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“When I moved to Hartfeld, I didn’t know anyone. I felt out of place. And then, when I met you, I started to feel right at home.”

Lamb, P. F., & Veith, D. L. (1986). Romantic myth, transcendence, and Star Trek zines. Erotic universe: Sexuality and fantastic literature, 235-55.

One of the earliest pieces of research published about fan fiction, Lamb and Veith’s essay is a first crack at answering the foundational question of fan studies: why do straight women read and write about men banging? Lamb and Veith focus their analysis on Kirk/Spock slash. They argue that in fan fiction, rather than being presented as masculine, both characters become androgynous by acquiring both typically masculine and typically feminine characteristics, which often complement each other. By removing gender differences from the equation, fan fiction writers are free to explore relationships which are genuinely equal and unencumbered by power dynamics.

Image description

A table reproduced from Lamb and Veith’s essay outlining the different feminine and masculine characteristics given to Kirk and Spock in K/S fan fiction.

Kirk feminine qualities: Femininely “beautiful”; shorter, physically weaker; emotional; intuitive; sensuous, engages in much physical touching; verbal; evokes powerful emotional responses from others

Spock masculine qualities: Masculinely rugged; taller, more powerful; logical; rational; controlled, physically distant; reticent; keeps others at a distance

Kirk masculine qualities: Sexually ready at all times; is undisputed leader, initiator of action; is the “real” or “norm”, always at home; is fulfilled prior to Spock, only with acceptance of the bond is he firmly united with Spock; Spock complements his “at-homeness”; is sexually promiscuous (Spock assures his fidelity); is usually the seducer

Spock feminine qualities: Sexually controlled (except during his Vulcan mating cycle); needs to be led, follows Kirk into action; is the “alien” or “other”, always the “outsider”; is fulfilled only with Kirk; felt one-sided fidelity to Kirk even before the bond; needs Kirk for full identity; a virgin until marriage, he exhibits absolute monogamy after marriage; is usually seduced, but once unleashed his sexuality is very powerful

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Jon and Danny are Aunt and Nephew you disgusting Inbred freak!

(cont) Jon and Danny are Aunt and Nephew you disgusting Inbred freak! Jon and Danny are Aunt and Nephew you disgusting Inbred freak! Jon and Danny are Aunt and Nephew you disgusting Inbred freak! Jon and Danny are Aunt and Nephew you disgusting Inbred freak! Jon and Danny are Aunt and Nephew you disgusting Inbred freak! Jon and Danny are Aunt and Nephew you disgusting Inbred freak! R u getting the idea yet!? Do u realize how annoying you’re being by ‘Anti’ tagging things that are pro that ship!!

This above dumbass then proceeded to message me repeatedly privately to inform me that Jon and Dany would share roughly 47% of their DNA. As well as call me a bitch, inbred freak etc. As well as send the EXACT SAME MESSAGES as anonymous. Time to unpack.

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WELL @fandomgirl770. Thank you for your messages. I sit here with ABSOLUTE GLEE at the thought that you just spent so much of your time on me, a mere stranger of whom you’ve never met. I’m so HONOURED that you thought this would be the best way to spend your time. I’m so PLEASED to have pissed you off. I’m CHUFFED that you thought to send me made up statistics.

It saddens me that you are not aware how to BLOCK blogs. Or use Tumblr Savior. Might I suggest those options? Especially considering that I never tag anything in the anti-J*nerys tag because I’m not a gormless buffoon like yourself. 

I am aware that Jon and Dany are related. Truly I am. But I am also aware that historically, many monarchies have interbred. I am also aware that what is supported in fiction, does not equate reality. Perusing through YOUR blog, I learned you to be an Arya fan. Shall I equate you with a serial killer who has forced cannibalism onto others? Or maybe I should be a reasonable and intelligent human being capable of higher thought and abstraction, who is able to realise and recognise the difference between reality and fiction. I think I’ll pick the second option.

And as for the comment about them being nearly full fledged siblings with roughly 47% DNA? Honey, I’m a fucking doctor. I went to medical school. Don’t come to me with your bullshit stats and try to pass them off as fact. Need I remind you, that assuming you are human and not 100% troll, I too could point out science suggests that YOU share nearly 99% of YOUR genetic coding with a chimpanzee. So if you don’t understand how genetics works, let’s not try to use science as an argument. It makes you look foolish, and I think you were trying to sound smart. It’s a shame it failed for you.

Please continue to stew away in your seething rage while I continue to live and love life. 

