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This is pretty damn neat!

Good job~


Now with animated comic

Comic by @live4love136 inspired by fanfic by @skelegirl-fanfic

Music from Hamilton


Original Comic:

@markraas please dont sue me…what Im kidding you get so many notes this will most likely will go off from your radar :D

The voices where done by: SassyLee.. She doesn’t have any social media links to share at the moment 

If you like this garbage please let me know…I’ve posting for months with little feed back.

Also I finally reached 30 subs WOOHOO!!! I small victory after of almost 2 months of posting! :3


We dubbed a cute goofy comic about Sailor Moon and PUNS! Watch it!



Mina/Jupiter - Meredith Sims (
Usagi - ChibiSammii (
Artemis - ProZD (
Ami - Kiane “Chula” King (
Mars - pLasterbrain (
Endymion - Alejandro “Kaggy” Saab (


Baccano! OST - Ohiru no Gunman to Makka na Odoriko
Steven Universe - Rose’s Fountain



I love this little side AU that @yugogeer12 made. and i love the fuck out of some storyshift.

Lil something to tide people over till i can get the next part of epictale done.

Comic by @yugogeer12

Voices by @tehrogue (me)

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It’s now Jolyne Jaturday.

This is a pretty cool on-going fandub of Stone Ocean. The voice of Jolyne is a bit different that what I hear when I read her. I always imagine a pretty husky, almost raspy voice, like Ryuko, but this actress sells her early bewilderment and loneliness well. And my girl Hermès is spot on. Perfect big sis voice.

The translation itself is decent, but could have been altered a bit to sound a bit more colloquial, like actual prisoners and Floridians would talk.

The ED is done in homage to the David Production style, and it is amazingly well chosen. I never would have thought of Train’s “Drops of Jupiter,” but it’s perfect. Crazy haired, free spirited girl? Check. Weather and atmosphere references? Check. Astronomy imagery? Check. “She fell from a shooting star?” Holy shit, her dad is a Stardust Crusader. “Heaven is overrated?” HRRRRRRGH. Flawless.


Welp im hard on the Au Dubbing train now! First Fell, then Storyshift, and now Ink!Sans

Comic by @thegrinningkitten

Voice by @tehrogue (me)

Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet

Tell me how i did? I always love feed back

⭐️for anon, chihiro and ryota clothes swap!⭐️sorry it took 596 years
they are my androgynous tech nerds and i love them both so so much 
also chihiro makes ryota look tall in this even though animating son is only like 5’‘2 and that is cute and pure ^_^


Comic by the talented @sarcasticasides

Papa Shimada is voiced by none other then our fav @seigiva

Shimada no Dinner- //smacks. STFU