smell amongst the mauled tatters of her rotting and infected flesh. Gods.
      A shudder rocked like a lightning strike down Rowan’s spine.
      If Cairn hadn’t already been killed …
      But he couldn’t think of that now. Not when Aelin was standing before him, hand outstretched to his own as she tunneled down into the last dredges of her power and then reached for his.
      Mauve’s mouth was open in a silent scream, her back arched as she hovered above the marble floor of her palace veranda, suspended by the invisible threads of Fenrys’ magic. Connall lay in a burned heap at Mauve’s feet, having refused to leave her side. Fenrys had simply turned his head aside, tears Rowan had never seen slipping down his cheeks as Aelin dealt her judgement upon his twin.
      Cairn’s body … gods. He’d been ripped to literal ribbons by Lorcan’s dark power. Lorcan hardly fared much better. But the bastard would survive.

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“The Distance” Observations

So the night before in “The Distance,” Rick has himself, Glenn, Michonne and Aaron leading the way to Alexandria, and that goes awry.  Rick ends up separated from Carl and Judith, and has to abandon the vehicle.

Cut to the next morning.

Rick has Carl and Judith, with Michonne riding shotgun, trailing behind the trailer with everyone else.  Now it’s obvious that’s his intermediate family, so of course they’d be together.  But think of the positioning; think of the why.

Rick was…”paranoid” is an understatement.  It was to the point where it would have been detrimental to the group had it not been for Michonne’s intervention.  But Rick teamed them off that way because, should something go wrong, he would have his family with him.  They were trailing back in case they needed to make a quick getaway.  Having Michonne and his kids, even if he lost everyone else…that’s the one thing–the glue–to keeping Rick Grimes together.  It’s why Michonne has that seeming non-sequitur of “You’ve got to let it go.”  She knows he was preparing for the worst; she knows he was keeping them close in case the worst happened.  He’s behind the whele [and thus, in control of the situation], he has his family with him, and he’s ready to flee if necessary.  Michonne sees that, and [later] let’s him know it’ll be okay.

Anyway, I’m mad we didn’t have scenes of them inside the car on the drive over.  

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Best Friends

Min-jin rested on Rika’s (and now her) couch upside down, taking her time to answer carefully to an email when a notification popped up to let her know that Seven was currently in the chat room. Feeling a little excited by this, she sat up straight and brought her legs down and off the back of the couch to sit cross-legged, saving what she had written so far before entering the chatroom herself.

707: Hey, Min-jin, have you eaten yet?

Me: No, not yet. I might get some chips tho

707: I hope you don’t eat too many snacks lol
707: I recommend snacks to people like me and Yoosung
707: who are stupid or lost or have no reason to live. lol

Eyes widening, the brunette impulsively threw her phone away from her, only to flinch when it hit the wall and and slammed onto the floor with a plastic thud. Her hand covered her mouth, feeling ill. The phone buzzed frantically, like a swarm of bees urgently trying to leave a hive that had just been struck.

Seven could see Min-jin clearly from his cameras, the couch being one of the few things visible from the apartment’s narrow hallway. He cursed himself for being too honest, ruining the mood again. Why couldn’t he say anything right? Next time, just say that she should take care of herself and eat healthy, instead of making it about him and drag down the mood… Fuck, he needed to fix this. 

(crack a joke, distract her from the problem comment, sidestep it all until it got dismissed or forgotten)

He needed this. He needed her friendship (because there was no way such a radiant person like her, so lively and wonderful, would ever seek to be more than a sympathetic friend he could occasionally joke with). 

Because he remembered; he remembered how she would always fall in love with one of the others.

(not with him, never with him)

Because he was her wing-man, her best friend, and it would always stay that way, remain safely that way. 

Because he couldn’t bare the idea of making a single mistake that might push her away, could never live with himself if that were to happen.

(because if it did, he would make the next reset happen himself)

[one way or another]

He watched her pace, tug at her long hair and worry her lip in anxiety. She wasn’t responding to the notifications. He could clearly see the phone vibrating on the floor…

“I ruined it,” he muttered to himself. “Why did I have to write that? Why do I always have to do that…?!”

Seven’s heart thundered in his chest when she finally turned her head towards the device, blood rushing through his ears in a panic, sure that his worst fears were about to happen. That she would tell him that she couldn’t do it anymore, or that he made her uncomfortable.

He prayed for her to dismiss it; he wasn’t as religious as he made himself out to be and knew that he could always, always do so much better than he was right now (sometimes he wondered if he was already in some form of hell), but he did still believe, did still hope that there was God out there and his suffering wasn’t pointless.

(because if his suffering meant that she could be happy, he would welcome the worst of pain, the worst of loneliness, the worst of his nighterrors, of his flashbacks and triggers, of his intense need for someone to fill the emptiness before he could finally cave in on himself and become nothing and cease to exist… because at least she would still be there. Waiting for him once everything started all over again. Always there, always bright and pure and untouched from everything the RFA was and the shadow that followed it)

[he was always so grateful for each reset, because that meant he had time to get to know a different side of her before someone claimed her heart]

[he was always so angry for each reset, because the torment would begin again, he could never try to move on or find someone else, because it was only him who remembered and whatever relationship he tried to start would never last]

Something wet fell on his hand, startling him from his self-loathing. He gingerly felt his face; tears. Removing his glasses, he furiously scrubbed at his face to get rid of them, cursing quietly under his breath in reproach. His phone buzzed. A song began to play:

Every morning I wake up to the same sweet sound~ Picking up my cell phone that’s been ringing~

Swallow hard to get his voice under control, he scrabbled to pick it up and answering loudly to hide the fact that it wavered, “Hello! This is the Defender of Justice Seven-Zero-Seven! State your wish and it will be granted, my fair Princess~!”


