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Best Friends Don’t... (Part III)

Need to catch up? PART ONE // PART TWO

Friends-to-lovers harry and y/n miniseries 

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‘Movie night’ had long since been forgotten – it was pushed off only by a few minutes as Harry led you back to his room, headed straight for his bed where the covers still lay disheveled from where you’d walked in on him earlier.

You’d delayed ‘movie night’ for a few minutes more once his lips found yours again, biting back hungrily, taking little time to breathe in between each gnash. His hands helped yours guide the shirt from your shoulders up and over your head, a slight pause between your parted mouths to throw it across the room, and then right back to melting into one.

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Warmth on Their Fingertips

Hello friends! 
I’m catching up on my request, or at least trying to.
This is a part2 to this story here: Cold on Your Fingertips
I hope you’re all well! 

Plot: H tries to win Y/N back.

Warnings: It’s angsty and sad but nothing triggering I would say.

Pic wasn’t taken by me even though I wish dearly that it was. 

“I made you breakfast.”

Harry stood rigid and with jelly-like legs in the space of our small kitchen, from where he had a direct view onto me where I lingered in the doorway. The state of my body matched his as I stood as frozen as he did when at the same time my limps felt weaker than ever. 
I hadn’t expected to see him. 
When I rolled out of bed after waking from a night’s sleep that had been hunted by nightmares, I’d expected to be as alone and lonely as I’d been almost every morning. Harry had been gone for so long without giving my feelings a second thought, so why would he care all of a sudden?
Because I’d cried in front of him, where he had to actually see what he did to me for a change instead of only hearing it in my desperate voice-messages? 
Well, I suppose my distraught state the night before must’ve left its impression on him. After all, voice-messages could be deleted and ignored, my break-down however he’d had no control over.
I almost smiled when I thought about how much I must’ve shocked him with my reaction to how cold he treated me. 

“Eggs,” Harry tried to tempt me and he raised the plate in his hand almost shyly so I’d have a clearer view on what he’d made for me, “With tomatoes even. I don’t really like them in m’egg but- mean I know that you do so… you like that, right? Figured you might want to eat a proper breakfast today.”

His eyes were wide and I watched with a heaviness settling in my chest how the pink lips of his I loved so much were bitten and pulled at roughly by his teeth. 
I knew he wanted me to reassure him that he’d done good, that his gesture would help make things between us okay again. 
Of course Harry wasn’t oblivious and he wasn’t stupid either, he knew that it would take more than just breakfast for us to be alright, but perhaps, he’d hoped, perhaps a good and proper breakfast together would help the process along. 

When he was sure that I wouldn’t reply he sighed heavily and set the plate down on the table. His attention turned to the counter where he began to throw more food on a plate and I watched with a strange sense of guilt how he so desperately tried to coax a reaction out of me.

“Made you some toast as well,” he continued, “And there’s tea. Coffee as well, of course, but figured you might want tea so… We got juice!”

Since when? I wondered. 
Harry almost smiled, reading my thoughts only by looking at my mildly surprised expression.

“I went and got some when you were sleeping. It’s some multivitamin thing. That’s something you like, don’t you?”

He almost sighed with relief upon receiving my timid nod.

“Thank you,” I added and I shuddered at how scratchy and hoarse my voice sounded. 

Harry’s skin prickled at the sound and once more he was painfully reminded of how much I’d cried last night. Though he had to admit he was glad to hear me speak, by this point he hadn’t expected me to anymore.
For a moment we just stood there looking at each other, both of our heads trying to make out what was going on in the other’s mind. 
Harry swallowed visibly and weakly nodded to the chairs. I refused to move. 

“Food’s getting cold, love,” he murmured, voice as warm as it could be when he was busy trying to ignore the uncomfortable atmosphere around us, “Aren’t you hungry?”

I wanted to say no and keep the distance that was between us, scared of getting hurt should I allow him close again. He’d hurt me so bad and only thinking about it made my eyes water and throat go so dry it was impossible for me to decline his quiet request. Instead I shook my head rapidly and Harry paled when I took a step back. 


“Not hungry,” I stammered, though when I wanted to walk away my feet refused to obey my body. 

