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“No ‘Glory shall be your reward’ for me. Oh, no, for me, it is, 'Stop whining’ and 'Go to bed’.”
― Megan Whalen Turner, The King of Attolia

My entry for @meganwhalenturner ’s Thick as Thieves ARC contest, featuring everyone’s favorite one-handed thief-king, Gen.


Person of Interest rewatch » 1x23 Firewall
“We got a new number: Caroline Turing.”
“Oh, she’s a lot prettier than Fusco.”

Elena of Avalor via disney parks blog

“The beautiful ruby off-the-shoulder dress with floral prints was designed by Layana Aguilar, a fan-favorite contestant on “Project Runway” and “Project Runway All Stars.” The Brazilian born and raised designer created a dress to represent all of the rich and colorful cultures and folklore from Latin America… a big task, for sure!

Her design is also the inspiration for the dress that Princess Elena will wear at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort when she begins making appearances later this year. At Walt Disney World Resort, Elena will appear in the Magic Kingdom beginning in August. At Disneyland Resort, she will appear at Disney California Adventure this fall.”

Vote for TEEN WOLF for the cover of TV Guide!

So there’s this Fan Favorites Cover Contest happening over at TV Guide, and we’d really like you to vote for us, given that we’ve learned over the past three years that the Teen Wolf fandom can accomplish literally anything they put their minds to. Maybe there’s a barter to be had here - maybe there’s something that you’ve always wanted to see, but never have? An outtake, perhaps? An outtake from a boat chartered by the fine folks at TV Guide? Reblog this and let us know what you want to see - and the more notes it gets, and the more votes Teen Wolf gets on the contest…you get the idea. Now VOTE!