• Christine: Erik, when is your birthday?
  • Erik: February the 29th, dear.
  • Christine: But... That is once every four years!
  • Erik: Which means I only have to celebrate it once every four years.
  • Christine: Nonsense! *Sits by his side to snuggle* I'm going to celebrate your birthday on the 28th of February and the 1st of March until it is actually your birthday. That way, it will make up for all the birthdays you have missed. *Kisses him on the cheek. Erik turns and captures her lips in a soft kiss*
  • Erik: You are a funny little being, aren't you?
  • Christine: Well, I am married to you.
  • Erik: *Smiling* Touché...
i don’t often bring these things to people’s attention

but here’s some bullying in action. 

We have an author who was chased off AO3 partly because of trolls.

We have someone who, with that author’s permission, has reposted the stories.
And within minutes of the stories going up again, the trolls are there.

I’m not asking for anyone to engage, but if you have a moment to read this fic and you like it, I’m sure a supportive comment of a kudos would help drown out the troll a little. I would really like to see this story get some love to balance out the hate a bit.

The Other Woman (Reprise)

Miraculous Winter Sonata AU.

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Adrien forced himself to breathe. He should have known. With the amount of akuma the American superheroes had to deal with, he should have predicted that Hawk Moth would get his hands on a heartbroken Lila. “You’ve been akumatized,” he said.

Lila’s eyes widened in mock surprise. “Akumatized?” she said, then shook her head. “Oh no, sweetheart. Hawk Moth has no control over me. I’ve been empowered.” She twirled around, showing off the costume he was already familiar with. “And let me tell you, it feels wonderful.”

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Title: i have done this before (not like this) (6/?)
Writer: alyciatheist

“The truth was, Lexa wanted to kiss her. Kiss her until she didn’t know which breath was her’s and which was Clarke’s. Kiss her until the aching feeling inside of her was gone. She couldn’t. She had done this before, just not like this.”

Lexa, daughter of the founder of one of the biggest banks America has ever known, who’s genuinely loved by practically everyone, meets Clarke, art hoé, very cocky when drunk and a bit of a lost soul.

It’s a cliché high school story, it sure is.

But, maybe not so much.



Jimin sat there in a bit of disbelief. He stared at the texts. He never meant for it to get that out of hand, but there was a part of him that just felt like you didn’t appreciate him as a friend. 

He had been counting down the days until you graduated from university so that the two of you could finally be back in the same city. But then you dropped the bombshell that you were going to the States. He tried to tell himself that it would be okay, that the two of you had been long distance friends for so long, but a part of him broke. 

The day you left, he didn’t go to practice, he continued to debate how he would say goodbye to you. Then he got a text from you saying you had left. He regretted not just leaving and seeing you off. But he was angry and upset. He spent the days after that crying and falling apart. The rest of the group worried about him, he didn’t eat, he didn’t sleep, he just sat in his room, dazed and puffy eyed. 

However, he never thought of how you felt. He never tried to put himself into your shoes. The years prior, when you were in Busan, and you would bend over backwards to see him, just for him to tell you that something came up. Jimin hit himself for not realizing earlier. He couldn’t keep you in this little bubble. He wanted you to see the world, too. 

Now you were gone. You were enjoying yourself in a new city. You were meeting new people, trying new things, learning to be an adult. Jimin looked in the mirror, a part of him only saw the young teenager who left his hometown, he had changed in appearance, but not in personality. He was still scared of rejection, he was scared of judgement, but most of all, he was scared of losing the one person who always supported him. You. 

He looked at the calendar. BTS was allowed to have two weeks, unsupervised vacation. However, they all had to go to the same place together. It was a huge debate among the 7 of them. But now, Jimin walked to the common area with a purpose. As the remaining 6 sat and scrolled through their phones and laptops, Jimin made an announcement. 

We are going to Chicago. That’s all. He turned on his heels and left the room. Jungkook and Hobi looked a bit astounded, Yoongi seemed annoyed, but Jin and Namjoon smiled at one another. They knew exactly what Jimin’s plan was, so they told their managers and the flights were booked. 

You didn’t know it. But you were about to have the face to face reunion you had been dreaming of, but at the most inopportune time. 

The Heavy Entertainment Show

“This is why you’re never going to win an Oscar, Papa.”

Nina loves her papa a lot, but she loves Charles Xavier more. Erik has never quite been able to work out why she is so fascinated by the British actor, but after the pair land leading rolls in Matthew Vaughn’s latest blockbuster, be begins to realise exactly why his daughter is so in love with him.

