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13. How did you become a MH fan? #Monster High Challange

I stumbled across a really pretty picture of a customized doll on Tumblr and scrolled down the whole “Monster High ooak” tag afterwards. I didn’t know anything about the MH universe at this point. But eventually, I watched the webisodes and movies and got to know the characters. I remember browsing the official homepage for the first time, stunned by the creativity and exceptionality of the character’s designs.
As a child I’ve always been more interested in the dark and mysterious than in princesses. Maybe consuming every fantasy novel I could get my hands on was an influence on my love for the extraordinary, as well. I’m also into goth and steampunk and refuse to give up my interests in “kids stuff”, such as toys, plushies and unicorns. In conclusion, Monster High and I were pretty much meant to be.

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kilshade  asked:

Lord Scourge, palette 25? :D

2016, November - Lord Scourge from Star Wars / SWTOR in Colour Palette 25. Thank you for this, I really enjoyed and it was quite therapeutic to draw him <3 

I still remember the feel of sunlight on my skin. The scent of favourite foods. The colour of my first love’s eyes. To experience those simple pleasures again would be worth anything.”

Dear Reylo Artists

Some folks may not know this classic movie: From Here to Eternity. Ever since we heard about the rumored Ahch-to rescue, I cannot get this scene out of my head. Just throwing it out there if someone wants to attempt it. And BTW- like most directors, Johnson has a love of classic cinema and film history. Have you all liked the black and white pics we’ve been getting? K, just gonna leave this image intense sexy stuff below. *spoilers* ?? ;-) Images out of sequence. Reference models. Need to make ourselves busy and positive. Many days to go 12/2017.

And they lived happily ever after. (BTW– scenes out of sequence.)

For extra hilarity, REASONS (Who does this look like, honestly.)

Rian Johnson– are you out there? His love of b&w and classic style. Thx for the help @moody-avocado

We see you.


Who’s seen the starkids take on the pinata?

Icebirns 30 Day Challenge day one- first meet.

(I had a whole fanfic for this but not time to edit it) I can still post if someone is dying to read it.

Hans ran down the hall noticing he was going to be late to the coronation and tripped over Elsa’s cape- thus Iceburns began

.-*Durincest Christmas Challenge*-.

Hello and… welcome to my Christmas Challenge!!!
Let me explain the thing.

I don’t particulary love the Christmas atmosphere, I like drawing some christmas stuff, trying to “get in the mood”, but normally I fail and… basically I am a Grinch.
Otherwise my Sunni (my lovely Fili) loves everything is Christmas related and told me “I will make you love Christmas this year!”
I find it funny, because I imagined me and her as Grinch!Kili and a ChristmasAddicted!Fili, in which Fili is desperately trying to let Kili love Christmas and all the typical christmas stuff, like the christmas song, the snow, making the christmas three, christmas lights in the streets, etc…


The prompt is:

“Kili hates Christmas, how will Fili be able to change his little brother’s mind?”

You can draw a fan art (or a comic) or write a little fic about the prompt :)
There is no rating limit (aka you can draw/write p0rn if you want) or words limit for the fics, you can do one or more entry, maybe I will join with some fan art too, I don’t know ;)

Just tag me in the entry or if you want write me a message with the link, the dead line is obviously 25th December.
The best Fan Art and the best Fan Fic will receive a little prize :)


So! I wish you all good luck and I hope you will join my little challenge, I really want to interact more with you all because