It was as if someone had pushed against my chest so forcefully it’d knocked all of the air right out of my lungs.
Harry looked sick. Only now did I notice how red-rimmed and swollen his eyes were, indicating clearly that he’d slept as little and probably just as bad as I had myself. He was shaking and the way he held his body screamed insecurity. 
Harry was broken and desperately trying to somehow grasp a tiny part of me that would then promise him that our relationship and what we’d had wasn’t completely lost.
But wasn’t it?
Looking at the guy standing in our kitchen, aware that I loved him with all of what was left of me, I couldn’t even think of being with him again. There was a wall between us, a thick, stone wall that neither of us would ever be able to break through.


His green eyes swam by this point and he didn’t even flinch when the first tears spilled onto his numb cheeks. 

“Was stupid of me anyway,” he continued, sounding utterly defeated, “Course you don’t want to have breakfast with me. Not after what I did to you. I get it, Y/N, my love, I do… I… m’just so sorry. Fuck.”

He picked up one of the plates he’d prepared and turned so he was no longer facing me before making me jump by carelessly dropping the porcelain into the sink, shattering it into little pieces. His hands fell onto the counter and I bit back a small cry when his shoulders began to shake. 
Harry felt like his chest was ripped in half after he lost every last bit of hope he’d found in his heart when he’d woken up this morning. He remembered feeling like there still was something to safe after he’d woken up to seeing my sleeping face. But now… now he was sure there was no way we would ever look at each other without seeing anything other than fright and pain in the other’s eyes.


Was it silly for me to feel bad for him? Probably. He hadn’t cared much about me when I’d met my breaking point.
He sniffled noisily before slowly facing me again. 

“You have to know that I never, and I mean that, never knew how horrible I was to you.”

“How?” I wondered, and with sudden strength in my chest I continued, “How couldn’t you know? I cried so much, Harry. And I told you, too! You cannot claim that I didn’t.”

“M’not,” he murmured, “You told me things were bad. But I never… I never even realized how bad. Thought we were going through a low, not that we’d reached rock bottom.”

I wanted to tell him that he was stupid. Wanted to blame it all on his ignorance and I so desperately wanted to scream at him for being blind, but all of a sudden I was very still. 
Yes, I’d cried a lot. Yes, I’d called him when I thought I needed him and he wasn’t there. And yes, he didn’t respond the way a good boyfriend should. 
But I hadn’t ever told him what was really going on until yesterday after-noon. I’d never let it shine through just how deep in a mess we were until things went bad enough for them to be impossible to safe.

“I should have told you sooner,” I decided to say, “You couldn’t have known until yesterday when I… well, when I was already down.”

Harry shrugged. “M’a shit boyfriend anyway.” 

“That you are.” I didn’t see any point in denying that, though I regretted my harsh words when his crying only increased. 

“You were,” I corrected myself quickly, “You… you don’t have to be.”

I ached all over. Harry’s red eyes widened slightly when I moved closer and sat down at the table, just the way he’d wanted me to only moments ago. Only now we were both crying, not having the nice breakfast he’d prepared when his hopes had been high.
Harry sat down as well. 

“By the way, I don’t really like tomatoes in my eggs, either.”

Harry huffed and let himself fall backwards into his seat. “Great. I can’t do anything right.”

I surprised us both by reaching for his forearm and I hesitate for a second only before gently grasping him. Even his skin felt cold though holding on to him warmed us both inner seconds. 

“Don’t be too harsh of yourself, Harry. I do like toast and juice so you got two thirds of your plan right.”

Relief flushed my cheeks when he smiled, not the big and warm smile I knew and loved, but at least it was something. “Better than nothing, huh?”

“For sure,” I agreed and when his own touch found my hand where I was holding his wrist my first instinct wasn’t to shrug him off.

There was still a cold distance between us, one that not even our souls could over come, no matter how desperately we were trying to find each other. 
But I wanted Harry. Not in a sexual way, in this moment physical intimacy wasn’t on my mind at all, but in an emotional way I felt a need for Harry that I couldn’t shake.

“I don’t know what we can do, Harry,” I confessed and when I moved to pull my hand from him he tightened his hold. 

“I don’t either, Y/N.”

So we sat there, puffy and tired eyes locked and our hands holding on to the other in a tight grip. 
Neither of us was ready to let go and when he whispered that he loved me I replied that I loved him, too. 

