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“No ‘Glory shall be your reward’ for me. Oh, no, for me, it is, 'Stop whining’ and 'Go to bed’.”
― Megan Whalen Turner, The King of Attolia

My entry for @meganwhalenturner ’s Thick as Thieves ARC contest, featuring everyone’s favorite one-handed thief-king, Gen.

'Big Brother' and 'Survivor' Fan-Favorites to Compete on 'Candy Crush' (Exclusive)

The new CBS game show hosted by Mario Lopez will feature Da'Vonne Rogers, Paul Abrahamian, Frankie Grande and more familiar faces.

Several fan-favorite contestants from Big Brother and Survivor are returning to CBS this summer.

The network is set to kick off its new live-action game show Candy Crush with a reality TV competition crossover featuring several alums from the two popular unscripted entries.

Big Brother houseguests Da'Vonne Rogers, Paul Abrahamian, Frankie Grande and Caleb Reynolds, who also competed twice on Survivor, are among those set to appear on the July 9 series premiere. Fellow Survivor alums Kelley Wentworth Joe Anglim, Woo Hwang and Jeremy Collins are also on the lineup.

Based on the mobile game of the same name, the Candy Crush game show makes teams of two use their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous interactive game boards. The winning pair will walk away with a $100,000 prize.

The reality veterans will be split into the following pairs: Rogers and Abrahamian, Grande and Reynolds, Wentworth and Anglim, and Hwang and Collins. 

This isn’t the first time CBS has orchestrated crossovers amongst its reality competition hits like Big Brother, Survivor and The Amazing Race. In 2016, the long-running Price is Right produced three special episodes featuring series alums, one for each of the three series. Each episode was hosted by the respective show host, Julie Chen, Jeff Probst and Phil Keoghan. 

Mario Lopez will host the series, which is produced by Pulse Creative, Lionsgate Television, Candy Crush creator King and CBS Television Studios. Candy Crush premieres July 9 on CBS. 


Person of Interest rewatch » 1x23 Firewall
“We got a new number: Caroline Turing.”
“Oh, she’s a lot prettier than Fusco.”


► WHAT’S NEW: Rumors Fly About Possible Reign Disbandment

Seven years seems to be the expiration date for most groups, and it seems like Reign isn’t immune from those rumors. With contracts expiring soon, fans were nervous, and those nerves only grew when Reign’s Leader, Cyrah,  ……. READ MORE HERE

BREAKING: Alpha Trainee Ren Leaves Creed

It seems like Creed is following in Unity’s footsteps. They’re incredibly successful, and gaining fans every day, but the similarities don’t end there. Early in Unity’s promotion schedule, Kai Lin Er left the group and Radioactive, surrendering her spot to fan favorite and eighth place contestant, Tomi. It was announced earlier today that Sato Ren, Alpha Trainee and Sixth place member of Creed, has left both Creed and Alpha, going home to Japan.

MNet has confirmed that eighth place Spotlight Trainee, Yoon Sanghee, will be taking Ren’s place in Creed, but netizens have started speculating about MNet’s treatment of foreign idols– especially the trainees on the show. Many have brought up that MNet purposely edited their show to make it look like Azumi and Satomi didn’t interact beyond their pairing. While MNet and Alpha both have yet to respond, the rumors are only getting worse, but one thing is for certain– fans are not to pleased with Sang’s addition to the group.

► HOT: Shin Hyosang Caught In Another Dating Scandal

Shin Hyosang is well known to many as a player and a girl magnet, and it seems as though he’s hooked another girl in his trap. Netizens spotted him earlier this week with Harmony member, Era…….. READ MORE HERE


Earlier this year, Spotlight Productions announced that TRAXX’s TJ would be taking a short hiatus before returning to the group, but that now seems unlikely– Spotlight officials held a press conference this morning, and confirmed fan speculation– TJ has terminated his contract with Spotlight Productions and is no longer a member of TRAXX.

TJ is the fourth member of TRAXX to leave, but unlike former member Eunsung (now leader of project group Creed), it appears TJ will not be staying with Spotlight. Sources say that he has signed on with Alpha Records, though CEO Si Yeongseo has yet to confirm or deny that.

While fans are furious with Spotlight’s handling of this situation, they all wish TJ well, and hope he finds his passion– all day #TeamTJ has been trending on twitter as TRAXX-B’s show their support for him.

