this has been sitting in my sketchbook for a while, but ever since finishing hollow knight, i wanted to make a little oc! i don’t think they’ll have any story associated with them, so i’ll only be drawing them for fun every once in a while. haven’t decided on a name yet, but i’m leaning towards Lung, Thimble, or Thread (in reference to my old persona). i’m toying with the idea that they might have a harpoon-like nail. or just the one depicted at the bottom, we’ll see.

  • Michael: Why d-do Nii-san hate Granpa Guren so much?
  • Luciel: What kind of question is that even? Firstly, his very existence upsets Dad. To be fair, I don't know what is up between those two, so it doesn't bother me all that much.
  • Michael: S-so..?
  • Luciel: Guren is a liar. He is never honest about his feelings, because being viewed as the "strong, responsible leader" is more important to him than actually being one, and he pretends to be in control, when he clearly is losing his shit. He is unable to just admit that he cares for those around him, and that he would be an even more pathetic, broken man if he were to lose them. I despise people like that.
  • Michael: Nii-san... G-granpa Guren has been t-through so much... Someone like Nii-san w-who has not suffered losses like him s-shouldn't talk like that...
  • Luciel: Of course I can criticize who he is today. Because he fucked up his past, doesn't mean he can get away with fucking up other people's future.
  • Michael: ...
  • Michael: I-I don't mind Grandpa Guren... But the woman he's with is scary...
  • Luciel: What woman?
  • Michael: The woman... S-she is pretty, but she has very s-scary eyes...
  • Luciel: Okaaaaay... That's cool I guess...?

Here she is! My finished Samurai Jack oc. Seeing as the show has characters based on different cultures/time periods, I decided to give her an ancient Egyptian theme. Her name is Layla, she’s a bounty hunter who travels the world with her companion Ramses the cat. I haven’t completely decided on her backstory, but her homeland was destroyed by Aku and she definitely meets Jack at some point in her journeys. I’ll probably write more stuff later!

Meet Heilei the Shetland Pony.

@thebbros @thebbros-studios-on-and-off-set

They’re 19 years of age and five foot three. They are neutral with their gender doesn’t really care what you classify them as.

Likes: Singing, dancing, making others laugh, and grooming.

Dislikes: people, working, revealing clothing, public showings involving them.

Job description: Transportation private as well as public. Due to this they are pretty strong. They are part of the division at their work that the customer can commission them to be their personal transporter for a duration of time. Though its up to Heilei whether they want to take the work.

the carriage can carry two to three people and some luggage depending on the amount. They may be strong but they don’t have super strength.

Hates looking down on people both literally and figuratively. So they will pick the person up if they are shorter than her and put them somewhere where they are at eye level or taller.

When angry they’ll move their hair from their face by clips or ponytail so they can look the person in the eye.