“But us loving each other doesn’t make saving what we have easier.”

“Doesn’t feel like it,” Harry agreed, voice heavy with pain and disappointment, “But we could have some of the toast I made. We could drink some of the juice. And maybe…”

“Maybe things will look different after,” I said quietly, “Maybe with a full stomach we can figure out how we can get each other back.”

“Because I really want you back, Y/N,” Harry confessed and suddenly his lips were kissing my knuckles softly before pulling back, “Miss you.”

“I do, too, Harry. You have no idea how much I do.”

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this and don’t think it sucks… If you did, if you didn’t - leave a feedback! :) 
Rest of what I wrote can be found here:  Masterlist


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This is so angsty, but I hope you guys enjoy! Thank you to whoever requested. Keep spreading the love. xx - L

You overhear Harry talking badly about you at a party.

Warnings: angsty, light smut

Word Count: 1,728

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Keep Yeh Warm

Alex X Reader

In which Alex becomes attached to the first beautiful thing he’s seen in weeks.

(I’m putting everything else under a cut in case anyone still hasn’t seen Dunkirk!! It may contain some spoilers.)

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Hello, loves! This is my masterlist for all of my Harry writings :) Enjoy! xx - L

* - smut

^ - written, but not posted yet

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Word Count - 4250 words
Not proofread

WARNING: Mature content, very smutty.

Based on the request: pls write where y/n and harry have sex a lot and end up getting pregnant but are happy about it.

You woke up with a moan at the back of your throat and strong hands digging into your hips. This was how most mornings were spent; one of you waking the other with your mouth of their body. Your back arched as he sucked on your sex all while two fingers were moving inside you.

His moans vibrated through making the fire in the pit of your stomach burn brighter. Your hands were thrashing around you, gripping the sheets just wasn’t enough. After a deep fuck of his tongue into your throbbing sex, you came, hard, with a yell.

Harry drew it out as long as he could, stopping when you had recovered your breath. You turned you head to the alarm clock of the bedside table seeing the time; 9:07 in the morning. You had plenty of time before you had to be up.

Harry’s face appeared in your vision as he collapsed on the bed next to you, his breath heavy. Your eyes were drawn to the rock-hard bulge in the boxers; your mouth watered at the sight. When you looked back up at his face, his smirk was a combination of smug and confidence.

“Your turn, love.”

“Babe, you want some lunch?” You called to Harry from the kitchen to where he was sprawled across the couch. You were both dressed and ready for the day despite having no plans to leave the house. You had to be in the same room as him to hear his response.

“Think I’m still full from my little snack before breakfast actually, thanks tho’.” With a little knowing smile, he turned to look back at his phone, leaving you with the thoughts of your wakeup call.

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”Why do you want them to come out so badly, anyways?“


A Little Something About The Tangy and The Tart

I cannot believe it has been so long since I posted and I’m sorry, truly, that it’s taken me forever and a day to get my ass in gear. But due to recent events, I felt inspired to write something and I’m actually really, really happy with how this turned out!

Also, I owe a huge thank you to @permanentcross for giving me advice and reassuring me this wasn’t crap and to @canistay-haz for being her wonderful, loving self and telling me I don’t suck. You both are so, so lovely and I’m lucky that I can ask you for advice when I’m not confident in my writing.

That being said, enjoy!

Warning: NSFW


Normally, Saturday mornings would be reserved for sleeping in, lazy kisses, and barely audible gasps filling your ears. Today however, you and Harry had to be somewhat functioning adults. You were having one last get together with Harry’s closest friends and family before his life was sent into the spotlight for who knows how long, and he didn’t get to be as free and open with his time as he had been. 

You woke up about half an hour after Harry did, knowing you had things to do and people to see but you were having none of it. All you could think about was the slight yet very-much-still-there tingling sensation between your legs thanks to yours and Harry’s late night rendezvous. You smiled to yourself, rolling over and letting your face collide into Harry’s pillow, inhaling his lingering scent that made you want him all over again… 

You made your way downstairs to your boyfriend, legs bare and torso covered in his ridiculously baggy pink shirt that was littered with the white polka dots, your rear just barely peeking out at the bottom hem. Harry was sporting only a pair of grey joggers that hung much too low on his hips, not that you were complaining. 

