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Louis ends up next to his ex at the theatre and just might end up killing him.

{KK’s going to kill me that this is my favorite, but it just is. I may be a tad obsessed with this fic. I honestly don’t understand why every person hasn’t read it and declared it to be their favorite. There is so much packed into this 4k. It’s incredibly brilliant is what it is. Do you know how hard it is to create meaningful characters and dialogue and plot in four thousand words? Very. This fic makes me laugh at the banter and tugs at my heart at the hurt they both feel. And the smut. Holy hell. I’ve reread this fic over and over again, and I think you should, too.}

Fate brings back to Harry someone he never thought he’d see again.

{Never mind, she’s really going to kill me for this one. Yes, it’s animal!direction, but you should give this a chance. It’s tagged as a crack fic, but it just is so much more than that. I remember my eyes welled up with tears at the sweet emotion of the story. It’s so utterly lovely.}

Harry and Louis’ plan to prank Liam and Zayn on their wedding day backfires, big time.

{The banter! The speeches! The twist! The apparently British novelty of cutting wedding cake with a sword! I love everything about this fic. It’s fantastic. Go read it immediately.}

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In slightly belated honor of KK’s aka @dinosaursmate aka waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee’s birthday, I made this fic rec for my favorite three KK fics. I’m sure you hate my choices, KK, but really what’s the point in reccing the Catfish fic/When We Were Younger? Surely, everyone already knows they should be reading that one. Like I literally made friends with people based purely on yelling about that fic with them. 

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Have you read My Immortal? If you did, what did you think of it? :)

WOW, anon, it’s like you are psychic!

I am actually a HUGE FAN of My Immortal, and I highly recommend reading it out loud at parties if you ever run out of fun things to do. Not only is it a real crowd pleaser, it’s a WORK OF MODERN ART and everyone should know about it.

BUT back to the reason I think you are psychic: I was introduced to THE AMAZING (MY) IMMORTAL WEB SERIES only yesterday by my lovely friend @noeeon and I’m so happy you gave me the chance to talk about it! I’m four episodes in and it’s freaking HILARIOUS, and so so clever, and I’m already addicted. AND THE DRARRY. THE DRARRY IS EVERYTHING. Seriously, you must watch it.

For full enjoyment, I think it’s best if you have at least a working knowledge of My Immortal. So if by some miracle you haven’t heard of it, I recommend you find a summary of it or something (read it out loud to your friends!) before you start watching. 


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I had a random thought the other day - while I spend a lot of time reading fanfic, i never really write any, and that got me thinking about people who do write fanfic, so! Are you ever/Have you ever been in a fandom but not felt any desire to write fic, or does being a fan of a thing bring forth the fic ideas for you? No pressure to answer if you don't feel like it! Thanks for all you do for the fancommunity!!

I suppose it depends on how “in fandom” is defined. There are certainly canons I like where I wouldn’t say I was “in the fandom”, but I don’t know how I’d quantify that if pressed. Fandom is more than writing fanfic, for sure; there are other aspects like engaging in discussion, reading articles, following the canon creators, enjoying and sharing fan content. 

Like…Yuri on Ice is a great example. I’ve watched the show, I’ve written a little bit of fanfic, and I pick up information about it here and there, but I don’t seek that information out, and I don’t share it in the form of fannish essays or discussion online. Am I in the fandom? Probably not. But I have a lot of friends who are, so maybe I am? It’s hard to say. 

There are canons I enjoy in a fannish sense, where I not only experience the canon but also seek out other information, and yet I don’t tend to talk about the shows or write fic for them. I will say that there are also fandoms where I have written a lot of fanfic but writing fanfic is most of what I’ve done – I haven’t contributed to discussions, read behind-the-scenes interviews, or even read other peoples’ writing. Like, I was considered a pretty prominent writer in Harry Potter, but I very rarely read any other Harry Potter fanfic. I was in that fandom, but….not in the way someone else might be. 

On that note I think it’s also different for me as someone who is prominent in fandom as a whole – the way other fans interact with my work can sometimes be a little different from the average fannish experience, which can impact whether someone ELSE thinks I’m in a fandom. There have been fandoms where I most assuredly wasn’t a member, but if I liked the canon I made a remark about it and because of my prominence it was taken as a….political move, as a statement, when really I was just shooting the shit. It’s hard to know how others see our places in fandom. Definitely people will read this and go “Hey who the fuck does this guy think he is, I’ve never heard of him” and also people who will go “Ohhhh yeah I remember that.” 

This is probably a much deeper meditation on fandom than you really meant to ask for :D But overall, I’ve had varying levels of involvement in fandoms over the years, but if I was ever in or even within breathing distance of a fandom, I’ve usually written something for it. 