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The Untold Story Chapter 36: When the Kaleidoscope Twists, a downton abbey fanfic | FanFiction
The final chapter

Thanks to all of you for your reblogs, reviews, comments, and more.


He laces his fingers at the small of her back and she breaks away from him, her hands still cupping the sides of his face.

“I’ve never been more proud of you, nor loved you more than I do today,” she whispers.

Her eyes are a startling color of blue, and it takes his breath away.

Dubiety (pt. 2)

Fandom: Arctic Monkeys / The Last Shadow Puppets

Genre: AU (Alternative Universe)

Summary: A sequel to my first fic, Estrangement (links to all parts of which can be found below), it continues telling the story of Alex Turner who quit his musical career shortly after the end of Suck It And See tour due to a creative crisis, moved to London and found work at a tiny bookstore. But an unexpected job offer could make him choose between his passion and a peaceful life outside the spotlight that Alex maintained for more than four years.

Estrangement: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Dubiety: 1 //

The town was small, lazily opening its eyes to the first uncertain rays of sunshine that burst through the clouds, lifting a heavy weight off the horizon’s shoulders. The best word to describe is was “stuck”, tied by nostalgia, lack of enthusiasm, everlasting weekends, everyone knowing everyone, rumours, circulating for years, and sand, the one that beaches and time were both made of. But, after all, it was appealingly quiet, visited once almost three years ago by a recommendation of a friend, who already became nothing but a memory, and revisited again, in a moment of uncertainty, led there by boredom and fear of staying alone with his thoughts.

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How to Look up to Heroes

Summary: There is a reason why Robbie is the the way he is in LazyTown and it has something to do with Number 9. Sportacus was able to fix Robbie but is it really helping him?

Word count: 7275

Inspired by: ‘Sick of Losing Soulmates’ by Dodie Clark (oh boy my friends will kill me) — and yes, the lyrics play a role throughout the story.

Author’s note: This is the 2nd longest fic I’ve ever done for any fandom. It builds up on who I think Robbie is. This is probably my biggest contribution to the LazyTown fandom. Also there were times that I wanted to ended this story earlier but it just ended up being this long cuz it just builds character.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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Summary: The reader discovers that she is Tony Stark’s daughter and the Avengers decide to keep her in the compound for her safety. She finds the truth about herself while trying to grieve over the death of her mother, who died during the events in Sokovia. Will she forgive the people responsible for her mother’s death? Will she forgive the man responsible for killing her grandparents?

Bucky X Reader (eventually)

Words: 1581 (yikes)

Originally posted by prouderek-blog

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Job Opportunities Pt.2

Characters: Reader X Brian (Day6) X Jaebum (Got7)

Genre: idkkk on this one

Word count: 1,021

NOTICE: Both Jaebum and Brian are NOT famous in this fic~~ Also I know the parts are really short but I’m doing my best lol this is my first series - Admin Mik

Originally posted by got7gifs

You walk into class and take your seat, anticipation and worry taking over you. If you don’t get this internship then you honestly have no idea what you’ll do… not just because you worked so hard to prepare for the test, but this internship would be your lifeline, and without it, you’d be totally screwed.

“Alright class! I have the results you’ve all been waiting for.” Your lecturer announces while standing up from his position at his desk. Finally after two long weeks of waiting, you’re able to hear whether you’d be the one to win the internship at the station. The class cheers and you join in.

“I wouldn’t get too confident, some of you have got a lot to work on.” He widens his eyes as he hushes you all. Suddenly you doubt your abilities, “What if I’m going to completely fail?” You think to your self before he starts rambling on about how you all have to work hard for your futures… he always does this. Luckily it doesn’t last too long this time.

“The winner of the internship is…” You lean closer from your seat at the back of the class, expecting to hear your name, “Im Jaebum.” Your teacher announces happily, seeming pretty proud of this Im Jaebum guy who you’ve never actually heard of. You lean back and slouch into your seat with an unpleasant look plastered on to your face, how could this have happened?

“Seriously, who is this guy? How come everyone knows him?” You think to yourself as you watch the winner mosey up to the front of the class to receive a hand shake, and a booklet on his internship which was supposed to act as a certificate.

The class finishes and you don’t even bother taking notes, why try now when you tried your hardest and got nothing? You storm out of class and begin walking home, texting Brian that you can’t make it for your usual coffee and cake after class.

“Im Jaebum, where did you even come from? How did you beat me?” You mumble to yourself, slipping your earphones into your ears to give you some distraction while walking home.

“I actually transferred universities.” A voice answers happily, halting you of your music listening, while making you turn your head to the side to see that he was actually walking next to you. He is smiling warmly as he looks down at you, waiting for your reaction.

