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Name: Jordi
Nickname: Toto or Shordy, both are ok nwn
Gender: Male uwu
Star Sign: Scorpio
Height: 175 cm 
Hogwarts House: (I Have seen the movies, but i’m not so fan of HP uwu)
Favourite Colour:  Blue
Time Right Now:   7:57 am 
Average Hours of Sleep:  6.5-7
Lucky number:  5
Last thing I Googled:  "One Piece GOLD movie spanish sub”
Favourite Fictional Character(s): Saitama, Silver Fang, Mina Ashido, Minoru Mineta, M-Lucario, Ikumi Mito… boi, this is a large list :’v
Number of blankets I sleep under: a thick one
Favourite Singer/Band: Maybe “The Oral Cigarretes”, IDK, I just hear the songs, I don’t mind who did them 030
Dream Trip: travel around Italy and eating all the food I can *w*
Dream Job: Umm… maybe a Chemist or a Scientific… IDK ;w;
When this blog was created: I… Don’t… Really Know ;w;
Current amount of followers: 433… but will grow into more 0w0
What do you post: Anime, RP (just that anyone wants to RP with me ;w;), my drawings, Short stories (sometimes uwu), some shitposting or shippings to bother @cloudnova-art X3c
Who are your most active followers: @martisno, @cloudnova-art, @soniascarlettheechidnacat, @yoryi-kawaii and @drakceliris
When did your blog reach its peak: Ummm… I think when I was like 150 followers like in January and I used to get like 10 fanmails and questions, and like 100 notes in every drawing…. even if they wasn’t so good like the ones I do now ;w;
What made you decide to get a Tumblr: Curiosity and to support a friend uwu
Do you get asks on a daily basis: I wish I could QwQ
Why did you choose your URL: Because… I wanna be stalked (???

I tag: @cloudnova-art, @soniascarlettheechidnacat, @yoryi-kawaii, @drakceliris, @delphim, @martisno, @manglethefox123 pueden hacerlo en español uwu


BBC America’s Anglo Fan Favourite Woman of 2013, Winner:  Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston Appreciation Post: (1/3)

The Early Years (a.k.a. Baby Kingston)

Grange Hill/The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, & Her Lover/Covington Cross/Soldier Soldier/Crocodile Shoes/The Knock/Carrington/The Infiltrator/Croupier/Essex Boys


BBC America’s Anglo Fan Favourite Woman of 2013, Winner:  Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston Appreciation Post: (3/3)

The Current Years (a.k.a. Ageless & LMLY!)

 CSI/Doctor Who/SVU/Flash Forward/Like Crazy/Marchlands/Private Practice/Upstairs Downstairs/NCIS/Arrow

Jack reading comments
  • Jack:I'm not gay. I never will be gay.I don't mind if you are. But me? No. No homo. No gay.
  • Me:*pauses video and slowly slides to the ground* Jack why you hurt me like that mate

BBC America’s Anglo Fan Favourite Woman of 2013, Winner:  Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston Appreciation Post: (2/3)

The Middle Years (a.k.a. Cuuutie!, You Are Not Real!, & Gorgeous!)

 Moll Flanders/Boudica/The Poseidon Adventure/Without A Trace/Lost In Austen/ER/Doctor Who/Sordid Things/Hope Springs/Ben Hur


“Mayor Regina Mills of Once Upon a Time is the best villain currently on TV. She is cunning, powerful and has just a hint of crazy. She also cares very much for her adopted son, Henry. In the land of fairy tales, Regina is The Evil Queen. She is just the right kind of evil: snarky, conflicted and magical. Even in Storybrooke, where she does not have her powers, the way that Regina carries herself and engages with the town’s residents screams authority.

External image

Amazing in any incarnation

Lana Parrilla portrays Regina and does a phenomenal job. It’s the kind of role that could be lackluster if given to someone else, the kind where you can tell that the actress brings her own spin and something extra that makes the character a fan favourite. Regina is deliciously evil because Parrilla manages to make her sympathetic without undercutting her power and anger. You get all the fun of an Evil Queen with the layers and facets usually reserved for the heroine of such tales. Plus, she is super cool.

The episode of Once Upon A Time that gave us Regina’s back story, The Stable Boy, remains my favorite of the season. It provided the opportunity to see my favorite villain in a new light. There’s a reason she is the way she is and it’s very clear that she cannot be written off as pure evil. If you haven’t tried the show yet, or only watched the first few episodes, check this one out. It’s a perfect example of how OUAT balances the fairytale realm and the real world and how it explains the ties between the two. It would be easy to get caught up in one world or the other, but the parallels between them in this episode display OUAT’s strengths. I love Storybrooke and the politics therein, but learning the origins of the characters is something I look forward to with each new episode.

External image

The Evil Queen before she was evil or the queen

Regina isn’t soft by any means, despite her sympathetic story. The delight she takes in her power and in the destruction of others is ridiculously fun to watch. The only reason that there is a Storybrooke is because Regina wanted revenge. In Storybrooke, everyone’s happiness has been taken from them. They live magic-free uninspired lives, separated from those they held most dear and with no memories of the people they were. Regina’s disdain for the citizens of her town is apparent and very funny. I’ve become annoyed by some of the characters because they’ve gotten in Regina’s way! Whenever she exerts her mayoral power, such as in town meetings, you get a taste of the queen she once was.