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For the prompt if you still want some: Victor goes back to skating and his first routine is so over the top and all about how excited he is to marry yuuri and yuuri loves it and is embarrassed simultaneously because everyone knows. Have you seen that post that's Stephane lambiel's don't stop the music but switch the song to death of a bachelor? That's where I thought of it

The Death of a Bachelor

I have seen that video!! & i’m a huge Panic! fan!! :D :D

rating: all ages bc fluff

length: 800 words~~

read more of my fics here or leave me a prompt here!

“Your theme for this season is… Engagement?”

Victor tilts his head to the side. “What’s wrong with that?”

Yakov pinches the bridge of his nose. “Nothing, Vitya, but we already have one lovesick performer here.”

“Who, Yuuri?” Victor asks hopefully.

“No,” his coach sighs, glancing over towards the corner of the rink, where Georgi is currently practicing his latest routine about newfound love.

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Can you suggest modern pjo au? I'm starting to read fan fics and I really want to get into it but I don't know where to start.

Okay, first off; I love your picture *_* (be still my little phangirl heart) 

Secondly, I haven’t really read much PJO fan fiction myself, because I too find it hard to find good ones (I’m a very picky fanfic reader). But I do follow an amazingly good fic by @goggles-mcgee called You Are Watching: GHOST KING, which is mainly about solangelo and angst and I just love it. 

If anyone has any great fanfic recs, please feel free to send them in and we’ll make a rec list or something!

- Marge

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My favorite thing about Experimentation is the lack of horrendous drama. Sure, it's angsty as FUCK, but it's not dramatic. And that's usually a crutch for writers when they don't know where to go with a story but the details here are BEAUTIFUL. I started reading this fic when I still hadn't come out to literally anyone, and it was so cathartic to read about two women exploring themselves and having shit NOT hit the fan!? Idk this fic just came into life at the right time, so thanks Red, I owe ya

I’m so happy you’re enjoying the fic! And that it’s helped you in the way it has. Part of my reason for even wanting to write Experimentation was to show exactly that: a (always hopefully) realistic portrayal of how something like this might happen. How the feelings develop and how drama for the sake of drama in a fic isn’t always necessary. Personally, I got tired of those kinds of fics a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a dramatic plot turn if it fits the story, if drama is what you’re going for. But there’s already so much of that out there, in fic and in real life. I didn’t want Exp to be that. I want it to be… A reprieve from that, I guess. That it’s helped you is amazing and wonderful, and I thank you for sharing that. :)

But I AM curious as to why you think it’s angsty as fuck? Because I don’t. At all. Haha. I’ll admit I think there’s been a few moments, but I’m the writer. Obviously, readers often get different things out of the things we write. So yeah. I’m curious. What moments have you (or anyone else, for that matter) find particularly angsty?

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omg these ppl who dislike fanfic (or rly doesn't know much about them or about fandom tbh) talk like every time someone writes a samcait fic somehow sam and cait are forced to read it 🙄 ugh it's just FICTION and it just for the FANS, don't like it don't read it, it's simple… also i bet sam and cait have never wasted a minute of their time thinking or worrying about fan fiction so jfc can't this ppl just learn how fandom works once and for all and leave shippers alone!!?!!?!!!!

THIS THANK YOU. If people think that shippers and shipping and fanfic and manips and all the NORMAL parts of fandom are so terrible then why not go away and stop paying attention to our side? I guarantee Sam and Cait have better things to be doing than worrying about fans writing fanfic about them. 

I hate being asked if I’m reading anything right now because in my brain I’m screaming ‘I’ve read the equivalent of like 50 books about these two fictional characters who I think should have sex’ so instead I just say ‘no’ and avoid eye contact.

Harry is a prince who likes to read poetry, run away from his palace, walk barefoot and men.

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Hi! So I don't think you are ignorant about the subject. Personally the only kinda au I can read of two handed Killian are musician aus because I'm a sucker for Colin's musical talents (not much a fan of LD although I'm currently reading one, but I prefer captain duckling). I agree with you that people should feel free to write or read fics were Killian has two hands and people who don't like it should not read it otherwise it's censorship. /1

It’s a delicates topic and it might offend people but no one is bigoted because of this in my opinion. Kind of Killian’s innuendo. Some people don’t like it and find it rapey (yeah, I'ce read this), I personally love it, but I don’t think people shouldn’t write innuendos in fic or whatever. Don’t feel bad about it, that anon was a lot rude. /2

I appreciate your support but I don’t think it’s wrong at all to approach people about ways to be more inclusive, sensitive, and how to avoid ableism. I mean, the previous anon didn’t really go about it well, but I don’t mind being called out when I do something that they feel perpetuates erasure of the disabled, or any other group for that matter. (I really desperately don’t want to be a White Feminist. Tell me when I do stupid shit.) If I ignore the topic completely I’m not learning from my mistakes or growing as a person. And while I agree it’s best not to read fics that have bits you don’t like for whatever reason, it’s also cool as a writer to realize when people come to you with a valid complaint on social issues and how you come across in your writing, it’s more important to try to understand where they’re coming from than to get defensive and angry. 