The grin he had conjured for the character he had to act as, slipped. It slipped and melted away into frown, because this wasn’t part of the script. She wasn’t supposed to call him that.

“Luciel, count the things that make you happy.”


“Count the things,” she repeated patiently. “That make you happy.”

Seven let out a nervous laugh, “I don’t think that would mean much, Jagi, most of the things I like are pretty ridiculous and-”

“So what?” She interrupted. “They make you happy, so they matter, regardless of how silly you’re worried they might be. So, count them.”

“I… Okay,” he acquiesced. “I like Elizabeth Third. I like my cars. I like Doctor Pepper, and Honey Buddha Chips, and those baked fish pastries.”


“I like playing computer games and going on long drives to no where in particular. I like going fishing with Zen, teasing Yoosung, and giving Jaehee and Jumin a hard time.”

“What else do you like?”

“I like to travel, especially when V takes me with sometimes to take pictures of me. I like dresses and putting on makeup sometimes.”

“You look really beautiful when you do, you know?”


She sighed, “What else makes you happy, Luciel?”



“I like my ringtone for you,” he finally admitted in a whisper, blood pumping in his ears loudly.

He laughed. Voice nearly hysterical from the close brush at admitted everything.

“See, Jagiya~? I told you, lots of little things, nothing important!”

“I think they are,” Min-jin finally said after several long seconds passed, her voice a little rough. She cleared her throat. “They might not be goals or world-saving-missions for the Defender of Justice… But isn’t it those ‘little things’ that make everything better? I think your happiness is reason enough to get up in the morning everyday… And if I’m honest, you are one of the things that make me happy.

He couldn’t breathe, throat clenching and nose tingling, vision blurry. “Min… Min-jin, I…”

He could say it.

He could say it now.

If there was ever a time where he could utter those words, it would be right now.


Say it.

“Luciel? Are you okay?”

He had to say it! Say something before it was too late!


Say something.


He had to-







“If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought you fell in love with me, Princess~” Seven forced out an obnoxious laugh, his mind blank and body numb. He felt nothing. There was nothing. “Careful there, don’t want to give a guy the wrong idea!”

“Seven!” Min-jin scolded with a groan.

“Really got you going didn’t I? Look, look, it’s fine, I’m fine, and it is waaay past your bedtime. What is it? Two forty-six in the morning?”

“I, uh, yeah, but-”

“Look, let’s sleep on this, I’ll see you in the morning!”


“Seven-Zero-Seven, out!" He immediately pressed 'end’ before she could finish had threw the phone across the room before collapsing on the floor. Forcefully grabbing his hair tightly, and banging his head on his knees, he shook.

Chest trembling, lip shaking, breath catching and stuttering as he tried to hold it all inside, keep it together, keep it together, hold it all it, bottle it up, put it to side, it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t hurt he’s fine he’s fine it’s finefinefinefine-

(there’s a sort of keening noise coming from his mouth, and it almost sounds inhuman, like something’s dying)

The whine stutters and catches in his throat unable to get around the lump, and it sounds like his drowning and all he can do is hear his name: 

[Luciel, Luciel, Luciel-]

…you’re one of the things that make me happy…


And then he can’t do it anymore.

He can’t hold back, he can’t hold it in, and he’s sobbing, sobbing, sobbing.

His wails fill the room, tears and snot smearing on his jeans and his head grinds itself there and his fingers dig into each other as they hold his legs tightly to himself, desperately trying to keep what remains of him together.

It hurts, it hurts so much.

It’s like there’s a weight on his chest slow crushing him.

Like there’s a blackhole where his heart should be, slowly sucking him in and making his body crumple in on itself to futilely fill the void, the hungry emptiness that would never go away now because-


He gave her up. He didn’t tell her:

"I like you.”

“You make me happy too.”

“I will have one reason to live, as long as you’re around.”

“Let’s be happy, together.”

He threw it all away, for her.

Because someone so bright and shining, shouldn’t be tied down with heavy chains and a dead weight. 

(because someone as selfish as him would never let her go otherwise; she would never be free again, if he did; he would kill them both otherwise, everything would be ruined, and there would be no more parties; no more second chances)

He was her best friend.

And that’s all he would ever be.

(if only he had look up in prayer, then he would have seen her; he would have seen Min-jin crumpled on the floor of the hallway; he would have seen her crying and hurting just as he was)

(because she was his best friend)

(and that was all she would ever be)


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How about Libra discovering that Robin is pregnant instead of the other way around, since he is a healer he might notice the signs before Robin.

[after watching that delightful debate last night I think some fluff is definitely in order xDDD]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

He did his best to convince you to let him look at you, but you kept turning him down. “I’m fine,” You always said, “I just feel a little under the weather”. Even though his job was to make people feel better when “under the weather”, you were adamant about not letting him fuss over you.

