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Brazil mourns for Chapecoense

Today is a sad day for brazilian football fans due an fatal disaster aircraft who the Chapecoense majory members died in Colombia at way to Medellin to face Atlético Nacional at Sudamericana finals.

76 people died at crash plane, having five survivors: three members of team. At the victims, are: Majory of players, coach Caio Junior, team’s president, journalists, and coaching team.

It’s so sad, people.

Fatal Attraction|06


With her phone in hand Kelly let out a sigh as she read over the text message she had typed up with the intention to send to Giselle. The two still hadn’t repaired things after their falling out, but with everything going on in her life she was ready to wave her white flag because she needed her best friend. Giselle had reached out after finding out about Kelly’s hospitalization a little over a month ago, but they hadn’t done much talking since then.


On top of that Tremaine and her were still going through their rough patch since her being discharged from the hospital. He was trying and she gave him an ‘A’ for effort but was he really trying hard enough was her question. Granted, she wasn’t making it easy and if she had to admit it she could say she was definitely being stubborn when it came to certain things, but she felt her attitude was justified.

Everything was his fault. Her she was pregnant for a second time and she couldn’t even be completely excited about it. Instead she was worried about what was going on with them. It was like walking around on egg shells in her own home. Their conversations were like those of two strangers and everyday she wondered if she had the strength to do this. She loved Trey she did, but a part of her questioned if she would be able to leave him if things didn’t work out the way she wanted them to.

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