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hockey: LOVES IT. super intense and exciting. i know the most famous players and what teams they play for. im constantly checking the standings and keeping track of team points. even if my favorite team isnt playing i can watch a game and enjoy it bc i love the sport. i go to multiple games per year if i can manage it. fans kinda suck but the more unifying parts of fan culture are fun.

baseball: AWESOME. a lifelong fan. easier to sit and enjoy, more relaxing than hockey. a staple of spring and summer, i love that its an almost daily game and i love keeping up with the stats in both leagues. id like to go to games, and i find them very fun to attend, but theyre usually expensive.

tennis: complicated to figure out, but fun to watch. if the williams sisters are playing, im probably 100% interested and dont want to change the channel.

basketball: not my thing, but i can sit and enjoy it if its on. the fan culture around it is one of the less awful ones from what ive seen. i like the squeaky sneaker noises.

soccer: the field seems absurdly big and the fans are really OTT but its fun enough. i used to like playing it when i was a kid.

football: keep this shit five feet away from me if i see it coming on the tv i change right fucking away the fans are awful and the telecasts never end on time. 

As fans, sometimes we need to remember that the things we like don’t define our worth as people. So there’s no need to defend them from every single criticism or pretend they are perfect. Really loving something means seeing it as it really is, not as you wish it were. You can still be a good fan while acknowledging the problematic elements of the things you love. In fact, that’s the only way to be a good fan of problematic things.
The Fansplaining Fic Preferences Survey
This is a survey by the “Fansplaining” podcast about readers’ preferences in fanfiction. Any fan who reads fanfic is welcome to fill out this survey!

You may have caught the results of our super-unscientific fanfic tropes survey (conducted via a few tweets and tumblr posts). It was fun to see those results—but we want to do this properly! Please take a moment to fill out this survey and share with your fandom friends—we’d love this to spread far beyond our listeners, to all sorts of corners of the fanfiction world! 


“The funk is strong with this one.”

Star Wars + Daft Punk = “Darth Punk – The Funk Awakens“, an outstanding fusion of our favorite space opera and electronic dance music. This neon masterpiece is the work of Infectious Designer and it’s one of the most awesomely geeky music videos we’ve ever seen. There are super shiny helmets, glowing shoes, irresistible beats, lightsaber battles, and even a droid with a built-in cassette tape deck.

“One day Vader and Fett will recruit for the the dark side, disguised as an electronic music duo… they will be arresting ears and administering intergalactic rhythm and beats. The Rebels won’t stand a chance. This is their music video, featuring ‘Dj Gonk’.”

There’s also a Darth Punk Prequel:

And a behind-the-scenes video:

For more Darth Punk-related photos and videos check out the Infectious Designer Instagram feed and Facebook page.

[via GeekTyrant, Fashionably Geek, and Laughing Squid]


“Don’t meep. Meep and you’re dead”

Beaker + Weeping Angel = Super Awesome

This delightfully terrifying “Meeping Angel“ statue is the work of Salt Lake City-based artist Kerry Gisler. Inspired by a Photoshop illustration created last year by David Stokes, Gisler combined and then painted Beaker and Weeping Angel figures to create this geektastic Henson-Whovian nightmare.

[via Nerd Approved]

In light of Hannibal’s “mic drop” line...

AU/headcanon where Hannibal can recite entire passages of Dante in the original Italian but is complete shit when it comes to pop culture. He tries to make up for this deficiency by slipping pop culture references and slang into his conversations. Some attempts are… more successful than others.

The Techniques of Erasure

This is part one of a hybrid essay-rant series focusing on fandom (the collective community) and its intense race/racism problems. If you’re new to my blog and to this project, start here with the introduction post. Make sure to click the links and read the content because they’ll add further nuance to the essay here.

In addition to talking about race and racism, this post also mentions incest (with regard to how fandom interprets familial relationships to suit their shipping needs).

One thing that becomes overwhelmingly clear when it comes to the treatment of characters of color is the lengths that fandom is willing to go to in order to get them out of the way of their favorite white character ships. There are so many techniques that we could tackle, many of them framed subtly enough that it’s difficult to combat them, but for the purposes of this post we’re going to look at five of the most popular:

  1. Distancing
  2. Willful misinterpretation of relationships
  3. Theorizing that a character of color is really evil (and therefore shouldn’t be shipped/the relationship should be placed under suspicion)
  4. Deciding that a character of color in a POC/White Fandom Darling ship is actually asexual and/or a “strong [race/ethnicity] man/woman/non-binary person that don’t need no significant other”
  5. POC reduced to an agony aunt character to get white characters together

For the rest of the post (which nearly hits 5000 words in length because I go in hard), continue on to read Fandom’s Huge Race Problem - Essay #1 Techniques of Erasure

Comments are enabled but moderated at the source but I look forward to the conversations that will form from this post!


In the Star Wars universe individual Stormtroopers don’t stand out from their fellow soldiers. Their distinctive white armor bears no personal distinguishing markings, but that doesn’t mean there might not be a trooper inside a set of armor quietly wishing they could express their individuality somehow.

We like to think that one trooper’s secret dream has now been realized thanks to this awesome custom paint job by Japanese artist and Twitter user @yononaka_poison. She used fine-point paint pens to adorn her Stormtrooper action figure with beautiful designs styled after traditional Japanese tattoos, including sakura cherry blossoms and petals, demons, ornamental koi, and what appears to be Darth Vader as a samurai, which we’ve previously seen as a stunning action figure.

Head over to RocketNews24 for a few additional photos.

I get so tired of the way fandoms feel entitled to their writers, sometimes. 

By sometimes, I of course mean “always,” but that isn’t the point right now. I am not the point right now. The point is this:

It’s really hard not to consider the majority of your readers as assholes when you’ve got hit figures in the hundreds and comment figures in single digits.

It’s really hard to drum up motivation to keep writing when the only feedback you get is the impossible to gauge kudos.

It’s really hard to share your work with people who look at it and then move on without reacting, especially when you see how the most basic of sketches get ten times the notes your writing does.

It’s really hard to be a fandom writer, unless you’re one of the popular ones - and even then, that comes with its own pitfalls. Sure, you get the higher comment counts, but you also get the anons. And the rude comments. 

I don’t understand why-

I don’t like this-

I don’t think you should do that-

Dear Fandom:

You don’t own your writers. Your writers are fans, just like you. Your writers are creators, just like your artists and gifmakers. Your writers are not story-machines, insert coins here to produce words below. Your writers are not automatons who unflinchingly accept your demands and abuse. Your writers are not free of any obligation save for producing stories for your amusement. 

Dear Fandom:

Your writers are people. Your writers are artists of a different medium. Your writers deserve as much praise and feedback as your visual artists.

Dear Fandom:

Everyone can write. Not everyone can write well. Help those who can’t to improve. Praise those who can and encourage them to keep going.

Dear Fandom: 

It takes less than five minutes to type “This was great, I liked it when she kicked the dude’s teeth in!” and hit Comment

Dear Fandom: 

Fic links can be reblogged, too - it’s not just visuals and meta!

Dear Fandom: 

You think that the quality of fic is declining in your fandom? Maybe you should look at why that is, instead of complaining that your writers are lazy or careless.

Dear Fandom:

It is really hard not to hate you sometimes.