It wasn’t until you nearly collapsed that he decided enough was enough. Libra barely caught you mid-fall, hoisting you up in his arms. Your eyes were glazed over, and you looked confused. As if you didn’t realize you’d almost fallen.

“That’s it.” He sighed, starting for the healing tent. “I’m going to take care of you whether you like it or not, Robin.” He stated with no room for argument.

“B-but really, I’m fine. I just feel a…a little dizzy.” You protested weakly, to which he silenced with a sharp glare. You weren’t getting out of it. You were going to get well and he’d be the one to do it.

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Part 11- You guys decide.

I know so many of you love ‘Hello, baby’, but I’ve also been asked if I’m going to be doing any other fan fiction. I just want to give you guys an option, in a sense.

Option 1 - I continue with Hello, baby till the end, which I do have in mind but I don’t know when it would be.

Option 2 - I can end Hello, baby with Part 11, which will be extremely long and will have to wait till Wednesday to be posted.

You guys let me know, I will let everyone know the decision tomorrow afternoon. I can honestly go either way with this one.


Second Chances Chapter 12 Preview

This is coming, but I don’t know when I’ll get it out. I’m trying to get what I want to say right, and I’ve already had to delete some things that just didn’t flow properly. Here is a preview for those who are interested:

“Wait, what happened to my daddy?”

Maya spun around to find Lily still sitting at the corner table. Riley saw her and took a step backwards. She had seen Lucas’ wedding photos, but she was unprepared for how much the girl looked like his wife.

“Lily,” Maya said. “What are you still doing here?”

“I’m waiting for daddy,” Lily said, panic coming to her voice. “Where is he?”

Riley was compelled to go over and wrap her arms around the little girl. “It will be okay,” she said tenderly. “I’m sure he’s fine.”

“He left the dance half an hour ago,” Zay said to Maya. “I assumed he’d come here first.”

Lily clung to Riley, feeling comforted by the girl’s embrace. Tears of fright were starting to form. Maya put her hand under her chin. “We’ll find him,” she told Lily. “We’ll call him and find out where he is.” Maya took out her phone and punched in Lucas’ number.
The Many Adventures of St Zoo High
Here it is folks. The result of several weeks of work. Based on fantastic fan-fiction of the same name, this poster is my tribute to a long and exciting read, made by the very talented s. I hope yo...

This AMAZING poster made by the wonderful JackorJohn of dA: (PLEASE go give him some love!)

And finally:

Here it is! The final chapter!

Dear God, did I not see the popularity of this AU coming. But oh my gosh am I so grateful, I feel so important and the fact people love my fan fiction so much makes me hopeful that i can MAKE IT that i can go out there and write original work that people will love and I can’t think you all enough for that!

Now, people are probably wondering if I have any nitpicks and everyone has those: first, I was lucky i didn’t get any hateful comments, the only times I ever got annoyed by reviews is because when I didn’t post in a week people started to freak out, thinking i abandoned the story or was in bad health. Your concern was sweet but my fast updates spoiled you all. Then there was the Rick x Honey thing…but mainly it was Meme Slayer, damn you whoever you are you literally posted the exact same words “this is funky junk territory now” twice on ALL SEVENTY CHAPTERS! The amount of anger I got from that.

But again, better that than people saying they hated the story. I got so many sweet compliments from so many readers and it always warmed my heart and I’ll always be grateful.

Now everyone is probably also wondering if I plan on making a sequel. At most I can promise, some time in the future that I’ll write sequel one shots for this AU. Yes, i left it with much stuff to happen but it was a slice of life story and that’s exactly what you guys got. A SLICE OF LIFE. it’s not meant to have a ‘and they lived happily ever after’ ending.

I sincerely hope the ending satisfied you all though. And oh my GOSH this fan art, bless you, bless you all!
So…I think that’s all I have to say.

Thank you all again, for loving the plots, for loving the OCs (the amount of fans Wade Jones got omg), and encouraging me every step of the way to finish this monster.

I hope you don’t regret the time spent reading it, and I hope, one day, that you’ll come back and reread it and still enjoy the fluff and angst and drama and love that came from this.

So I sincerely enjoyed writing, and I hoped you enjoy reading, The Many Adventures of St. Zoo High.

Class dismissed.

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I was waiting to see if someone had noticed I had mentioned it in an answered ask. But yes, IT’S TRUE!

I’m so excited to write this new series! It’s different than my pervious series because:

  • It’s an actor and not a character.
  • It’s a lot more mature. Such as more curse words, smutty actions without the real smut. (Cause I still can’t write smut to save my life, lol.)
  • The chapters a little bit longer than usual.
  • It’s a lot more happier and funnier, instead of heartbreaking and depressing. 

That’s all I can think of right now without giving too much away. I’m hoping y’all will like it too. 

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High Above The Ground

Patience wasn’t her thing and she definitely hated long waits. Her eyes searched for her suitcase but there wasn’t any sign of it. She had landed almost an hour ago but her bag was missing.

She stood up and pulled her cardigan around her baby bump, she was exhausted from the traveling and she had to pee. She would have given anything to lock herself in the bathroom.

The buzz of her phone distracted her from those thoughts. She smiled happily when she saw his name on the display.

“You’re beautiful.” She laughed and looked around herself, disoriented but thrilled.