(This is not to say that every complaint about fic writing holds the same weight. If someone complains about a plot twist or a piece of dialogue they didn’t agree with, or if they just say “This sucks” then that kind of feedback is always okay to ignore entirely.)

“Look how angry he gets. Look at him, all scared and alone. Do you think it’s dark where he goes?”

Red Beanie Thursday feature: Ghost Story by avoidingavoidance

If you’ve known or followed me for more than about five minutes, you probably already know I’m a huge Ghost Story fan. It’s a brilliant piece of writing that combines supernatural elements, suspense, horror, heartache, and nipple piercings. Reading it feels a bit like being meticulously stripped of all flesh while your favourite song plays soothingly in the background, and I recommend it to everyone.

Alone on the Water

Read it here

Summary: Sherlock is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Personal Comment: I’m only making this rec for those who have just joined the fandom and heard about this fic because that is the only acceptable explanation for not having read this already. Seriously though. Read it. You will cry the entire time but it will be worth it.

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 7725

I finished those UT fan fics I DL’d.

Can you recommend Undertale fics to me? Completed fics, preferably. If you’re gonna recommend me romance fics, I read a lot of Frans, Papyton, or Alphyne. //no Flowerfell fics ples, it breaks my heart to know that I’ll never know if they ever get a happy ending 



If you’ve read my fic Oh, It’s What You Do To Me, you might remember that the sole reason Grantaire and Enjolras meet is because of a comment Grantaire leaves on a Sandel video about morality? Well, Ao3 user HCO pointed out to me that some witty individual has translated Grantaire’s comment into French and actually posted it on the video. This is hilarious. I love Les Mis fans.

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why is everyone hating on ben winston so much? he's really hot and gets on with the boys so well. I know that a couple of his music videos weren't that amazing, but I don't think that should be a reason for the all hate that he's getting from the fandom

he’s a misogynist, he plagiarised the you and i video, he made out fans who read/write/draw fan fic/art to be crazy in the four livestream, and he just told a girl to ‘stop complaining xx’ about something which was a completely legitimate reaction to what we’ve seen of the night changes video thus far.

thinking about my life before 307 is so weird to me like?? Elyza Lex didn’t exist? and I didn’t watch ftwd? There was no lexa snapchat filteR? I can’t remember anything i did before this show ripped the rug out from under me all i know is the last 20 pics on my phone is me wearing lexa’s warpaint and i have 5 lexark fan fics to read tonight what a life

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it makes my skin crawl too. like it just feels so voyeuristic? to me? maybe if they hadn't so blatantly taken their inspiration from our specific fandom and specifically mentioned us and the fics repeatedly. if they had made it a broader generalization of the online slash shipping/reading/writing communities I might feel better about it. but the fact that they so specifically point out that it's Larries that inspired it makes me so uncomfortable. i feel like i'm being watched. i don't like it.

it’s really like not a totally unheard of phenomenon only in the one direction fandom. like, a lot of online communities have fan fiction. and it’s for the fans. it’s a way that fans can feel free to express themselves and an outlet to create and to talk and to feel safe. like, i know i have become a lot more comfortable with certain things about myself because i’ve read characters experiencing them and i’m sure fic authors feel the same when they write those things. it’s not just because like the trailer crudely says “it’s kind of hot.” it’s more than that. and sure maybe some people read it just for that, and that’s fine. but, the way that it’s presented makes it seem far more like a fetish. and that’s just not really fair, in my opinion.

and honestly i get what you’re saying about being watched. like fan fiction is for the fans. it’s not for people to sit around and write a tv show about. it’s not a weird social phenomenon to be picked apart. and i don’t know how the authors feel, but it makes my skin crawl to hear them name fics and stuff, like they picked them apart for content for their show so that they could exploit those authors, those fan fics, and us as a fandom for money. and that’s what it is about. that’s what tv shows are about - making money. like, it’s not about bringing a better understanding or anything like that. this isn’t doing us any favors. i think the show will flop, but on the off-chance it does succeed, the majority opinion will pick us apart and make us feel ostracized and it will stifle creativity and take away a safe space for people to feel free to create and express themselves.

it’s just fucked up and we’re being exploited yet again for someone else’s financial gain. i don’t care what fancy wrapping paper they try to put around it - the trailer says everything i need to know about how this is being presented. and it is all about ostracizing us and bringing a magnifying glass into a community that never asked for it and a community that a lot of young people used to feel safe in.