“Morning, sunshine.” You wrapped your arms around his waist, peppering his back with tiny pecks.

“G’morning, poppet. Sleep okay?” Every morning after, without fail, he asks how you slept. He asks because he knows when you’re both in the heat of the moment, sex isn’t gentle. Not that it’s animalistic, but you and Harry like what you like and making sure you’re comfortable and properly taken care of after is an essential part of his aftercare routine; he’ll be damned if he doesn’t take care of you and pamper any part that might be slightly bruised or extra loved on. He does love a routine after all…

“Mhm,” you purr into his back, pecking his skin once more before he spins around in your grasp, your arms falling to your sides while he places one hand on your cheek and encloses your mouth with his.

“Good,” he smiles down at you, pecking your cheek before turning back to the countertop where you can see he’s been preparing a dessert for the get together later that night. 

“Whatcha makin’?” you ask, hopping upon the countertop, legs swinging back and forth while eyeing the bowl of plain raspberries and the graham cracker crust that was still sitting in the tart pan Harry insisted he needed.

“How does a raspberry tart for tonight sound? Bought the pan, figured there was no use in letting it sit in the cupboard.”

You couldn’t help but stifle a giggle. There was nothing comical about the dessert in and of itself, but you were feeling some type of way this morning and you couldn’t help but think of it in a provocative way.

Harry rolled his eyes, trying not to grin, “Why is that funny?”

You just giggled again and reached to kiss him on the cheek, “Maybe I wanna be your little raspberry tart. I already have the perfect shirt on.” Although you’d been sitting on the countertop for a good minute already, Harry had just noticed how his shirt had ridden up your thighs and he swallowed hard, also taking in how you had only the bottom two buttons fastened and there was little, if anything, left to the imagination. What Harry didn’t know was that you didn’t have anything covering the part of you that wanted him the most; he figured you’d just thrown on something skimpy just to torture him but no, you were completely bare, apart from the bottom of the hem under your bum, and sitting on your boyfriend’s counter. Harry didn’t have a prayer. 

You smirked at him cheekily and even though you’d had him not even eight hours before, he could tell you still had an appetite for something else, something that filled you in a different way. 

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3:18 AM

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Thanks for this request! A little bit of sleepy, smutty Harry. It was a fun one to write. Love you all so much. xx - L

You and Harry’s thigh get close in the middle of the night.

Warnings: smut

Word Count: 1,156

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Ambiguous Love

Hi friends! I spent so much time with this story and love it very much. Hopefully you will too. 
Songs that inspired this incase you wanna listen to them: 
-Aint Me by Kygo
-Attention by The Weeknd
-Comes & Goes by Greg Laswell

Request: Kinda, it’s about H being jealous but the main plot is from me. 
Warning: Mild curse language and lots of heart break. 

Gif isn’t mine and I would probably melt if he were to look at me like this.

A sour taste on his tongue combined with foul thoughts clouding his mind was what let him know that something was very wrong with him.

Harry was aware that his eyes weren’t supposed to stare at the guy standing close to Y/N as if he was murdering him in his head over and over again, even when that was just what was going on. With narrowed eyes he watched the foreign male touch his hand to her back in a far too intimate gesture as he laughed at something she’d said. How dare he do that?
Harry sat with his back to the kitchen as he watched her where she stood in the living room. He made a mental note to remind Jeff not to invite this guy again next time he held a small get together at his place.
Harry’s jaw tensed. Y/N was his. He was the only male she should give her attention to. The only one who should have his hands on her.

The guy wasn’t anybody Harry knew by name and he was sure to never bother to learn it either. He knew the guy was somebody who’d come around to these kind of parties a couple of times already and every time he was lingering around Harry’s Y/N the moment he had the chance. Harry did not like that one bit. Hot jealousy rushed through his body and with one last sip from his beer he got to his feet.