Her heart was racing. It had been two months since they kissed goodbye and she was bursting with joy, knowing that he was so close. At that stage, her bump was barely visible; and now… well, hugging could be difficult. He had some work to do in europe and she took the chance to go to LA to be with her friends and monitor the pregnancy with Addison. She trusted no one but addison with her baby.

“Where the hell are you?” He laughed and she turned around, still trying to find him.

“Oh god, your baby bump… You sent pictures but I never thought it’d be so…”


Owen laughed, “perfect.”

She could tell he was happy, her heart beat even faster. She wanted - needed to see him, hug him, kiss him.

“Owen, c'mon - tell me! Where are you?”

“Your boobs are bigger” He teased.

“Funny! …C'mon, where are you?”

But he hung up. she looked at her phone, confused at first, but then she lifted her gaze and he was right there in front of her. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt, he was breathtaking. He was holding two balloons, one was pink and the other one was blue. A wave of emotions hit her and she froze in place. She took a deep breath to collect herself. She wanted to run and jump in his arms, but she couldn’t for obvious reasons. So instead she walked slowly towards him and he met her halfway. His blue eyes met hers and she smiled bright.

“You’re beautiful.” He said.

Amelia smiled and softly caressed his cheeks, as if she couldn’t believe he was right there in front of her. He smelled like  something so faint and good, it made her want to press her face to the skin of his neck and never let go. She stood on her tiptoes and they kissed. They both savored the feeling of being close again. His hands found their way to her hair and gently caressed her head. The kiss was sweet, needy, yet passionate. God, they had missed each other so bad! He pulled apart, resting his forehead on hers.

“I’ve missed you.” She said, out of breath.

“And I you.” Owen placed a last peck on her lips, then placed a hand on her stomach. pride and happiness soared through him and he couldn’t help but smile. “And you!” He added.

She looked at him in awe and started placing kisses all over his face, on his cheeks and down his jaw. She felt his fingers caressing her cheeks and her temples, one hand was still placed on her bump. She then parted a bit and looked at the balloons.

“What are these for?” She smiled mischievously. she was leaving him hanging. she hadn’t told him if they were having a boy or a girl.

“These”, said Owen “Are for you. I have a surprise for you by the way.”

Amelia looked at him, she was rather confused. “You know I don’t like surprises.”

“You’ll like this one!” He threw an arm around her guiding her out of the airport.

They spent the entire ride home talking. She told him about Cooper, Charlotte and their adorable girls that were growing up so fast. She told him that Mason had his first crush and had asked her for advice, and finally she told him about addison and how happy she was for her friend because she was truly happy with Jake and Henry by her side. Owen listened patiently, and sometimes he looked at her in awe. She had never been so beautiful; the light in her eyes was so bright that it could have lit up the darkest room.

“I saw a gorgeous crib in LA.” She thought about that day she went shopping with addison, and smiled at the memory.

“You could have bought it!” Said Owen.

Amelia threw him a stern look. “You can’t buy the crib before the seventh month; it’s bad luck!”

He shook his head and got out of the car. He opened the car door for her and took her by the hand to help her to her feet. She looked at the huge house in front of her and couldn’t help but smile.

“I missed our home.”

He kissed the top of her head and pulled her towards the door. She waited patiently for him to open it. Even though they had stopped three times during the ride home, she had to run to the bathroom again so when she saw that he was playing for time, she started rocking back and forth.

“Hurry up! I have to pee.” She cried but he gave her a mischievous smile and took her hands.

“Hold it.” Said owen. “Your surprise comes first!”

He kissed her knuckles and finally opened the door, the floor was covered in blue balloons. She froze in place as a flow of different emotions hit her. Her heart was racing and she was speechless, how did he know that?

“Addison.” He spoke the name softly.

Amelia nodded and laughed, trying to wipe away the tears of joy that were rolling down her cheeks.

“I wanted to surprise you but –”

“I surprised you instead” He finished her sentence and smiled.

He gave her a fierce hug and spoke the words into her hair, “There’s more…” He pulled her towards a door with a big blue ribbon on the handle, he opened it.

The room was almost empty, but there was a crib in the middle of it, the same she had wanted to buy in LA. On a wall there were seven letters, the Amelia had wanted for their unborn baby. She turned and hugged him tightly; she was in tears while he was laughing happily.

“I’ve been back for three days” He said. “But I didn’t tell you because I wanted to surprise you.”

“Owen – I’m –” He didn’t give her the time to say anything else. He wiped away the tears on her cheeks and kissed her on the tip of her nose.

“I’ve missed you so much.” Amelia kissed him.

“How did you know that this one was my favorite?” She looked at the wall with the letters on it and he smiled.

“The way you said it the other day, when we were talking…” He smiled and then got to his knees and pulled up both the cardigan and the t-shirt she was wearing.

“Hi Leonard…” His voice was sweet, it had never been sweeter. 

“…I am your dad…”

She could tell he was proud and happy at the same time. Those were definitely the four most beautiful words he had ever pronounced.

“…And I love you so much.”

Amelia caressed his head and smiled, her eyes were wet but her smile was bright.
“As much as you love his mommy?”

He got up and took her face in his hands, slightly massaging her cheekbones with his thumbs. “That’s different” He said, he was serious now. “I just love you. I can’t put that into words.”

