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Barba / Post Collateral Damages

Per Request HERE by @lunadegitana
re: a Barba imagine from the episode “Collateral Damages” where he’s been struggling with this case and at the end comes home to his wife and daughter. (Season 17, Episode 15)

Warning: SPOILERS!!! Talk about pedophilia (the crime, not the act)

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okay that’s fine my heart is broke it’s cool; Jessica Phillips killlllls me in this episode and now I’m tearing up at work- all aboard the feels train.

Was it ever enough?

They found a pedophile. Who gave up more pedophiles.
Who have further offered to reveal even more damned pedophiles.

Things like this were supposed to be done by cretins hiding in dark basements, or crude celebrities drunk on their own power. Monsters who dug through the internet until they hit the hidden depths of the dark web, sorry excuses for men that lay in the shadows until the blinding light of justice comes crashing down to expose them.

This was not a beast hiding in the dark underbelly of the world.
This was a man Rafael has held meetings with, made jokes with and about.

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title: three french hems

authors: 100percentsassy, gloriaandrews

wordcount/rating: 20k/mature


In which Louis is a designer at Burberry and Harry spends December wearing Lanvin… and Lanvin… and Lanvin.


hi everyone!  this holiday fic, like my family’s christmas cards, was intended to be posted by the 25th and has instead turned into a nice new year’s surprise.  hope you enjoy!  tagging lapelosa and genuinelybelieve because they were very helpful.

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