fan feet

most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him


I know like everyone’s looking froward to the other side of the situation in the iconic™ i hate u now fuck me scene but this v short convo is probably the one I’m most lookin forward to @kazliin​‘s companion fic, I’m freakin hype for like all of it n I’m like half a box of win edown and I am so excited for this and tbh like this is me rn

My friends and I have been absolutely obsessed with @kazliin until my feet bleed and heart break! My friend actually drew this scene from when they first met right before Victor broke Yuuris heart for the first time. (Posting for her because she doesn’t have a tumblr)

guess who’s sick and used it to inspire this mess? this guy.

sick!Ed for your viewing pleasure. it’s rare that Ed gets sick, but when he does, it’s bad. because of his automail, it’s difficult for him to self medicate, so all he can do is ride it out. he can’t keep warm or cool, he gets the sweats, and the nerves around his ports are extra sensitive which usually results in very bad aches and pains. he also turns into a pile of mush (he gets really clingy) who can hardly do anything for himself. luckily, someone takes pity on him and looks after him until he’s well again.


So the latest Gorillaz “book” was released recently. After reading it I couldn’t stop thinking about 2D having a job weaving bracelets, and also that he was fired from said job? It might be something boring like he just sucked at it. Or maybe he kept weaving curses into them, or keeping them, or giving them away for free…or all three. I don’t know.

I can imagine when he came back though:  somehow pissing Murdoc off enough to take a swing at him, grabbing his arm before it can hit him, and tying a bracelet around his wrist. Then getting decked in the face.

I have a sneaking feeling like it’s some sort of innuendo that I’m just too stupid to get or something. I dunno. I still think it’s cute. If it is, I’m sorry.

Rat Emoji Ratings

I’ve chosen rat emojis because, as a rat owner, this is the animal I feel most qualified to comment on.

A realistic and beautiful boy. Plump, shiny coat, alert and inquisitive, cute little feet and a lovely pink tail–he is flawless. An incredible friend! 5/5

Google has taken a more stylized approach by placing a cartoonish mouse head on the body of a gummy bear. The resulting animal is reasonably cute but would not call it a “rat”. 3/5

A nostalgic 8-bit tune plays in the distance whenever I look at this rat. That said, I am not a big fan of the feet or the thick border. 3/5

This rat is sick. Without a doubt there is something wrong with this rat. He is having some kind of seizure. Take him to a vet and get back to me. 1/5

A poorly stylized rat. LG went for semi-realistic but didn’t follow through. No hands, no mouth, incorrect head shape, and a guitar pic for an ear. 2/5

I’m going to be honest–I am not a fan of this “rat”. Note that I very deliberately put “rat” in quotations. I want to be clear: this deformed rabbit with a worm coming out his bum is in no way passable as a rat. Very offensive, unpleasant sight. 0/5

A small and endearing friend. Reasonably cute. He’s clearly not a rat, but whatever he is, I am pleased to make his acquaintance. 3/5

Frankly I feel threatened by this rat. His face is not unfriendly, but his aggressive stance and whipping tail seem to say, “I’m angry, back off”. 1/5

At first glance this appeared to be a dead rat laying on its back, but I quickly realized that it’s a cat toy with a bite taken from the ear. Very disturbing. 0/5

Verging dangerously close to ‘cat toy’ territory. It would make me feel better if I could see his front legs. I’m not convinced that this is a happy & healthy rat. 1/5

There is no possible world in which this is a rat. I don’t know what he is, but he’s no friend of mine. Very frightening and not remotely trustworthy. 0/5

This rat is very anxious. His stance is guarded, his ears are back and he is preparing to retreat. I’m going to hazard a guess that he saw one or more of the rats above. His hands are missing but I’m not going to pass judgment under the circumstances. In solidarity he gets a 5/5.