fan expo 2014


Aaaaaaand here it is (minus final hair and makeup)!

One of my two Fan Expo cosplays: Page from the video game Fable 3! I’ll be wearing this on Thursday and Saturday with two other members of a Fable group; Briar Rose from Fable/Fable The Lost Chapters and Theresa from Fable 2/3.

This will be my first video game cosplay and I am quite pleased that it’s gonna be Fable. Hoping I see some Fable fans there! :D


I don’t know how to tumblr anymore, but my amazing Sailor Chibi Moon costume by oliviasatelier has compelled me to share. I, velvetrevulva, am the cosplayer, and these were taken at Fan Expo 2014, right in front of the CN Tower.

Photos by the super talented amaleighphotography, and edited by yours truly.



Hey guys, here are the commissions that I did over the weekend at Fan Expo!

1: Two friends of mine are expecting a baby girl! They asked me to draw them a suitably celebratory image ;)

2: A fully grown Sif looms over a Player Character.

3: A wonderful couple that commissions me annually requested me to paint their respective chosen animals Monkey and Hamster. They mentioned being a fan of Avatar and Korra, so I made them this :)

4: Another Player Character from Dark Souls 2!

5: A fellow Berserk fan requested himself as Guts/Gatts fighting off some monsters. Also, apparently I only drew one arm. SHHH!!!!


Valka’s staff is complete! WOOOO!!!!

I had to make it as light as possible because Fan Expo decided to make it’s props/weapons policy way more strict but NOT SPECIFY THE EXACT WEIGHT LIMIT UGH. So I used a hollowed out bamboo stick ($2 at the dollar store), some cardboard, squishy foam and fabric. It’s basically a hollow stick with pillows on the ends, so they better not try to tell me it’s “too heavy”.

All that’s left for Valka is adding the cape and touching up any little problems I find. 10 DAYS UNTIL FAN EXPO AHHHHHHHHHHH

Quick rundown of how I made the staff: First I drew the two end pieces onto the cardboard (scaled it based on the width of the stick part), then taped them on and marked where they ended so I could cut the ends off the stick (since it was a bit too long). The ‘rocks’ in the centre of the bigger end piece are just little pucks made from model magic that I stuck a wooden skewer through, so they can still kind of spin. Glued the cardboard into the ends of the bamboo stick, covered those in foam (squishy packing foam I had from old packaging), then covered those in fabric. All of the fabric I used was just from scraps my sister and I had from various cosplays. And the rock thingies sticking out of the top end there are more pieces of the pool noodle I’ve been using throughout the costume. I’ll tell ya, that one pool noodle has really paid off.

Deathlok by esadribic @eribic

I don’t think I can do this piece justice with words, nor can I truly express my awe or thanks. It means so much to me to have a painting of my first favourite character by such a master of art, especially considering he worked on the Uncanny X-Force run that saw Deathlok not only return to the comic page but with all my favourite mutants!

Esad, a sincere thank you for this and for coming to Fan Expo Canada!

Tim Drake (Red Robin) and Kon-El (Superboy) kissing. Drawn by Marcus To at Fan Expo 2014, in Toronto.

Here’s the scan, as promised!

Welcome to my entirely too many new followers that I acquired while I was in the bus back from the convention! I am pretty sure you are all here because of this particular piece of art, so I think you might enjoy my commission tag. Although, fair warning, some of it is NSFW since I don’t only commission DC/Marvel artists.


Some unedited pictures taken during Fanexpo on Easter weekend! I was Robin on the Friday of the con and this cosplay was SUPER HELLA COMFORTABLE LIKE. It was like wearing pajamas. seriously. I’m going to be making a new mask, too, since I found that foam tutorial thingy. And I’m definitely going to be bringing this cosplay back at another con later this year. Most likely NWFF. 


Like I saw a lot more DC and more Robins than I’ve ever seen before at ANY con and I was really super happy to see that. 

Anyways, the Photographer is the lovely cadaver-andqueen