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as kpop continues to grow and different and more people become interested in it, i’m beginning to see a growing trend where interational fans are equating a lot of their idols sucess with the achievements that they’ve accomplished in western media and it’s really fucking annoying and wrong. 

why are you equating western acknowledgment as being the most defining moment of any kpop act(s) career? Honestly, i feel like (well actually, i know)  that recieving a major Korean award in a major Korean award show like Daesang at the Golden Disk Awards is worth much more than some youtube/mtv/billboard award. Yes, it’s amazing that a group that exists in a totally different entertainment world and in the opposite side of the globe can get recognized by their counterpart, but the way that i see some of you react to news of this ___ group winning ____ American award is alarming and frusterating. Kpop does not exist to try to get the attention of western media or western peoples. it exists because it’s an actual form of entertainment in another country where they have their own set of standards and ideals. trying to frame them into yours doesn’t make any sense. when YOU got into kpop, you also got yourself into learning to accept another country’s ideas, culture, and standards. which means that them achieving something that you might think is great, doesn’t mean that it’s as great as you may think it is. 

i keep seeing these gifset and posts about how defining and momumental _____ moment is in kpop history and such but kpop history isn’t suddenly transformed and elevated after recieving western attention. it’s just recieved different attention. kpop history is transformed when artists that work within the korean entertainment do influential things and release influential works. the wonder girls shouldn’t be remember for debuting in america. how can you say something like that when the Wonder girls, an ICONIC group, has released so many iconic songs like “nobody” and “tell me”? gg shouldn’t be remembered for winning some youtube award. gg is the group that competely took control of hallyu with songs like “gee” and “genie.” and big bang that came out with songs like “haru” and “fantastic baby.” when lee hyori released “you go girl”. and mr. for kara. super junior with “sorry”. exo with “growl”. 2ne1′s “i am the best.” t-ara and “bo peep bo peep.” tvxq's “mirotic.” 2pm’s “heartbeat.” h.o.t’s “candy” and finkl “forever love.” (and sooo much more). songs like these make for iconic moments in kpop history. they are the things that will always be remembered by koreans and will continue to be known as THE songs of their era. songs like these change kpop history. these are the kinds of things that really affect and matter in kpop. 

I think some of you forget that kpop is its own thing and does its own thing. it’s  very different from the american entertainment system in so many ways. and whilst i wish there was more asian representation in american media (i am an asian-american female, too), kpop doesn’t have to move into america and I  honestly don’t want it to. i love kpop for what it is. it’s independet from everything that i’m kind of forced to consume in the country that i live in. also, in my opinion, as time progresses and generations of different people changes, there will be (there HAS TO BE) more asians and ethinic people in the American entertainment industry but that’s not to say that kpop has to be the thing that breaks the barrier. i COULD be. i don’t know, but honestly it’s very unlikely. i’ve always imagined that asian people would enter into the american entertainment industry through a mix of asian-ameican artists and asian artists influencing each other and working together. but nobody knows that for sure. 

either way, if you’re planning on being a kpop fan, you’re going to have to accept that there may always be some differences between the ways in which the korean entertainment industry and american entertainment industry work. these differences may be way too big for kpop artists to be widely accepted by the american audience and media. and these differences are great. they are some of the reasons why to why kpop has enamoured so many types of people from around the world. kpop is such an interesting entertainment form because fans find kpop on their own. this is different from the entertainment that you grow up with, which is something that is integrated into your life without really your choice. remember that the ways in which kpop is different makes it special. you guys are always screaming about individualism. when it presents itself, recognize it. 


I hear quite often from horror fans who equate Burgess to the 1977 film THE SENTINEL. Burgess’ most favorite part of shooting that film was working with and getting to know the severely malformed actors in the film, whom he worked very closely with for weeks. He said the actors were some of the most wonderful, touching, and sensitive folks he had ever worked with and that they were absolutely delighted to be in a film (contrary to what has been reported). Burgess also cared deeply and was very concerned with how they were represented in the film (although he didn’t have much say since he was just acting in it) - and had always hoped they weren’t disappointed in the final result.

The only fan page solely dedicated to Burgess Meredith // Lovingly ran by his grandniece in attempt to keep his legacy alive.

School is here again! As a college junior, I am excited to start the new academic year. More things to learn and improve, more projects to do, more people to meet and do creative stuff with! But as a fangirl, I am dreading the upcoming semester because it means less fanfics to read and enjoy, less fanart are being uploaded, less time to dedicate to my faves. But not to worry! I’m here to give some of my food for thought on how to manage staying in a fandom, enjoying it, and still rocking out those A’s for your next test!