Blue Fire. A Gabe Brown story. Part 4

Waking with a jolt, you felt the heavy arm lying across your chest and horrific memories of Brady flooded your mind.

“Nooo!” You shrieked and your heart slammed into your throat.

Flailing your arms wildly you struggled to throw him off, your breath coming in short gasps. Shoving hard on his chest, he was propelled away from you and off of the bed.


“Ow!” The shout from the floor was familiar, but it wasn’t Brady. Your mind finally registered where you were and your eyes flew open wide.

“Oh no! Gabriel, I’m sorry.” You swung your head over the edge of the bed and peered down at him, lying flat on this back on the hard wooden floor.

“Uhhhhh.” He groaned and held his hands folded over his chest like a dying man.

Slipping quickly from the bed, you landed yourself softly on top of Gabriel and pressed your head under his chin, praying he wasn’t badly hurt. “I’m so sorry. I thought you were Brady.”

“It’s ok.” He puffed and his arms slid around you gently and held you to him. “You were having a bad dream and I only got in with you to try to help.” His lips moved in your hair and you felt a tingling in your scalp as he spoke. “I was going to get back out but you asked me to stay.”

With your eyes closed, you felt Gabriel slowly moving his hands up and down your back with a calmness and a softness you had long craved from a man. You finally remembered your dream of the night before and you remembered waking up with a scream in the small room. You even remembered Gabriel leaping from his place on the floor to reach out and shake the least personal place on your body – your feet. When your tortured brain had recognized him, tears had flooded your eyes and you had called out to him in the dark.
“Help me. Please.”

After pushing poor Gabriel from the bed in your panic, you hadn’t felt anything odd about how you now lay on his chest except the desire to make sure he was alright. Using your body with Brady was always the way you could calm down his anger so you instinctively did the same with Gabriel.

“Are you ok?” You asked without raising your head.

“Uhhhhh.” He groaned again and you felt his chest begin to heave with his laughter.

Knowing he was ok and just messing with you, you slapped him lightly on the chest and rolled off to lie beside him on the floor. Glancing back at him you were struck with how handsome he was when he laughed. But your mind shut down any thoughts like that even before they were fully formed. You couldn’t let yourself think that way.

“Thanks for rescuing me from the bad dream.” You smiled and caught his eye.

“No problem.” He grinned. “Except for this broken back I’ll be just fine.”

He completely deserved the next slap that you gave him.


Brown Town was busier than a bustling city. Everywhere you looked there was someone building something or hauling something or burning something. Sitting on the log bench in front of the fire, it made you tired watching them.

Five minutes later – or it could have been three hours later, you saw Gabriel walking toward you and you stood up, waving. Time seemed to have no real meaning in Brown Town. It was so different from any place you had ever been and your heart ached knowing you would soon have to leave.

Swaying slightly on your feet, you blinked, confused as a swarm of black gnats suddenly rushed toward your face. You swatted at them and wondered why they didn’t move away. Before you could wonder anymore about the strange pests, you swayed once more from front to back and then tipped backward, falling heavily over the log bench, your vision snapping to black in an instant.

When you awoke this time, you know exactly where you were and who was holding you. Gabriel’s woodsy scent was easy to recognize now. He carried the aroma of fresh wood with a light hint of cologne. His brother Matt had confided in you that Gabriel bought that cologne the day after he met you and has worn it every day since.

You could feel the hard ground beneath your legs but your back and shoulders were supported securely by Gabriel’s arms and legs. Opening your eyes slowly, you saw his concerned face inches from yours and this time the relief washed through you like a wave.

“Hi.” You smiled and Gabriel smiled wide enough for you to see his top and bottom braces.

“Welcome back.” He hugged you closer to his chest.

“Did you see the bugs?” You asked and the concerned expression returned to his face.

He swung his head around and looked at his mother who dropped to her knees beside you.

“No. But the doctor said you might have some headaches or dizziness for a while after your…attack.” She said softly. “Gabe will take you to town in a couple of days for a checkup and make sure everything is ok.”

You could feel the light pounding in the back of your head and you nodded, giving them a weak smile. Maybe going back to town was for the best. When you got there, you would find a way to convince Gabriel to leave you there and free him from his obligation to you and to make sure he and his family didn’t become any more entangled with you. You let your gaze linger for a while on Gabriel’s, soaking in his bright eyes and his sweet smile. He didn’t realize the danger he and his family were in from Brady’s anger. But you did.

The three days passed quickly and soon you and Gabriel were flying across the water in the skiff on the way to town.

“Woo Hoo!” You yelled and held your hands up as you sat just forward of him as he kept one hand on the tiller.

He had promised to take the skiff up to top speed for a little bit so you could feel the speed and the excitement and he hadn’t been joking. It felt amazing to be zipping along the water, the wind flipping your hair straight back from you face. You felt so happy and so free. It had been a long time since you felt so free. Your days in Brown town had reminded you that life didn’t have to be filled with darkness and pain. The entire family had made you feel like you belonged there.

But just as soon as it felt like you could sprout wings and fly, Gabriel slowed down, seeing the coastline of Hoonah in the near distance.

“Let’s go in slow.” He said as he pulled out a wooden paddle and began to row silently the rest of the way toward town.“ It will be loud and noisy when we get there so this will be our last bit of quiet for a while.”

