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How I paid 20p to join Peter Capaldi’s very own Dr Who fan club in Bishopbriggs in 1974

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Photographer Simon Clegg has revealed he was the sole member of Peter Capaldi’s Dr Who fan club, which the actor launched while still a teenager in Bishopbriggs.

As the Glasgow-born star prepares to take over one of the most popular roles on TV, Mr Clegg said he paid 20p back in 1974 to join Capaldi’s club after meeting him at the local theatre.

Mr Clegg, who now lives in Australia, said: “I met Peter at the Fort Theatre in Bishopbriggs when we were both in The Antonine Players, a local amateur dramatic society.

"He was massively keen on Dr Who and had started up the fan club and asked me if I wanted to join. So I gave him my 20p and that was it.”

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Translation - Mamo blog 30th December 2014

Title: During fan club event… Part 3

Scenes during fan club event pamphlet photo shooting,

This is the last one☆

Since not posting them,

Will be a waste…

I would like to post(XD)(>_<)

The last one was, adult like black double suit(^_^)v

Diffusing a mature atmosphere(XD), shooting started\(^o^)/


Instead of a mature atmosphere……

A stern atmosphere was released though……???(^^;;(XD)

Releasing a stern atmosphere, I sat down though(^^;;(XD)

On the computer screen, made a close up of the face only(XD)

See, a stern face though(^^;;(XD)


Since there was such atmosphere,

Everyone treated me politely(XD)

Stylist san was fanning,

Keeping that, make-up artist san was amending the make-up(XD)

Even holding out the water (>_<)(XD)


If this continues, my image will become bad…


Now things come to this…!!!

Let’s carry a pig☆(XD)