So, first, some introduction and disclaimers: I haven’t been active in Tumblr until late 2015- early 2016,but I have been lurking between social media sites (twitter, tumblr, and even facebook in those early days when fanpages were still a thing there) for quite some time. I was first introduced to ‘fandoms’ when I was first year in high school, I was around 13 years old at that time. I’ve been hopping through different fandoms for quite some time since then. These include wide range of genres such as anime/manga, movies, comics, youtubers, kpop, and cartoons. I was here when ‘The Big Four’ was a thing. I was here when (not ao3) was the dominating website for sharing fanfiction works. These are some things that I learn throughout the years. If you want to learn more about the business/culture side of fandom things, I’d recommend @thefandometrics, @fansplaining, and @transformativeworks for more in-depth articles and discussions.

The key is patience and discipline. This seems to be a hard at first, but if you can dedicate and focus as a fan to certain movies or series, then you can certainly apply the same dedication and concentration to your studies. Here are my four major pieces of advice:

1.Limit yourself to 2-3 fandoms.

CNN reports that americans consume 10+ hours of media a day, and that’s no exception to us fangirls and fanboys. How many hours do you watch and rewatch your favorite episodes? How many hours do you scroll through tumblr to read those meta-theories about FNAF or read that next chapter of your favorite fanfic? We get so hyperfocused on the things we like that sometimes we forget the other stuff that we actually have to do, like eating, or doing homework.

Here’s a tip: How much you commit to a fandom, commit to doing twice as much effort on your studies. If you want to watch an episode of Steven Universe, which is roughly 20-30 minutes, make yourself study a subject for an hour. If you binge-watched a whole season of Steven Universe in half a day, study your lessons the whole next day. It’s sort of a reward and punishment thing I do, but I’d like to think that if I’m willing to sacrifice this much time and energy to a fictional universe, then I am also capable of doing more for real life situations, where your actions have certain repercussions.

Slow yourself down and dedicate yourself to a few things with varying levels of commitment, rather than going through so many of them all at once. Remember that media is meant to keep you hooked and interested, that’s why cliffhangers and foreshadowing are such a common thing. Try to enjoy the shows you watch, or the books you read at your own pace, and participate in events in that the fandom every now and then to keep yourself interested while waiting for the next installment. The great thing about fandoms nowadays is that once the show/book/game is out there, it will always be out there. There is no time limit, people usually upload and reupload things so you don’t have to worry about things being deleted or removed, and generally, most fandoms are accepting. Don’t worry if you haven’t watched that newest season of Flash, or you can’t buy John Green’s newest book, eventually, you will be able to know what all the hype is about.

2.Find ways to apply your interests in your studies.

Information and skills tend to stick easier when you are really enthusiastic about it. Teachers usually give you a certain degree of freedom to do an assignment or project, so chose something you really really like! 

One time, I was required to make a marketing analysis on any 30-second advertisement video. We had to pay attention to every scene, shot, or focus, and understand what they mean and how they affect the brand’s identity/imagery. I was really into the K-scene at that time, so I chose BTS x BOGSOCK  as the advertising video I would analyze, and granted it was twice longer than the average time limit we were required to do, it made writing the marketing and branding behind PUMA and BTS a lot more interesting, especially while I was reading research papers on how the Korean culture was influencing global media. In the end, I was able to do a 3000 word frame-by-frame analysis on the said product.

Get creative and find interesting topics to talk/study about. For art students, this usually translates to practicing through fanart. And for literature, it usually mean fanfics, but also all those meta-theories you may have been writing are technically literary analysis in and of itself! So you just have to treat that boring short story you have to write a 2-page review in class as such. This doesn’t exclude math and science. If you guys know/watch Game Theory and Film Theory, you know that there’s a lot of unnecessary(but still very interesting) math and sciences that can be applied anywhere.

Go as deep down that rabbithole as you can go! Personally, I became interested about harder, more uncomfortable topics such as mental illnesses, feminism, rape culture, racial topics, etc. because of fan works. But I didn’t stop there! This later led me to watching more Ted Talks and become more aware of them as a social issue. Many of the times you have to fact check your resources, but it’s not a bad starting point, as long as it keeps your brain going and learning about the world.

So think outside the box and chose a topic you’re really interested in that coincides with your studies. That way you get the best of both worlds!

3. Don’t interact with the uglies.

Now, every fandom has a certain level of discourse within them. And I will tell you that they are not worth it. They are not worth taking up your time, your energy, your attention, nothing. It will only leave you feeling more frustrated and unable to concentrate on the more important tasks at hand.