With your back to him, he couldn’t see the disappointment in your eyes but at the same time, you knew exactly what he meant and so you tossed a nod over your shoulder. After a few quiet strokes on the paddle, your ears picked up a light humming coming from behind you. Gabriel hummed as he paddled and as you glanced over your shoulder, he burst out singing.

“When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore!”

When you swim in a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that’s a moray.“

You doubled over with laugher and swiveled around to face Gabriel, your legs swinging over the narrow wooden bench seat. His eyes were still sparkling with joy and you couldn’t stop the thought that he was ‘the real deal’. He was simple and true but what you saw of him was only a fraction of who he was. Over the days you had spent getting to know him he had shown you more and more of himself. And you liked everything you saw. And you trusted him. Yes. You trusted him. You started to feel dizzy and scared with this unfamiliar emotion and your smile began to falter and you felt the stinging of tears in your eyes.

Gabriel pulled the oar in quickly and dropped to his knees in front of you, gathering you in his arms and pressing his head to your chest.

“Don’t. Don’t.” He whispered as your chest began to hitch with tears.

“I’m sorry Gabriel. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Wanting to feel more of his comforting embrace, you slipped your arms around his shoulders and let your tears fall.

“Does your head hurt?” He asked without letting you go.

“No. It feels fine.”

As his thick arms encircled you and his soft dark hair brushed against your cheek, you realized exactly what was wrong with you. It was the last thing in the world you expected but once you let the idea float to the front of your mind, it was so clear.

You were in love with Gabriel and you were scared to death.

When We Met Again. . .:Part 4

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Summary: You couldn’t believe Namjoon dragged you to the last place you wanna be . . your old High School. It was your high school reunion but you especially didn’t wanna go because you didn’t wanna run into the boy that teased and bullied you all the cruel 4 years of High School, but you have changed since then. . when he saw you again everything changed. .

A/N: Hey guys, sorry for lagging on this story I sorta had writers block and I have been pretty busy with school. . But anyways I hope you guys enjoy. :) ~Anais

Part 1  // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4


Previously … 

“Min Yoongi, this is Y/n. Y/n, this is Min Yoongi.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you.”

“You too.”

He looked at you with an emotional expression.

“So when would you guys be able to work on the project?” (Y/N)

“Well, I have to check my schedule, but I will let you know.” (Kimmy)

We all exchange phone numbers then the bell rang.

As you left home, all you could think about was that Kimmy Park actually knew you existed and then now Min Yoongi knew who you were.

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

“H-hhi, Y/N.” Yoongi choked out, while staring at you in shock.

When the awkward silence filled in, you began looking around the auditorium for someone to go to instead of being in this awkward situation, but it was mainly to get away from Yoongi.

As you looked around, you recognized a guy with medium blonde hair, surrounded by a bunch of girls.

This was gonna be your excuse, to get yourself away from the group.

You spoke up. “Well, it was nice seeing you guys again, but you’ll have to excuse me.”

Namjoon and Hoseok nodded, but Yoongi just stared at you.

You smiled and turned to Namjoon.

“Um, whenever you wanna leave just message me, I think I see Jimin, so I’m gonna catch up with him.” You said.

As you left to find Jimin, you felt a pair of eyes following you, but you just ignored them.

You made your way towards him and yelled out his name.


You called out for Jimin, which made him look through the crowd of girls around him to find the owner’s voice. Once he saw you, you gave him a little wave and he excused himself from the girls, then headed towards your direction.

“Y/N!” Jimin called out.

Jimin was one of the few people that remained your friend during and after high school. He was always there for you when you needed comforting or when you were having a hard time, but he mainly helped you when you had a bad day.

Jimin approached you with his iconic squish face and his arms wide open to you hug. You briefly hugged him and walked towards a table to sit down.

“Wow, I’m a bit surprise that you came.” Jimin said.

“I know me too, but Namjoon made me.” You said as rolled your eyes and crossed your arms.

Jimin laughed. “I should thank him, now I have someone to talk to.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at him.

“What are you talking about? You have a cheer squad waiting for you.” You said, as you pointed to the group of girls over there.

“Eh, they’re boring and not interesting. Plus, I would rather be here with my best friend.”

You chuckled at his response.

“So, I see that Yoongi is with Namjoon and Hoseok. Is that why you came over here?”

You couldn’t help but frown a little.

“Yeah. . I mean like–ugh I can’t even explain.”

You took a deep breath.

“It’s just hard to be here, seeing everyone and mainly to see him.”

Jimin gave a serious expression.

“I know, Y/N, but that was in the past and plus look at you now. You’re a huge success. Even I’m jealous of you!” Jimin said with a little pout. “And you glowed up, so much Y/N. You are so beautiful, but I mean I always thought you were beautiful.” Jimin said with a huge smile on his face.

“Haha! Thanks ChimChim.”

You pulled him into a hug.

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~  . ~

Yoongi’s POV

As I saw Hoseok, I walked to him while looking to the side of my shoulder to make sure Hye wasn’t following me again.

I placed my hand on Hoseok’s shoulder, which him turn around to face me.

“Hoseok, where have you been, man? I’ve been looking for you. Hye has been following me since we got here.”

“Oh, Yoongi.”