This needed to stop. He knew that it was him who caused Y/N to be alone and without a boyfriend and he wasn’t oblivious to how upsetting that was to her at times. This was unfair he knew but somehow Harry couldn’t find it in him to feel guilty. Other guys weren’t blind and found Harry gawking at the girl they were trying to chat to more than just intimidating, so with the majority of them one glare sufficed for their hands to pull away and leave Y/N’s smooth skin.
Harry felt like his behavior was justified. There was no way he could let his Y/N fall for a man who surely wouldn’t adore her enough. Harry wouldn’t ever allow Y/N to have a male’s hands on her body who couldn’t possibly be as tender with her as she deserved. If this meant Y/N would be alone and have no-one but Harry to love on her then so be it.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and began to walk over to where she was, his mind busy trying to come up with an excuse to steal her away. The unknown guy noticed Harry’s presence before Y/N did and like the rest of the flirtatious males he withdrew his touch from her almost instantly.
Harry didn’t say anything, not even when the guy greeted him with a polite smile. Instead he took hold of Y/N’s small hand, giving her fingers a tight squeeze before he began to pull her away from the bloke and towards the kitchen where he knew they would find some peace and quiet.
Slowly Harry relaxed. Feeling her warm skin in his palm and being able to just pull her closer and into his side where he could breathe her in… it had a smile pull at his lips.

With quick feet the girl hurried after him.

“What’s wrong?” her kind voice wondered once her friend pulled her into the deserted kitchen and she gasped quietly when his hands forced her up against the counter.

With discomfort written all over her face she pressed her hands against his chest so he would allow her to move away from the cold counter and closer into him.

“Ouch,” she complained quietly, “What the matter, Harry? Are you okay?”

„Who was that?“ Harry’s words were spoken was rough and lower than he intended and both of his hands balled into fists at his sides.

Y/N’s expression softened. “Harry, you can’t tell me that you don’t like Craig either. You haven’t even spoken to him. He’s quite nice, you know?”

„Quite nice?“ Harry repeated, stepping closer to her body, pushing her right back against the counter, „Huh? Was that bloke quite nice to you then?”

„Yes,“ Y/N tried to argue, her hands brushing up against his shoulders in an attempt to calm him, „And I don’t like how you always make me feel as though I need your approval when I talk to a guy.“

Harry swallowed hard. With a sigh he raised his hand and her body relaxed when his palm touched her cheek gently.

„You don’t need my permission. Of course you don’t.” He sighed before shaking his head, a deep frown on his forehead as he tried to figure out what he wanted to say. The words were right there on his tongue.
“S’just… I don’t like it, you know? You with another guy.”

“Why?” Y/N wondered, her hands squeezing his shoulders, “I wouldn’t let anybody treat me badly, you know that. There’s neither reason to be protective nor worried.”

At that he rolled his eyes. Oh how wrong she was. As wrong as one could be. “That’s not what’s bothering me. How could anybody mistreat you?”

And he meant it then. How could anybody hurt the girl standing in his arms? She was so utterly kind without ever demanding anything in return. Her heart beat for the people she loved and it melted his own when she looked at him like he was all she could see.
That was what he was so afraid of losing. Losing to somebody else.

“Not with you gawking at every move either of us make, no,” Y/N giggled, again not understanding just how deep the meaning behind his words was.

With a sigh rumbling through his chest he stepped closer, his hands finding her wrists and she whined when he forced her arms up with a gentle but swift yank so they would wrap around his neck. A satisfied hum escaped his lips and he closed his eyes. Catching on to what he wanted she wound her fingers through his soft curls and pressed a loving kiss to his cheek when he stepped close enough for them to be embracing tightly. Y/N laughed quietly.

“Harry, love, how much did you have to drink?”

“A beer,” he grumbled truthfully, a frown forming, “Can’t a man get some love from his favorite girl without being accused of anything?”

“Of course he can,” she replied in a whisper, her heart beating so fast she feared it might fly right out of her chest and away into the sky. She tightened her hold around his shoulders and shivered when he moaned at the sensation of her fingers scratching the back of his neck.

Harry pressed his mouth to her neck. “Do we have to go back?”

“To the party? Yes,” she giggled against his jaw, “But we don’t have to stay that much longer.”

This pleased him. “Good. Don’t want you near Craig.”

“Hey, you just said that you agree with me not needing your permission for what I do.”

Harry pulled back and looked at her with arched brows. “So you want to do-”

She groaned and shook her head rapidly with her eyes squeezed shut. “No, I don’t want to do anyone so don’t even start.”

Reluctance gnawed at his insides but he forced himself to step out of her hold anyway. She was right. He needed to let her have space. Y/N gave him a warm smile before leaning up to press another kiss to his skin, this time his cheek.

