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NU'EST Song Title Asks
  • FACE: Have you ever faced or confronted bullying, whether personally or from a third person point of view?
  • Action: What motivates you? What are your goals?
  • Sleep Talking: What is the most significant or memorable dream you've ever had?
  • Beautiful Ghost: Do you believe in anything paranormal? If so, what kinds of experiences have you had if any?
  • Bridge the World: What do you want your legacy in life to be?
  • Goodbye Bye: When did you experience significant change in your life? What brought this on?
  • Pretty: What is your favorite feature about yourself, whether physical or based on personality?
  • Overcome: What has been your greatest struggle in life to overcome, or what obstacle are you most proud of yourself for overcoming?
  • Daybreak: What's your favorite time of the day?
  • Love Paint: How do you prefer to express yourself? The arts, sports, etc?
CGX Week 2017

It’s happening!
@bridges-you-cross @busy-old-fool  @messysketchpad @soniavillain-artist-universe @justforreplying @shebsart @tartsplace @minobishe  @detectivecappychan @dtriad @my-everskies @dreamingcellardoor Thank you so much for your swift replies! You guys are great. :’) Most of you indicated a preference for Option B, so a CGX week it is.
Duration: 19 Nov (Sun) - 25 Nov (Sat)


Day 1 (19/11): “Uncle” or “Mother”

Day 2 (20/11):  “Choice” or “Shampoo”

Day 3 (21/11):  “First Meeting(s)” or “Things Left Unsaid”  

Day 4 (22/11): “Snark” or “Bite”

Day 5 (23/11): “Seasons” or “Fierce”

Day 6 (24/11): “Again” or “Trust”

Day 7 (25/11): “Reversed Identities” or “Fluff” 

Bonus Prompt: “Unable” or “Unwilling”   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

How To Participate:

1. Create fan content according to a prompt.

2. Post on tumblr with the hashtag #cgx week 2017.  Do tag it within the first five tags for visibility~

3. Enjoy likes, kudos (if it’s an ao3 fic) and wonderful fan content created by fellow fans.

Things to note:
1. For fics, no minimum length is required.  
2. All forms of fan content are acceptable. Examples include: Fan art, fan fic, gif sets, image edits, translations, poetry, doodles, crafts, cosplay, meta, icons  
3. You can interpret the prompts however you please. Content can be pre-canon, canon, post-canon or AU-you decide! SYL content is very welcome too.
4. One prompt, three prompts, seven prompts; doesn’t matter. Do as many prompts as you like. The more the merrier~
5. If you can’t submit on a particular day, just do it another day. Late entries are a-okay!
6. If your entry does not appear under the #cgx week 2017 or #chang ge xing tag for whatever reasons, please message me if you’d like your work reblogged.
7. The main point of the event is for fellow fans to create/ogle at fan works and have fun, so don’t worry about your works being “good enough”. Anyone of any skill level is welcome to join!
8. Thank you for being part of this tiny fandom :)