Steve and Sam chase the Winter Soldier’s bloody trail as he kills people across the globe in what appears to be an indiscriminate fashion. Steve desperately wishes to stop Bucky — desperately wants to get Bucky back. But the Winter Soldier disappears like a ghost every time they come close, leaving a pile of corpses in his wake for them to clean up, tragedy upon bloody tragedy.

Finally Steve catches up to him in Kiev. He knows this has to stop. The families of the victims and his own government demand it. He points a gun at his old friend, ready to take the shot, ready to end it — and the Winter Soldier turns, and after months upon months of avoidance and utter silence, finally meets his eyes. He murmurs “It’s over” and turns himself in quietly, speaking not one further syllable.

Natasha later informs Steve that every person who died had been involved in the Winter Soldier program in one way or another. He’d been wiping his ledger clean of red.


Well, long post. Related to No such thing as fate, by mysecretfanmoments. This scene doesn’t match with the one in the fic at 100% because I’m a hopeless idiot. 

About this comic adaptation, honestly I don’t know what I’m doing. I was practically shivering until I did this. And it’s not enough. I need to draw more, to draw better, grrr, Levi is just as ugly as fuck I hate myself, sigh. 

Um. Read the fic. Enjoy it! I need to do something with these Ereri feelings GRR 


Please allow me a little moment of Water Tribe nostalgia and rambling (that, and I had no time to draw a new Zhao today).

Years ago, what started almost as joke, a little idea between friends of “what if Zhao had survived and lived among the water tribe” turned into a 447 pages monster. When an idea brick hits hard, it leaves a dent.

It was a learning experience. A great exercise. I look back at it, and there are so many things I’d love to tweak-fix, but I won’t Georges Lucas it. It is what it is, with its moments and its flaws. It was a blast to do.

It was only after 3 “chapters” that the idea of why the spirits would even spare Zhao’s life started to solidify. I never quite paid it off properly. Live and learn! As I said, it was done for fun and never properly planned.

In case anyone is curious about the Water Tribe AU, everything is archived here: http://noselfcontrol.deviantart.com/art/Water-Tribe-001-69837313

(thanks Mike and Bryan for having created this sandbox of fun characters to play around with)