“Harry, please…” she spoke softly, her lips brushing his cheek, “I really want to finally meet somebody, you know? And maybe Craig is going to ask me out so… don’t scare him away.”

There was nothing he could say.
Harry’s heart sank when he watched her step away from him and walk back into the living room where he knew Craig awaited her already. And sure enough when Harry followed, discomfort flooding his body, he saw the male he already disliked greatly smile and hold out a hand for Y/N. Greedily he grabbed her fingers and brought them to his wet lips, a sight that made Harry’s stomach turn. Surely Y/N didn’t like this behavior either, he thought and true enough Y/N’s smile wasn’t all honest. The guy squeezed her shoulder before saying something that made her laugh and for a moment Harry could actually feel himself wanting to punch the guy blue. A feeling Harry was not used to at all.
Harry wasn’t a fighter. He was a lover. But oh if Y/N didn’t provoke a side out of him he hadn’t known before.  
Fuck it.
Harry’s feet carried him towards his Y/N before his mind could catch up and in few quick strides he reached her. His hands found her shoulders, squeezing and rubbing them soothingly to get her to turn around and face him.

“Harry?” she wondered, surprise and confusion written all over her features, “What’s wrong now? Are you okay?”

“Sorry, Craig.” Harry breathed the words dedicated to the male standing behind Y/N but his eyes never left her lovely face.

They heard Craig ask what Harry was sorry for but neither of them got to reply before Harry leaned down and connected his mouth with Y/N’s warm lips. It took a lot of bravery not to pull away when he felt the girl gasp and her entire body go rigid. His heart beat so heavily in his chest and his head was dizzy but he refused to stop kissing her and instead continued to move his lips against hers with as much pressure as he dared. It was when he felt the soft touches of her hesitant fingers agains his neck that he knew he’d won. Sure enough she began to return his kiss, moaning and whining against him quietly whilst she allowed her arms to wrap around his neck.
Harry could have rejoiced.
Y/N’s lips were soft, warm and fitted so perfectly against his own he wondered how he hadn’t kissed her before. Her body cuddled into his as if she were his missing puzzle piece and he liked how well his own arms wrapped around her waist. She gasped when his tongue poked into her mouth and he sighed deeply upon getting to kiss her properly. His hands grasped her neck, the back of her head before letting them drop to her backside where he allowed himself to hold onto her in the least groping way he could.
His heart swelled when he heard her giggle softly and he moaned upon feeling her hands move across his shoulders.

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Just a movie, babe (S.M. smut)

A/N: Okay i actually got myself aroused while writing oh my gawd! its smutty as fuck. ENJOY!

Shawn’s P.O.V.

I unlock the door and open it, and before I can even get a foot in the door I hear Y/n’s voice yelling.

“Shawn! oh thank god” not a second later i see her running towards the door…towards me terror on her face. I drop my jacket and keys so she can run into my arms. “WHAT! Whats the matter babe!?” I ask, panic in my voice. She wraps her arms around my neck and hold her tighter than i’ve ever held anything in my life. 

“I just watched that movie with that psycho hockey player!” she cried out….her face is still hidden my neck but I let go of her waist. My facial expression instantly changes from anxious to blank. 

“Friday the 13th” I correct her. 

“yeaaah. oh my god i’m so glad you’re home Shawnie i was so scared here alone” she whimpers. “get off of me” I chuckle, backing away from her and picking up the items I dropped a second ago. 

“what? nooo you’re suppose to protect me!” she gasped. “From…Netflix? its just a movie babe” I shake my head and make my way the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water. “for a second there i thought you were a good boyfriend” she pouts while locking the door and walking into the kitchen after me. I look down at her and she rolls her eyes, taking the water bottle from my hands and drinking a sip. “For a second there i thought you were actually in danger. And would a bad boyfriend let you steal their water?” I smirk before taking the bottle back. I take a sip but almost spill some on myself when pokes me in the side.

“jerk! id like to see you sit through a scary movie without feeling the least bit paranoid” she challenged.