“What?” You widen your eyes, realising you’ve just embarrassed yourself, plus with your personality, you were probably going to make it worse too.

“I was talking about the other Im Jaebum in our class.” You add slightly nervous, tucking a strand of hair out of your face and behind your ear, continuing to walk and at a slightly faster pace but he speeds up just as much.

“But I’m the only Im Jaebum in our class, I saw when they added me to the roll a couple of weeks ago.” He states putting his hands in his hoodie pockets, wondering why you were acting weird all of a sudden.

“Oh so you’re new then?” You ask surprised, realising that he hadn’t been there all along and you weren’t blind. “I mean.. I knew you were new, I was talking about the Im Jaebum in my other class.” You say emphasising on the word ‘other’. Still knowing very well the you were making yourself  look a complete idiot.

He frowns at you, a confused look taking over his before calm face. “What’s with this girl?” He wonders to himself, at the same time, you’re mentally scolding yourself for seeming like a complete and utter weirdo.

You two continue to walk in silence, but you don’t say anything. You don’t know what to say, and you think its better if you stay silent since you speaking has proven to get you in an awkward place. But the funny thing is, well its more frustrating really, is that he doesn’t say anything either. You glance up at him, maybe he’s listening to music, but he isn’t. He turns and looks at you and you shoot your head straight forward.would “He wouldn’t have thought I was staring at him right?” You wonder.

“So, do you live around this area?” Finally the silence his broken by his curious voice.

“Yeah.” You nod simply. Thinking to yourself that you should be way nicer to him, considering he’s new. But after all he just stole your lifeline, and only after being in the class for a couple weeks.

“Oh nice… me too.” He nods back awkwardly, thanks to your coldness of course.

You just nod acknowledging him and he faces forward again, continuing to walk.

“Look, if you didn’t want anyone to walk with you, then you should have just said.” He says putting his headphones in. “I’m just trying to make a friend, and I’m guessing you’re not on the same page as me.”

“What?” You question, slightly offended by his words. You stare up at him raising an eyebrow while you wait for an explanation.

“I’ll see you tomorrow… or not.” He half heartedly smiles at you before turning down an alleyway which you two were about to walk past.

“Seriously, what the hell?” You shake your head and continue walking home having been put in a much worse mood.

When you get home you basically throw yourself on the bed, already contemplating whether you should tell your parents you won’t be able to afford your living costs. Some time goes by and your thoughts about the situation which turned into a nap have been forced to a holt when your cell phone buzzes from your pocket.

Brian: Hey~ How did the results go?

You groan loudly before un locking the phone to reply to his message.

You: Horrible… Someone else got the internship and now I don’t know what I’m gonna do..

You decide to leave out the fact that it was Im Jaebum because it’ll just make you mad again.

Brian: Are you kidding me?! You studied so hard for this.. I bet you’re disappointed

You: Yeah I’m pretty bummed about it, now i’ll have to search for more jobs..

Brian: Let me know what you find.. if you can’t find anything then I have a friend that can help you out!

Amanda and Carisi are standing side by side near the Christmas tree.

After his mother had removed the candy canes from her hair he had taken her back to the bathroom he had used in his youth and blow dried her hair for her.

“I can do that,” she had said and reached for the hair dryer that he had used back in high school.

“Nah, I got it. You just sit back and relax.”

Amanda wasn’t going to argue with a little pampering.

As he was blow drying her hair she noticed his Robby the Robot well … everything. A soap dish, shower curtain, toothbrush holder, you name it. She smiled wondering what he had been like as a kid. As he was blow drying her hair he would look over her head from time to time, catch her eye in the mirror, and smile softly. And from time to time his fingers would stray a little too long as he would run them through her hair to lift it. She became very relaxed under his gentle touch.

When Carisi was done he set down the dryer and planted a kiss on the top of her head. His lips lingered there, his eyes closed, hands resting softly on her shoulders. She closed her eyes too and brought her hands up to rest on his. There was that stillness between them once again.

Afterwards when there was movement, it was not hurried or rushed as it had been before. She took his hands and brought them down to her waist so his arms could encircle her. His head came down to rest alongside her face and they rocked in silence for a while in each other’s arms, his breath tickling her neck.

Now they are standing in front of the tree at his parents’ house in plain view of all of the guests the Carisi’s had invited to their home for that year’s Christmas party. Most of them are family.

Out of nowhere his sister Theresa starts taunting them. “Sonny and Amanda sitting in a tree …”

“Oh you mean this tree?” Carisi interrupts and jerks his thumb back at the Christmas tree behind him.

No one answers him. Instead only more people join in, including his sister Bella. His baby sister Bella.


