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How I paid 20p to join Peter Capaldi’s very own Dr Who fan club in Bishopbriggs in 1974

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Photographer Simon Clegg has revealed he was the sole member of Peter Capaldi’s Dr Who fan club, which the actor launched while still a teenager in Bishopbriggs.

As the Glasgow-born star prepares to take over one of the most popular roles on TV, Mr Clegg said he paid 20p back in 1974 to join Capaldi’s club after meeting him at the local theatre.

Mr Clegg, who now lives in Australia, said: “I met Peter at the Fort Theatre in Bishopbriggs when we were both in The Antonine Players, a local amateur dramatic society.

"He was massively keen on Dr Who and had started up the fan club and asked me if I wanted to join. So I gave him my 20p and that was it.”

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  • Sirius:Ugh, seriously my fan club is pissing me off
  • Peter:You have a fan club?
  • Sirius:Well, yeah. Look at me *flips hair* Anyway gotta go, going to sell my pictures for $20 apiece *leaves*
  • Peter:
  • Remus:Wow, I guess he didn't like our banner
  • Peter:You're part of the the fan club?
  • Remus:I'm the leader of it, bitch
  • Remus:Alright, gotta go get his pictures early, he might even give me a discount

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