Social media is still a new thing, so it’s really hard to find ways to filter out all that negativity and discourse on your dashboard or news feed except by block/mute/report, which sucks because  block/mute/report doesn’t help much at all. It’s hard for a fan because on one hand, you get triggered and want to protect the creators and the world/community that they built but to engage with the haters and trolls will only make them stronger.

Be patient! Yes, it is sad that there will always be hate in a fandom community. We are all unique individuals with different experiences within different fandoms. But one thing I learned from social media is that you are the one to choose which content gets to you. You chose what you want to see.  How you react only defines you as a person. So don’t engage negativity with more negativity! Some of those haters and anons who stirs up trouble are young, so responding back with an ‘f* you, too!!’ or attacking their blogs aren’t helping with the problem.

It’s the same with education, isn’t it? We all have that one sucky teacher who brings you down. Maybe it’s because he/she isn’t teaching the subject right, or you can’t follow his/her line of thought or his/her method of teaching, but you can’t let that define your success or failure! You learn to adapt and study on your own. You become your own student and teacher, and it takes twice the effort, and sometimes you have to make sacrifices, but that makes the success all sweeter in the end.

Just stay vigilant, know when it is safe to state your opinions on certain subjects and when to back off. If you can, inform the person in as objective and as clear a manner as you can and learn about his/her side of things. In the meantime, grab a fresh cup of coffee or water, and read a different fanfic or start on that math homework while you let things in the discourse die down before going back.

4. Finally, learn when to let fandoms go.

There will come a time when a certain book/series ends, something you were really invested a year ago, two years ago, maybe even more. That’s just how entertainment goes. You invested so much time and emotion to this wonderful community and you see it slowly fade away, it’s sometimes scary and lonely. But you have to learn when to stop holding onto old things. Sure, you can still see the occasional fanart or a parody here and there, and you can still laugh at the inside jokes you had from that fandom. But also, there is no shame in telling other people that “no you aren’t interested in it” anymore. This is especially true if you have newer things you are more interested in, or more responsibilities to carry, you are not obligated to spend so much time in order to prove you are a real fan. “Fan” is such a loose label to associate yourself with. I believe that ‘being a fan’ does not equate to dedicating your life/future to a temporary interest, and it doesn’t make you any less of a fan as another who, say, may have gone to every concert of their favorite band, or bought every merch available.

I advise having a ‘detox’ period, where you stay out of a certain social media or any fan account for a few days in order to refocus and understand your priorities before going back down that rabbithole again. That way you don’t borderline obsess over your stan, or get too invested on a certain ship. If you feel stuck in a certain fandom, but have more pressing matters to attend to, let your interests fade slowly. Don’t just stop abruptly, as it only makes you more curious in the end. Start with reading a few stories in a week or staying in their tags for only a couple of hours, then check it daily, then every other day, then a couple times a week, and so on until you’ll eventually lose interest, and you can move on other things.

So, there. These are my ideas on being a fan and being a student. There’s nothing wrong in being interested in both. Think about it this way: if you’re a student, you are a fan of education. You spend so many hours on learning, you buy books on topics you may or may not be interested in, and you create output for other people to see. Thank you so much if you read through the end of this post! I hope it helps you guys, and if you guys want to talk to me about certain fandom interests of yours or share how you manage them with your studies, I’m all ears.

Have a great school year!!!

Unpopular opinion: yea Wonho being shirtless and sweaty was hot but it was also really gross and disgusting considering he was the only member being sexualized, plus most of his close up shots were of his arms and mostly bare torso.

Fighter was a good song, but I hate the music video because of that. It was completely unnecessary for him to be shirtless and sexualized in that moment.

I get that he’s proud of his body and he does work out and work hard to maintain his muscles, but he does other things too.

I don’t need to explain why he shouldn’t be sexualized like this. Even if he didn’t compose, couldn’t dance, and couldn’t sing, he still shouldn’t be sexualized like this.

He isn’t a sex object. He’s a three dimensional human being with talents, flaws, and quirks. Sure, he’s attractive and he has a nice body. It’s not wrong or gross to admit that. What’s wrong and gross is exalting his body to this regard. Making his selling point his body, using his sex appeal to get or keep fans, and equating him to his physical attractiveness.

I’m pretty sure every Wonho stan and then some has made this speech, but most of the time they just say “he’s talented and more than his body”. The real thing I think fans need to remember is he’s human and more than his body. It’s deeper than his talent isn’t recognized, it’s that he’s being made into a one dimensional object.


This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Thank you.
Better than any speech. Any photograph. This is absolutely… perfectly beautiful.
She was… beautiful.

“I would love to explain what’s going on with Normani. 