“Let’s watch one tonight then”

“Hell no! i’m already freake-”

“I’m here now so I wont let a hockey player or anyone else get my girl” I know she loves it when I call her that. I see her fighting back the smile it always causes. “okay fine but i swear to god if you try to scare me later on i’m going to strangle you” she squints her eyes to try and intimidate me but all it does is make it even harder for me to take her serious. She so short and doe eyed, its really hard for me to be scared of her. 

45 minutes later

“Shawn you’re supposed to be watching this” she giggled pushing my hand away from her thigh. “Id rather be doing this though” I smirk, moving my hand back to her leg and leaving a wet kiss on her collarbone. She sighs with a smile and crosses her arms. “i shouldn’t let you even sit on the same couch as me considering you told me to get off of you earlier” she teased

“haha y/n” I started “but remember what happened before that?”

“You were holding me?” she guessed, looking over at me.

“Yeah. I thought something was wrong and that-….I don’t know” I ran a hand through my hair, reliving that moment when my heart felt like it was going to explode from how fast it was beating.

What would you have done if there was a real killer in here?” she questioned. 

“I usually say violence isn’t the answer but I guess i’d have to kill him” I laugh. I see her eyes turn a bit darker and she took a deep breath. “….did that turn you on or something?” I joke. She doesn’t verbally answer but she guides my hand back to her thigh, and then further up to one of my favorite places on her body. I start rubbing her thought her pajama shorts and judging by how soft she feels right now, i’m one hundred percent positive she isn’t wearing panties. 

She bites her lip and whimpers while pressing my hand harder into her. With her other hand she pulls her shorts to the side and waits for me to do the rest. I rub for a few more seconds to make sure she’s absolutely dripping for me.

I finally have her where I want her and by now she’s almost at her peak. I take two of my fingers and wet them in my mouth before sliding them inside her. Her mouth is hanging open, a look of disbelief on her face. “sh- shawaann” she gasped. I shake my head “I know I know, that was really dirty” I chuckle, still pumping in and out of her.

 “mmm baby’ve never done that…that was h-hot” she struggled through her moans. “fuck” I grunt before pulling away from her and undoing my belt and zipper quicker than I ever have before. Without me having to tell her, she swung a leg over me and pulled her shorts to the side once again. She pulls my hard-on out of my boxers and runs her thumb over the head of it. 

“aahh baby..fuck ride me” I groan

She sinks down on me, the material of her shorts are out of the way but still add some friction every time she comes back down. Her hands find my hair and I can feel my climax building with every stroke. My hands grip her ass and i help move her up and down. “nnh shawnie right there..” she whimpers. I guide her face to my neck and she begins nibbling at my jaw line. She picks up the pace for a second before pulling me out almost all the way. She’s teasing me

“ don’t you fucking stop y/n” I growl in her ear. She starts to grind again but this time, she starts to lose her rhythm. She’s close, so am I.

“i’m almost there baby oooh fuck…yes” she nods at me and i’m assuming she feels the same. Just when I feel her clench around me, I lose it. I throw my head back and squeeze her ass just enough to make her really feel it.

  I’m moaning out her name along with a list of profanities, she’s riding out her high and when I glance down I can see her biting on her finger. I could cum again just watching her. My breathing evens out and even though we’ve both finished, she’s still slowly grinding on me. She leans forward and kisses me with so much passion, it makes me smile. 

I just love her so much.

I grab her waist to stop her movements because my dick is way too sensitive right now. “another go?” she chirps. “give me like 20 minutes babe”

We laugh and she pulls herself off of me, shifting her attention to the tv to catch the last scene of that damn movie.

Love Me Do - h.s. a.u. one shot

You met him at a low point, and looking back on that it was probably for both your own good. You met him after 21 years of being single, being the single best friend, being the awkward third wheel, and being the obligatory best friend that was always there for advice and encouragement and comfort, but never comforted yourself.

You were tired of being single. You were tired of the hole in your heart and the tingling heavy feeling of longing for someone to hold. All you wanted was for someone to be worried about you, to talk about you to others in a loving way, to get nervous around you because of their feelings.

You watched a lot of TV and cinema. It was your true passion to direct and be involved in the film industry. Cinematography was your guilty pleasure of a lifestyle you longed for, and film school wasn’t enough for you. You wanted to be in the big leagues, but instead you were just the coffee girl assisting your professors for extra credit and learning their coffee orders by heart.

But mostly, you were lonely.

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