Then I noticed two people standing in front of him, staring at me and I realized it was Namjoon. Next to him was a beautiful girl that I didn’t recognize from high school.

“Hi Namjoon.” Namjoon just smiled then waved at me. “And who is this beautiful lady?”

“This is Y/N”

As I heard Y/N, I was in total shock. She looked totally different then when we were in high school.

I began to choke on my words. “H-hhi Y/N.” I rubbed away the sweat forming on my palms on my jeans and took a deep breath.

As Y/N, excused herself from the group, I couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious.

Then, suddenly, a wave of guilt ran through my body. The memories of being a total douche resurfaced and made me cringe at my old self. I basically ruined her entire four years in high school. Everyone began calling her Delivery Girl because of me. .

I didn’t realize that I was in such deep thought until I saw her walking through the swarm of people to Jimin. She definitely changed over the past couple years, but I didn’t know she’d be this stunning.

“Damn.” I said under my breath while realizing that I was staring daggers. Now she knows that I’ve been looking at her and probably thinks I’m a creep. I looked away and tried to focus on Hoseok and Namjoon.

“Yo, dude. You’ve been totally out of it, man. Are you okay?” Namjoon said out of concern.

“Ah.. oh, sorry. It’s just… you know, Y/N. I’ve been such a dick to her and I feel really bad.” I let my gaze drop to the ground, “what do you guys think I should do?”

“Well you know how we’re gonna collaborate on some stuff.” Namjoon said suspiciously.

“um… yeah” I replied skeptically.

“Well that’s your chance to fix this whole mess. We all know that you were a total ass, but you’ve changed, and so has she. Maybe it’ll all work out in the end. One more thing, don’t you dare hurt her again, okay?” Namjoon said with a death glare and a grin.

My eyes darted away. “Uh… anyways, where did Hoseok go?”

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

As you were catching up with Jimin, you felt a pair of eyes following you. you looked around the room and found out that the eyes belonged to Yoongi. “Ugh, why is he being so creepy?” you thought.

Your thought was interrupted when you felt something on my shoulder. You turned your head and found yourself five centimeters away from Hoseok’s face.

“Oh my gosh. Dude get off of me!” I yelled.

“Oh come on, it was just a joke.” Hoseok said playfully.

You looked at him angrily and punched his arm. You couldn’t stay mad at someone who so strongly resembled a seven-year-old. He then sneaked his arms around me and gave me a big hug. You ended up giving in and felt as if you were being hugged by a big dog.

“Okay, seriously, get off of me.” you said. He pouted and slowly let go of you.

While you fixed up your clothes and hair, in the corner of my eye, you saw Yoongi creeping towards you. You sighed. He’s the last person you wanted to talk to right now. As Yoongi approached the table.

“Oh hey guys, mind if I join you?” he said. He looked a bit frantic. It seemed like he was avoiding eye contact and being really awkward.

“So… how’s life, Y/N” Yoongi mumbled.

“It’s been good, you?” You replied.

“O-oh I’m just doing some rapping and songwriting.” He said.

There was an awkward silence. you really didn’t wanna be there. You glanced at Namjoon and signaled for him to come over.

“SAVE ME” You mouthed, trying to do it unnoticably.

Namjoon rushed over and grabbed your hand.

“Sorry guys I’m not feeling too well. I might’ve eaten something bad. Haha.” he said, while patting his stomach and nodding “We’re gonna leave now. It was nice seeing you all though, bye.”

“Bye guys. It was fun chatting with you all.” you smiled and waved while, slowly removing myself from the group.

Once we exited the auditorium.

“Phew. Pretending to be sick is hard. Sorry if you were uncomfortable” He said apologetically.

“No, most of it was fun. Don’t worry and thanks for helping me out just now.” you said.

“What are best friends for.” Namjoon said while grinning, revealing his dimples.

He dropped you back at home and wished you a goodnight. As you got into the house, you were shocked at what you just went through. “I cannot believe that I went back to the place that tortured me for four years.” you thought.

“BRRRR.” My phone buzzed. Who would be texting me at this hour?

“Hey it’s me, Yoongi. I just wanted to say… I’m sorry.”

To Be Continued… :)

Little monsters-Part 11

Holy jeez! You have been heard little monsters!
I will continue with ‘Hello, baby’ like normal!

I have like 30 questions all telling me to continue.
          I don’t have enough fucking gifs for that people!

So, you all get one gif, and it’s this one. 

               Btw, Part 11 is almost done, like minutes from being done.

Thank you, carry on.

One more thing, Part 11 has strong movie quotes. I had to. It just fits. Sorry.

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A Boy Like That 3/6

Sara thinks she and Laurel couldn’t be more different, but she soon comes to realize that they are far more alike that she knows. Will Laurel get over her fears and become as carefree and her younger sister? Will she learn that love is all it takes or will it be too late?

Ships: Captain Canary & Canaryfire
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Notes: For @freyreh & all the Legends Crew. This was betad by the fantastic@captainwhogotthecanary ~ Thanks for always making my fics readable.
Also on FFnet



Graduation was just over a week away, and Sara honestly couldn’t wait. She couldn’t wait to be out of that place for good. She and Leonard had talked about taking a trip after graduation. They hadn’t made an official plan, but as long as she was with him, she didn’t care.

