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Name your Generational All-Stars! One from each of the seven generations that they originated in! What are your absolute favorite from each? :D

Ooh this sounds fun :D

Quick note: I am in no way a strict competetive battler. My favourites are purely based on aesthetics > battling capabilities ~ (I’m so sorry, please don’t judge me ;-;)

Gen 1: Ninetales - Quite possibly the best pokemon of any generation.

Gen 2: Espeon - A typical choice but it’s always been one of my favourites. Psychic types are generally my favourites.

Gen 3: Zangoose - There are way too many good Pokemon in gen 3 but my Zangoose was always my main battler back in Ruby Version. Plus it’s this cool looking cat/mongoose thing with a scar across it’s face.

Gen 4: Luxray - I’m not really a fan of many Gen 4 pokemon but Luxray always stood out to me.

Gen 5: Gigalith - Gen 5 also had so many awesome looking Pokemon to choose from but I love this atronach, gemstone looking badass. It almost looks like a legendary pokemon.

Gen 6: Aurorus - I’ve always had a mild obsession with dinosaurs, especially sauropods. Aurorus also has this almost fairy type looking design to it too but as an ice type, which is another favourite type of mine.

Gen 7: Lycanroc (midday form) - I like wolves. I always wanted a Pokemon with more of a wolf design than dog (mightyena was close but too dog/hyena-like in appearance).

~Thank you for the ask! ^^
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Relationships: Jeremy Dooley/Ryan Haywood
Characters: Jeremy Dooley, Ryan Haywood, Mica Burton, Jon Risinger, Matt Bragg
Additional Tags: College/University

Special thanks to @avengetheheroes and @rimmybond for beta reading!

Dedicated to @teambattlebuddies because I promised I’d write non-angst JeremWood :)


God translation is soooooo hard! I tried yet this is what I could do. I drew this fan art several month before the Battle of the Five Armies came out and put it on my Weibo. I would never have thought about that there was actually a scence where Thranduil sent someone to ask Legolas to come back. The difference is that he also told Legolas that Tauriel was forbidden to come back, and Legolas refused his order. I was sad watching them depart in the end. Not even a hug?! What the hell, I made this fan art before the movie came out. Hope you enjoy it and just ignore the bugs…

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Hi friend! May I ask for a small Jeffmads comic where Alexander insults Thomas then James suddenly gets angry and starts shouting at Alex? Thank you! xx

This was the best possible cooldown. Thank you so much for sending this in.

(Lyrics from the omitted Cabinet Battle 3)

Edit: it just now hit me that you probably wanted something more sweet and sincere but I have the worst sense of humor and you got this instead. I’m sorry