fan ball

I originally wanted to post this eons ago, but i couldn’t decide on a alot of bio stuff, but here she is finally! 

Name: Polly Pollenaer (pronounced: poh-leh-near)
Nicknames: pocky, poppy, plucky, petey (Robbie Rotten),
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Interests: flowers, gardening, helping others
Main negative trait: passiveness in tough situations

About: A shy, fidgety young gal, Polly mainly spends her time withdrawn in her garden, taking care of the flowers. She has very extensive knowledge on plants, and knows a lot about which plants are edible and which aren’t and she even knows how to make teas made from edible flowers.
Despite her kind nature and willingness to help others, she finds it difficult to talk to others because of her shyness, and prefers to ‘’let the flowers do the talking’’. As mentioned earlier, she is very bad at handling tough situations, like fights between friends. This means that she will instead withdraw in her garden, gardening, or gift flowers w/ a certain meaning to them, as means of ‘’letting flowers do the talking’’.
She is also very self conscious abt her sporting abilities, preferring to stand at the sidelines instead, cheering the team on or helping if she needs to.

Height wise, she’s shorter than Stingy, but taller than Ziggy. So, in-between those two.

Hope you all like her!