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Clint: Birthday

Song: Birthday by Katy Perry

Words: 1118

Background: You and Clint have been best friends for 5 years.

Warning: None but this story doesn’t belong to the lyrics as much sorry….

I heard you’re feeling nothing’s going right Why don’t you let me stop by The clock is ticking, running out of time So we should party, all night So cover your eyes, I have a surprise I hope you got a healthy appetite If you wanna dance, if you want it all You know that I’m the girl that you should call

“Hey Clint” I called out.

“Huh?” he said as he sat down next to me with popcorn.

“What do u want for your birthday?” I asked him and looked at him.

“My birthday?” he said and frowned his eyebrows.

“What? You forgot?” I raised my eyebrows.

He nodded. I couldn’t believe he forgot his own birthday! I knew he’s not kind of a parson who cares about his birthday but yea I still couldn’t believe it.

“So what do u want?” I asked him again.

He was silent for a while.

“Um….nothing special” he answered.

Of course. He wanted nothing! He always told me he didn’t need anything from me even when it’s his birthday. But he gives me perfect presents every year on my birthday so I wanted him to feel special on his day.

Boy when you’re with me I’ll give you a taste Make it like your birthday everyday I know you like it sweet So you can have your cake Give you something good to celebrate So make a wish I’ll make it like your birthday everyday I’ll be your gift Give you something good to celebrate

1 week later

Today is my best friend Clint’s birthday. I am going to have a surprise party for him. All of our friends helped me to get ready. I was so excited. We all were excited. Surprising him was not easy at all. Because he knew everything. I didn’t know why. But this time I’m sure he doesn’t know anything about this party.

“Guys we have to hurry up! He should be here in an hour!” I said loudly.

“Okay Boss” Tony said and laughed.

“Thor! Don’t eat the cake!” I said.

“I’m sorry Lady Y/N” he said and laughed.

“Y/N what did you tell him?” Natasha asked me.

“Yesterday I told him that we are going to the club together” I said.

I think this is a perfect idea. He truly believed me. No doubt.

“He believed it?” she asked and frowned her eyebrows.

“Yes totally!” I said and smiled.

Pop your Perignon We can get it on So hot and heavy Till dawn I got you spinning Like a disco ball I’ll have them playing Your song We’re living the life We’re doing it right You’re never gonna be unsatisfied If you wanna dance If you want it all You know I’m the girl that you should call

1 hour later we finally finished getting ready for a party. He should be here very soon. I looked around. This party is going to be perfect. Now we only need Clint.

knock knock

I just heard someone knocked at the door of my apartment. I knew who it was.

“Everyone hide!” I whispered loudly.

I looked around and made sure that everyone hid somewhere that he can’t see. I turned off the light.

“Is it you Clint?” I said loudly so that he could hear me outside.

“Yea it’s me” he said loudly.

“Come in” I called out.

I heard Clint opened the door and his footsteps. I quickly turned on the light.


Everyone said in unison and appeared in front of him.

“Wow guys! Thanks!” he said in a pleasure.

I’m so happy to see him happy. But he looked like he wasn’t surprised. But I didn’t care. We made it! We could surprised him!

But when you’re with me I’ll give you a taste Make it like your birthday everyday I know you like it sweet So you can have your cake Give you something good to celebrate So make a wish I’ll make it like your birthday everyday I’ll be your gift Give you something good to celebrate Happy birthday

“Happy birthday to you~” Tony brought the birthday cake singing. We joined him.

“Happy birthday dear Clint~happy birthday to you~!” We finished singing and the cake was in front of him.

“Make a wish bird boy!” I said and smiled at him.

He closed his eyes and put down the fire of the candors. Everyone clapped their hands together and music started playing.

Now Clint was surrounded by his friends. I was watching them for a while from a distance. They all looked happy especially Clint. That made me happy too. Every time he smiles, his smile makes me happy. That’s why I like him. Oh my! Did I just say I like him!? I-I……

“Y/N!” Clint called out and walked up to me.

My heart was beating fast.

So let me get you in your birthday suit It’s time to bring out the big balloons So let me get you in your birthday suit It’s time to bring out the big, big, big, big, big, big balloons

“Y/N thank you for this. I heard you made a plan” he said and smiled at me.

“They helped me. But glad you were surprised” I said.

He just smirked at me. I know this face.

“Clint to be honest….you knew that right?” I asked him and let out a sigh.

He nodded and smirked.

“But how did-” he cut me off.

“I can see what you’re thinking Y/N! How many years have I known you?” he laughed.

“But one thing you’re missing” I said and smirked.

“What is it?” he frowned his eyebrows.

“I like you”

Yes I told him. I didn’t know why I told him right now and right here but I couldn’t control myself.

“I knew that too baby” he said and nodded.

“W-what!?” I said loud and felt my cheek changing into pink.

“B-but why…you….I….I hate you!!” I said loud and now everyone was looking at us. That made me more blushed.

“But you just told me that you like me?” he chuckled and ran away.

I blushed more and felt my face changing into red like tomato.

“Clint Francis Barton!” I screamed and chased him.

Boy when you’re with me I’ll give you a taste Make it like your birthday everyday I know you like it sweet So you can have your cake Give you something good to celebrate So make a wish I’ll make it like your birthday everyday I’ll be your gift Give you something good to celebrate Happy birthday