I especially love how the Evil Queen interacts with our intrepid savior, Emma Swan. Emma is a former bounty hunter, the daughter of Snow White, and birth mother of Henry. Regina and Emma have had verbal spats and full on fist fights, and the only negative thing I have to say about this show is that there is not enough interaction between these two! Whenever they go head to head you are guaranteed an engaging episode. I would love to see Regina and Emma attempt to resolve their differences for Henry’s sake while still retaining their stubbornness and disdain. Can you imagine how amazing an awkward family dinner at the Mills mansion would be?!

External image

They would make the best wacky sitcom neighbors

Once Upon A Time returns Sundays this fall and you can watch episodes online right now onHulu. ”


I look forward to sharing more of her with you…in the future. But…spoilers!  [X]

Ajin Week Day 1

Favourite Character: Tanaka Kouji

(no one is surprised, haha)

Here’s a list of the Tanaka-focused fan comics I’ve drawn so far, in chronological order of events. The theme for today is also Night/Day and Sky, so I thought it’d be neat to showcase the journey Tanaka has gone through, from a helpless-hopeless ptsd nutcase utterly reliant on Satou to a man strong enough to point a gun at his saviour and say “I think what we’re doing is wrong”.

There’s still more fan comics I want to draw to really hammer this gradual transition, but here’s what I got so far.

1. Rescue: Satou rescues Tanaka from the Ajin Research Facility after 10 years of nonstop torture (10 pages).

–> Satou teaches Tanaka about the existence of IBMs over coffee (Ch5 flashback)

2. Nightmare p.1: Tanaka unconsciously summons his IBM when having a nightmare (4 pages).

3. Decapitation: Satou teaches Tanaka how to stop crying (4 pages).

4. Video Games p.1: Satou tries to get Tanaka to relax by showing him some video games. He’s…not very good. Disappointing… (~1 page).

5. Summoning p.1: Tanaka continues to struggle to consciously summon his IBM, much to Satou’s disappointment (~2 pages).

6. Nightmare p.2: Tanaka’s IBM seeks out Satou during a nightmare, repeating words Tanaka’s said or thought often: “Save me”. Satou’s too busy playing video games (~2 pages).

7. Summoning p.2: Tanaka finally manages to consciously summon his IBM (6 pages). Time for the next stage, Tanaka-kun.

8. Training: Satou teaches Tanaka how to use weapons using his IBM, in order to prepare for tricking Kei Nagai (4 pages).

–> Tanaka’s IBM vs Izumi’s IBM, as well as Eriko’s kidnapping (ch5). Eriko mentions feeling sorry for Ajins.

–> Satou & Tanaka intentionally deliver Kei Nagai to the Ajin Research facility so he’ll hate humans, then prepare to rescue him (Ch6-8)

9. Organ Recovery: Satou and Tanaka make money to buy weapons to “save” Nagai by selling their organs to Nekosawa, a black market vendor (4 pages).

10. Oscar Worthy: Satou practices the speech he’s going to give to the media following Kei Nagai’s rescue (1 page).

–> Kei Nagai is a failure and Tanaka failes to capture Ogura, but Satou’s Plan A speech succeeds and he sets up a meeting for Demi-Humans (Volume 2-3)

11. Claustrophobia: Tanaka crams himself into a tight space to prepare for the Ajin meeting in the Senghelli Hotel (~1 page).

–> Squad Shenanigans (Volume 4-7, strictly before Forge)

12. Bad Acid Trip: Takahashi and Gen, new members to the squad, give Tanaka drugs so he’ll “loosen up”. It goes about as well as you’d expect, that is to say, it goes really poorly (30 pages). Tanaka swears off drugs.

13. PTSD: Tanaka dissociates hearing a blender and Okuyama patiently helps him out (8 pages).

14. Bad Luck Kouji: Turns out Tanaka’s such a shit shot because he’s left handed and forces himself to be right handed. Noticing him fearing Satou finding out, Takahashi assures him he won’t tell (4 pages).

15. Shower: Tanaka dissociates in the shower often. It appears he uses up the hot water and that bothers Takahashi (1 page).

16. Hair: Squad bonding! Gen teaches Tanaka how to put his hair into a cute bun (~2 pages).

17. Pain Tolerance: Satou notices Tanaka’s immense pain tolerance. He could use this, he thinks (1 page).

18. Food: Tanaka excitedly wants to give Satou a taste of his cooking but it seems like Satou is not interested in it at all (2 pages).

19. Biscuits: Satou’s IBM is being left alone to foster independence, but it seems to enjoy messing with Tanaka (4 pages).

20. Video Games 2: Satou might not have the patience to teach Tanaka how to play video games, but his IBM doesn’t seem to mind (3 pages).

21. A little scar: Satou casually self-mutilates himself out of a sense of nostalgia for Vietnam. Tanaka is v disturbed (1 page).

22. Doubt: Tanaka has been training nonstop to improve his aiming. He feels like he is the only one taking this whole thing seriously, and it really ticks him off (~2 pages).

–> Attack on Forge (Volume 8-9)

23. Guilt: After Tanaka points a gun at Satou, he leads Naomi Li to safety (6 pages).