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The Half Blood Hero

The first thing he felt was vindication. Remus Lupin packed up his things and Severus’s world didn’t seem so bitter anymore. A stress began unwinding like a coil that had been stuck together for far too long. He felt the relief as if it was a knot finally massaged from his back.  He had spent the formative years of his life fighting those boys: Sirius, Remus, Peter, and James. Well, not so much Peter anymore. The man had become less of an enemy and more of an annoyance as the years droned on. 

Now, Sirius was being hunted, James was gone, and Remus who had a target now placed upon his back would soon be gone too. He had lost many battles back in his Hogwarts days, but maybe just maybe he could win the war….not the real one, but the one that mattered. 

The autumn wind picked up and danced around him. The breeze sweeping over his misgivings. He felt free. He ran his hands together as he stood outside the grounds, waiting. He didn’t know how long it would take before Remus came out, but he wanted to be there to give him a proper send off. He would be cordial. Remus was not the worst of the marauders, but he was still one of them. Cordial and malicious was a mix Snape had perfected for this very moment. He watched Remus take his first steps off of the grounds; a newly jobless werewolf. An involuntary smile slithered its way on his face and he felt a lift at the sides of his cheeks.  He was going to enjoy every second of this, take every detail in so that he could play it over and over again in his mind for years to come. 

Remus stepped out and at first didn’t look at him, trying to keep his composer. He couldn’t believe after all these years, after all these years he still was trying to get back at them. He didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing his face.  

“Lupin,” Snape’s voice held its usual monotone inflection, but Remus could have sworn he detected a sliver of happiness within the bland tone. 

Don’t say anything, Don’t say anything. He thought. You’re a grown man, don’t do it. 

“Just wanted to wish you well on your way out,” Snape followed him, inching closer and closer with each step. Remus kept walking with his head down, walking, walking, walking, and then a sudden stop. He looked down, under his foot laid a patch of wildflowers. He shook his head, bite his lip, then turned around to face the dark cloaked man before him. He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped thinking better of it. “Say what you want to say,” Severus said. “It can’t be worse than what you and your little friends used to say to me.” 

Remus took a deep breath, his fist clenching. He couldn’t act out, not now. He would not make a monster out of the man he had fought so hard to be. Instead he choose his words carefully. If he was going to say something it was going to matter. 

“Lily would be disgusted.” The words fell out no louder than a wisp. By any passerby, they could’ve been mistaken for echos that the wind had carried back from Hogsmeade. No one would pay attention to the words that fell from Remus’s lips and glazed over Severus like winter frost on a window. Severus stumbled back as if the sentence had come to life and the ice in the window had caused it to crack. 
Remus said no more, but it was all he had needed to say. He turned back and walked away from the school leaving Severus standing in the wake of his words.

Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be-

 The words didn’t repeat with any rhythm that a record would produce but instead bounced jaggedly through Severus’s mind. Not to any beat, but to the sound one could only describe as chaos, and as each jagged sound rang through his mind it seemed to slice his very being, far worse then sectumsempra every did. 

Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. 

The words grew faster and faster coming at him like knives  thrown during a circus act. Each word hurdled towards him, but swerved before it could kill him. They came each a knife near the head, but not to the head. Near the arm, but just missing it. They piled on top of each other until the end was inevitable. Soon he would be hit, and he felt his oncoming death as if it had already happened.

Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be-Maybe

A new word snaked its way into his mind forcing everything else to a sudden halt.

Maybe she would be, but maybe she’d understand. 

How could he allow such a dangerous creature where children play? For all, anyone knows he should be crowned as a hero. 

Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted.

Maybe she would be, but she was always a bleeding heart. Had no qualms for her own safety. He was saving her. He was a knight, maybe a knight in rusty armor, but still a knight nonetheless. 

Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted.

She had betrayed him and married his worst enemy. She was blind. Maybe she’d be disgusted, but she didn’t understand…

…It wasn’t his fault she didn’t understand… 

…A knights job is to slay the dragon even if the princess loves it. Even if the princes’ love’s it. It’s not his job to be nice  in the face of fire.

Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be disgusted. Lily would be-AH!

He pushed the words aside, straining every ounce of his muscles to do so. It seemed that the words in his mind had caused his body to feel just as much as he did. 

Lily would be disgusted. Lily would…learn…if she ever had a chance to learn.