The Triple Threat’s Tommy Caught In Smoking Scandal

Earlier this week, pictures were leaked of TTT and L3THAL Member Tommy smoking, and ever since then, netizens have been showing their concern, writing comments all over TTT videos and social media …….. READ MORE HERE

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Elena of Avalor via disney parks blog

“The beautiful ruby off-the-shoulder dress with floral prints was designed by Layana Aguilar, a fan-favorite contestant on “Project Runway” and “Project Runway All Stars.” The Brazilian born and raised designer created a dress to represent all of the rich and colorful cultures and folklore from Latin America… a big task, for sure!

Her design is also the inspiration for the dress that Princess Elena will wear at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort when she begins making appearances later this year. At Walt Disney World Resort, Elena will appear in the Magic Kingdom beginning in August. At Disneyland Resort, she will appear at Disney California Adventure this fall.”

i wrote total drama dundie for you all

“Hey guys, it’s me again, Chris McLean, dropping the new season of everyone’s favorite reality show, Total Drama! This one’s a really special one, so stay tuned for Total… Drama… Dundie!” Chris raised his arms in joy on Dundie Island.

Okay so we all know the theme song here’s the description of the video it is Duncan and Sadie kissing.

“Welcome back. Now, we’re going to be welcoming back some fan favorite contestants, along with a few new ones this time around. Let’s see who’s coming back!” Chris smiled. A boat pulled up.

“Duncan! What a surprise to see you here at Total Drama Dundie!” Chris exclamationed. Duncan growled.

“I’m a tough bad boy I didn’t save bunny,” Duncan said. Chris rolled his eyes.

“Sure we all believe you,” Chris said. Then another boat came and out of it came Sadie.

“Sadie wow, it’s been so long!” Chris said. Sadie nodded.

“Yes. Also Katie died but I have forgotten her, I am looking for love,” Sadie said. Duncan smirked at her.

“Hey Sadie,” He said. Sadie blushed and giggled.

“Duncan…” She said. Chris coughed and fell into the lake. It’s okay though, he got out. Another boat came.

“Gwen, hi!” Chris said. Gwen came out of the boat.

“Duncan just so you know I don’t love you anymore I am lesbian,” She said. Duncan smiled.

“Congratulations on coming out Gwen, and it is okay, I love another,” He said. Gwen gothed to the other side of the dock and another boat came to the island.

“Noah! Welcome back,” Chris smiled.

“Okay, me and Emma broke up she is a lesbian and I am a gay man,” Noah said. He left the boat.

“Is everyone gay.” Chris stated. Most people are here in this universe.

“I am here too!” Said Courtney.

“Fuck off Courtney!” Said Ryan, oops, wrong Courtney, who is Ryan, why is he here?

“Yay Courtney!” Said Gwen and also they kissed.

“I ship it,” Said Sadie. Duncan and Chris nodded. Noah rolled his eyes because his leading characteristic is his sarcasm.

“Grrowl!” Ezekiel was in a cage that went onto the island. Everyone screamed.

Anne Maria walked off of the boat but Noah accidentally pushed her into the water and she died of drowning. Chris shrugged.

“She didn’t get voted off because she hasn’t been on a challenge yet so she is still in,” Chris said.

“I am Mike and I am back even though I am kind of bland and no longer serve a purpose also mental health is a serious issue,” Mike miked of the mike. Zoey fell out of the sky and onto him.

“That injured me,” Zoey said, injured. Chris frowned.

“I am sorry, but you are too injured,” He said.

“But Ezekiel is a zombie and Anne Maria is dead,” Zoey said. Chris shrugged.

“Oh okay,” He said.

“Wow these people are wacky,” Said Sadie. Duncan nodded.

“Yes,” He commented.

“Wait how did Soey know that Anne Maria died?” Courtney asked the serious questin. Everyone looked at Zoey.

“Okay I did it I killed her but she was going to kiss Mike I had to,” Zowy defended. Mike shook his head.

“Zoey you killedd someone I can’t date you,” He said.

“Harsh,” said Gwen. Zoey cried.

“YOO I’M GEOFF I’M HERE TO PARTAYYY” Geoff said. He kissed Bridgette who was also there.

“Geoff bad timing there was a break up and someon died,” Gwen said. Geoff kissed Bridgette to get an idea.

“We could have a death party,” Geoff suggested.

“Geoff it is Total Drama there will be a challenge,” Bridgette said.

“Oh,” Geoff said. A new boat came.

“Hi I am Heather I am the evil one but you all know me,” Heather screamed.

“Heather why are you screaming,” Chris asked. Heather screamed a reply but nobody heard it over the coolness of the new contestant.