“Come on! You too now Bella?” Carisi’s disappointment is evident in his expression.

Amanda smirks. Carisi’s family is great. This is hilarious.

“First comes love …” they all sing.

Amanda beams up at him.

“Then comes marriage …”

He returns her gaze with a little gulp when he sees the expression on her face and gets drawn in by her eyes.

“Then comes a baby in a baby carriage!” the crowd finishes ebulliently.

The little spell that had momentarily captured both of them breaks and Carisi coughs a little to shake it, returning to the present. He turns to the crowd says, “Hey, Rollins already had one of those.”

“That I did,” she acknowledges matter-of-factly, turning towards the crowd herself.

“And you know what, Theresa?” Carisi says.


“Challenge accepted!”

He turns towards Amanda and says quietly, “You down for this?”

She has no idea what he’s talking about but agrees anyway. “Sure.”

The next thing she knows that fire is raging through her again, emblazoned by his touch. He has the nape of her neck firmly in his grasp as he kisses her deeply, hotly, wetly. Entangling her hands into his hair, she pulls him into her even further. Their bodies …

The crowd gasps as he begins to push her back into the tree, his body pressed tightly against hers. The needles prick against what little of her flesh is exposed and he moans. The crowd chuckles nervously.

She likes this Carisi. Where did he come from? She grabs at his waistband temporarily forgetting where they are. She wants even more. Now.

As her passion overtakes her reason, they basically fall into the tree.

Carisi’s mom hears the rattle of the ornaments and more than one pop and break from all the way back in the kitchen. She knows the tree is falling over. She runs out into the living room just in time to see her son and Amanda wrapped in a tight embrace, buried in the tree, as it hits the wall behind it.

“Sonny! Oh no!” she screeches. “You’re going to knock the tree over!”

“Too late for that, Ma,” one of her children says sarcastically. It’s pressed against the wall, Sonny and Amanda having fallen on it. Their bodies hold it in place.

Nose to nose, sharp needles and branches poking into them, Carisi and Amanda come to their senses and share a little laugh.

“What the hell was that all about?” Theresa demanded. “You just set a terrible example for my kids, Sonny! Knocking mom’s tree over like that.”

Sonny disentangles himself form the tree and holds out a hand to Amanda, helping her to disengage from the branches herself.

“Hey, you asked for it,” he says to his sister.

“What?” she sputters.

“’Sonny and Amanda sitting IN a tree…  K-I-S-S-I-N-G.’” He throws her taunt back at her and then gives her an almost condescending smile. “Just obliging you, dear sister.”

She looks at him crossly.

Amanda smiles up proudly at Carisi. Apparently, he’s good at getting everyone’s goat. Even his family. This is impressive.

“Theresa,” his mom says sternly. “What have I told you about not egging on your brother?”

She throws her hands up, “Ma! Look what he did to your tree. I didn’t do that.”

Carisi’s mom turns to him now, “So what do you have to say for yourself, ‘dear son’?”

“Look, mom,” he says, turning towards her, unable to disguise his frustration, “There’s only one place anyone can get any kind of privacy around here at all - one place in this entire house.”

She folds her arms. “Under the staircase.”

“Yeah. Exactly,” he says with indignation. “And you kinda ruined that for me and Amanda tonight so instead you get this.”

With a wide sweep of his hand he indicated the mess they had made of the Christmas tree - lights, broken ornaments, and all.

“And this.”

They don’t connect roughly this time, not in any way. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. He cups Amanda’s face with both of his hands, drawing her up to him as he bends down to her. Their lips come together this time not in heat, but in warmth. And they linger.

“Awww!” the crowd of Carisi’s family surrounding them sighs.

Softly he pulls away and places his forehead on hers. One of the hands that had been on her cheek now trails down it softly.

“Oh, yeah, now I believe you,” Theresa says sardonically.

“About what?” Carisi asks and turns his head away from Amanda.

“That you’re not together.”

“We’re not!” Carisi and Amanda both protest simultaneously, grinning like fools.

Based on this OTP Advent Calendar fic prompt list posted by @yankeecountess​. Thank you so much!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Yule Log!

In the Tides of Bogildo Island (Banglo)

Title: In the Tides of Bogildo Island

Pairing: Yongguk/Junhong

Genre: Folklore, drama, angst

Warnings: n/a

Summary: “That’s a Sea-Child, that is.” She said with twinkling eyes, “They live as seals in the water but strip off their skins and walk like people on land, most beautiful creatures you’d ever lay your eyes on. Only heartbreak’s to come from falling for one, though. There isn’t a thing on this green earth that’d keep them from the sea.”

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