 He scraped the bad words from his mind. He was the half blood prince. He was a savior, even if people made him bleed for his heroism. He kept the straining idea upon his head like a crown of thorns and walked back into Hogwarts. 

He walked down the hall towards his office only to find a young Harry sitting in the hallway. He had to stop himself from sneering every time he saw the boy; a perfect replica of James. His eyes the only reminder that Lily existed at all. Her legacy showed beneath that hideous arrogance. It almost made him sick; knowing that the only thing left of Lily was tainted by James. 

“Potter,” He nodded towards to boy long enough to catch a glimpse of the expression on his face. His eyes, his green eyes drenched with disgusted. 

Harry was disgusted. Lily would have been disgusted. Lily didn’t have time to understand. One day Harry would understand. He thought to himself and turned to walk into his office. 

((I tried a new challenge writing from Snapes POV. Loosely based off this post.))


13. How did you become a MH fan? #Monster High Challange

I stumbled across a really pretty picture of a customized doll on Tumblr and scrolled down the whole “Monster High ooak” tag afterwards. I didn’t know anything about the MH universe at this point. But eventually, I watched the webisodes and movies and got to know the characters. I remember browsing the official homepage for the first time, stunned by the creativity and exceptionality of the character’s designs.
As a child I’ve always been more interested in the dark and mysterious than in princesses. Maybe consuming every fantasy novel I could get my hands on was an influence on my love for the extraordinary, as well. I’m also into goth and steampunk and refuse to give up my interests in “kids stuff”, such as toys, plushies and unicorns. In conclusion, Monster High and I were pretty much meant to be.

Find my other dollies and fanart here!

kilshade  asked:

Lord Scourge, palette 25? :D

2016, November - Lord Scourge from Star Wars / SWTOR in Colour Palette 25. Thank you for this, I really enjoyed and it was quite therapeutic to draw him <3 

I still remember the feel of sunlight on my skin. The scent of favourite foods. The colour of my first love’s eyes. To experience those simple pleasures again would be worth anything.”


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.-*Durincest Christmas Challenge*-.

Hello and… welcome to my Christmas Challenge!!!
Let me explain the thing.

I don’t particulary love the Christmas atmosphere, I like drawing some christmas stuff, trying to “get in the mood”, but normally I fail and… basically I am a Grinch.
Otherwise my Sunni (my lovely Fili) loves everything is Christmas related and told me “I will make you love Christmas this year!”
I find it funny, because I imagined me and her as Grinch!Kili and a ChristmasAddicted!Fili, in which Fili is desperately trying to let Kili love Christmas and all the typical christmas stuff, like the christmas song, the snow, making the christmas three, christmas lights in the streets, etc…


The prompt is:

“Kili hates Christmas, how will Fili be able to change his little brother’s mind?”

You can draw a fan art (or a comic) or write a little fic about the prompt :)
There is no rating limit (aka you can draw/write p0rn if you want) or words limit for the fics, you can do one or more entry, maybe I will join with some fan art too, I don’t know ;)

Just tag me in the entry or if you want write me a message with the link, the dead line is obviously 25th December.
The best Fan Art and the best Fan Fic will receive a little prize :)


So! I wish you all good luck and I hope you will join my little challenge, I really want to interact more with you all because


Dear Reylo Artists

Some folks may not know this classic movie: From Here to Eternity. Ever since we heard about the rumored Ahch-to rescue, I cannot get this scene out of my head. Just throwing it out there if someone wants to attempt it. And BTW- like most directors, Johnson has a love of classic cinema and film history. Have you all liked the black and white pics we’ve been getting? K, just gonna leave this image intense sexy stuff below. *spoilers* ?? ;-) Images out of sequence. Reference models. Need to make ourselves busy and positive. Many days to go 12/2017.

And they lived happily ever after. (BTW– scenes out of sequence.)

For extra hilarity, REASONS (Who does this look like, honestly.)

Rian Johnson– are you out there? His love of b&w and classic style. Thx for the help @moody-avocado

We see you.


Who’s seen the starkids take on the pinata?

Icebirns 30 Day Challenge day one- first meet.

(I had a whole fanfic for this but not time to edit it) I can still post if someone is dying to read it.

Hans ran down the hall noticing he was going to be late to the coronation and tripped over Elsa’s cape- thus Iceburns began