Over the last 4 years of being in the public eye, Normani Kordei has faced blatant and subtle racism from people who claim to be “fans” of the group. This has escalated over the last year as fans of one member, Camila Cabello, continue to harass Normani and attribute stereotypes to her simply based on her skin colour. Normani has been nothing but professional and courteous about her fellow band mate (something that various interviews and articles will confirm), however these “fans” of Camila insist of portraying Normani as the “angry black girl” which is a stereotype that’s very damaging and demoralizing for a young woman whose only goal is to spread love and positivity and inspire others. 

This past week, an interview was posted (link) in which Normani was asked to describe her band mates in a few words. She referred to Camila as “cute and quirky”, two words which Camila has been described as by almost everyone who knows her, including herself. However, fans of Camila (not the group as a whole) cyber bullied Normani over this answer as they weren’t “complimentary enough”. It is important to note that these same “fans” claim to defend Camila and have been doing so since Camila chose to embark on a solo career late last year. This cyber bullying and numerous articles written by media outlets led to Normani’s statement 2 days ago, captioned “Thoughts”.

However, the situation escalated to the point where graphic and horrific racially charged images were created directly aimed at Normani. These images were nothing short of traumatizing to anyone who’s seen them, let alone the person who it was aimed at (TRIGGER WARNING: 1 2 3 ) As these bullies continue to hide behind a Camila fan account, it was only fair to expect her to address the situation. Her acknowledgement that those were indeed her fans (“you don’t have to hate on someone else to support me”) fell flat when she chose not to address the situation outright and not mention Normani’s name, her fellow group member of FOUR years. Her tweets were indeed so vague that other celebrities were under the assumption those were general tweets as seen by Gina Rodriguez’ response (link). 

Normani has dealt with the racism she faces by being a member of Fifth Harmony on her own with no public support from her fellow band mates who appear to be outspoken on many social justice issues, including feminism but not something that affects their friend personally. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Normani has chosen to take a break from Twitter where she continues to be subjected to hate and racism as seen in her statement captioned “to my fans”. Almost 24 hours after her tweet, Normani has received support from Zendaya, Becky G and Keith Powers amongst others. She has also gone viral on tumblr in a post (link) where countless of people have shown their support. The main Fifth Harmony account has continued to stay silent, but Ally Brooke Hernandez and Lauren Jauregui have both posted a tweet showing their support in the past 2 hours. 

It is disheartening and upsetting that Fifth Harmony as a whole have made statements and addressed situations far less in severity than this one and promptly too. For example, they have backed and stood by their temporary security guard whilst on tour in Brazil (link) yet continue to ignore racism faced by their own group member. Seeing how easily they’ve dismissed racism faced by a black woman is upsetting especially to their black fans. Tweeting a hashtag (#WeLoveNormani) initially started by fans, is not a good enough response to cyber bullying so severe, Normani has had to step away from Twitter for the first time in her professional career to focus on her own well being. Fifth Harmony’s camp have also not addressed how they will deal with the constant harassment of one of their members. 

Camila’s fans have continued to equate comments Camila receives about her choice to make music outside of the group to racially charged hatred Normani receives for simply being in the group and existing. They have also contributed to countless micro aggressions towards Normani in which they continue to diminish and discredit her talents. These same fans are safe in the knowledge that their favourite member, Camila, continues to follow them on Twitter, engage with them in direct messages and show them love and support. 

For a group which actively claims they stand for feminism, I’m disappointed to say that they unfortunately don’t practice what they preach, at least not in a public manner. While we may not know what happens behind the scenes, their silence speaks volumes, especially the lack of responsibility from the root of this issue namely Camila Cabello and her fans.   

Sincerely, A Concerned and Disappointed Fan” 

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The Camille theory cracks me up. She's promo for his single. No one in the gp even is aware of her. The only people aware of her are the people in this fandom. Talk about an example of how pr is NOT supposed to happen. This is like when people had Harry's pr occurring in a steakhouse. A few creepy fan pictures equate to pr. You really have to hate a celebrity for this theory to make one ounce of sense.

You really just have to be fuckin’ thick as shit, let’s be real.

(Sorry, I’ve had a trying weekend and I think my diplomacy just ran out …)

T*ylor Sw*ft capitalizing on the snake image has some remnants of when Bey capitalized on “Boycott Beyoncé” but don’t let her fans equate them. Beyoncé made money selling shirts that made fun of anti-black racist critics who took exception to her calling out extralegal racist police violence and honoring the image of the Black Panthers. On the other hand, Taylor is reclaiming a descriptor that born from her, again, utilizing her white woman innocence and perceived victimhood before being caught misleading the public about Kanye and his (awful) line.