fan favourite award

so i recently hit 2.7k followers and i wanted to do something to celebrate! so after asking people what they’d like, i decided to do tumblr awards! 


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • (optional) check out my blog for my book @vivatastra and maybe ask me a question there about it because im on my way to getting a literary agent!
  • i’ll choose the winners on the 31st march so this will also be like a birthday celebration for me!


  • Nyx Award → best url
  • Hypnos Award → best icon
  • Asteria Award → best desktop theme
  • Eos Award → best mobile theme
  • Thalia Award → best posts
  • Hemera Award → newcomer award (must have under 750 followers)*
  • Calliope Award → best writing**
  • Epione Award → best edits**
  • Apollo Award → best art**
  • Eros Award → fan favourite***
  • Artemis Award → personal favourite

* - send me a screenshot of your follower count to verify
** - put your creations tag in the tags of this post
*** - will be decided by a poll

thank you all for entering, this really was so hard to choose for, because everybody who entered was so amazing!! but here it is!!


italics = winner
normal = runners-up

P R I Z E S 


  • a follow from me
  • my never-ending friendship
  • unlimited promos until i decide to end them
  • 3 edit requests (will likely be detailed and take a while)


  • a follow from me
  • my never-ending friendship
  • 3 promos
  • 1 edit request (or another if it’s s simple request)

hiya!! as voted for, I’m doing some awards for hitting 2.5k (aaaaa still surreal??? there are so many of you???💖), so I totally stole most of syeda @foxyholidays’ ideas. and special thank you to nooly @kickfoxing for helping out with the banner since my phone isn’t cooperating! but without further ado…

  • andrew minyard award: best url
  • aaron minyard award: best icon
  • kevin day award: best theme
  • allison reynolds award: best mobile theme
  • renee walker award: best edits*
  • dan wilds award: best writing*
  • nicky hemmick award: best creations*
  • matt boyd award: fan favourite**
  • neil josten award: personal favourite
* please put your tag for writing/edit/shitposts if you have one in the tags of your reblog

** it’ll be voted for with a poll I’ll post on the 7th January and it’ll be open for a week

(side note that if a bunch of people with fanart or shitposts or something enter i may add new categories so feel free to give tags for those!)

how to enter:
  • mbf me
  • rb this post
  • must get at least 30 notes or it disappears welp
  • entry for matt boyd award finishes 6th January, entry for all others finishes on 13th January
  • winners will be posted as soon after that as i can!!
winners will get:
  • a follow if I’m not already
  • a spot in my updates tab for one month
  • 3 edits or writing prompts
runners up will get:
  • a follow if I’m not already
  • a spot in my updates tab for one month
  • an edit or writing prompt

but again, thank you all for following!! i appreciate you all, and i hope you guys have a great festive period 💚