“Hi I’m Dave and I am gay,” Dave said, he left the boat.

“Hi Dave.” Said Chris.

“Hi, where is Sky I want to kill her,” Dave asked.

“Dave no there has been enough killing for today,” Said Sadie. Zoey cried more.

“Ugh, fine. Stupid heterosexuals,” said Dave.

“Hi I’m Scott and I’m back,” said Scott. He fell off the boat and onto Dave.

“Hi, you’re Dave right,” Scott commented.

“Yes,” Dave said. Scott grinned at him.

“That is a good name for a person on Total Drama Dundie,” Scott said.

“Yes,” Mike agreed.

“Shutup Mike you’re straight,” Scott said.

“Also your ex killed Anne Maria,” Courtney added.

“WhaT that was not my fault,” Mike said. Chris frowned.

“Sorry Mike I don’t make the rules,” he said.

“Our final returning contestant is coming now,” Chris said. Rodney came to the island.

“Hi I am so glad to be on Total Drama Dundie, I love girls,” Rodney said.

“Ugh he’s straight and annoying let’s vote him off first,” Noah said. Zoey cried more because she is sad.

“Okay good plan Noah,” Dave agreed. Then another boat came and a girl with long blond hair came off.

“Hi I’m Evie and I hate you all I will beat all of you and win the money,” Evie said. Heather laughed at her.

“No you won’t, you aren’t mean enough.” She said. Evie gasped in shock. Everyone gasped in shock.

“Oh no they will fight,” Said Duncan.

“Haha hi everyone I am Luke and I love total drama I watched it since I was born,” he exclamation. Dave sighed.

“Ugh a fan,” he said. Everyone gay and Mike sighed. Zoey kept crying in regret. Rodney hugged Luke.

“Hi welcome Luke,” Chris said. Luke laughed. Heather pushed Evie into the water and she died of drowning.

“Oh no another death,” said Gwen.

“We can have a double death party,” said Geoff.

“Okay well she was new here so her death didn’t count,” Chris said. Heather laughed evilly.

“Yea I got away with it!” She said.

“Not fair!” Said Zoey.

“Shut Up Soey, you’re straight,” said Noah.

“Yea,” said Duncan and Sadie and Mike and Rodney Bridgette and Geoff and Luke.

“You guys are strAight too,” said Zoey.

“I don’t care,” said Sadie. Zoey cried. Zeke growled and asked to go to the pharmacy but nobody heard him.

“Hi I’m clare and I love to dance,” said clare. She fell out and died.

Hi everyone Im the meh emoji, I’m starring in a new movie,” the new contestant said.

“Ew leave,” said everyone. The meh emoji left.

“Okay those were all the new people we invited and one of them is gone and two of them are dead so we need some replacements so we have Tyler Justin and Scarlett even though she was evil,” Chris said. They came on the boat.

“Okay campers the first challenge is build a log cabin here are the teams Duncan Sadie Anne Maria even though she’s dead Justin Noah Dave Heather Zoey Scarlett Luke, you are sad bad. Everyone else, you are hood good. Build cabins,” Chris said. They tried but Rodney was too straight so he broke it.

“OMG Rodney wtf?” Said Courtney. Rodney laughed.

“HAha I was secretly evil the whole tim!” He said.

“Wait you stole my plot,” said Scarlett in anger. She killed him.

“Oh well he was evil so it’s okay thanks Scarlett,” Courtney said. Duncan looked at Sadie in the eye.

“You are such a sweet gurl,” said Duncan. Sadie smiled.

“Thank you, you are a bad boy,” she said. Trent came to serenade them. His girlfriend Lucy kissed him. She looks like my friend Lucy for reference.

Sadie and Duncan kissed and they won the million also, but more importantly they won the others heart and no Ezekiel never got to go to the pharmacy.

Important notes: Rodney was eliminated first for being straight and dead. Luke died of drowning, and so did the meh emoji. Zoey did not stop crying so they kicked her off. Lucy and Trent lived happily ever after. The final four was Mr. Coconut, Dundie, and Anne Maria but Mr. Coconut Chef cooked so he was eliminated and tasted bad. Scott and Dave got together. Courtney was a CIT and also gay. Mike never dated again and got rich from inventing Steve Jobs who invented apple. Scarlett accidentally bought America so she’s the president now. Tyler and Justin had no lines but they were also there. Heater and Tent got in a rap battle and Noah watched. Geoff threw a lot of death parties and Bridgette kissed him. Chris smiled and was evil. The end.

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