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Hmmm… @teoriascamren labyu gioo comeback soon, @camren-memes she is not here but im a fan(atic) @camrenillusion @just-a-camren-shipper @17-days-off @blameitoncamren @problematic-camren @de-lu-si-o-nal @emisonme @decoding1432 this blog never failed to roast mah brain, bading @takeeme-aaway for her empty soul blog hahahhahahaha @truluvproof the dean, @justbewonderful @crzy45h , @cutestfuckingbread @sun-to-my-luna
@lmjupdates @teamcamren

Wew i think i never gonna finish it.. but yeaaa thats it hohohoho. Go follow eemmmm ….

 Hello~ so this is my first follow forever. Today marks 2 years since i started running this blog * wow it seems as if I’ve been here forever* And recently I have achieved more than my personal goal of followers and i wouldn’t be able to do this without all the cuties that I follow *although I don’t talk to many of you, maybe this could be the start:D* and this is the least I could do to thank you guys. If it was for me I would travel all over the world and give each and everyone of you and huge hug telling you how thankful I am for bring my blog to life. Lol this is getting corny, but i would….if i was richXD. My friend actually made this blog for me, I didn’t even know what tumblr was, and I’m glad she did because i got to meet amazing people with wonderful personalities form all over the world and talk to alot of you and that always brings my mood up. So once again before i get started I would like to say THANK- YOU!!!! YOU MAKE MY DAY BRIGHTER <33333 and I just wanna thank Sofi for making this edit * this is perfect! Don’t sweat it bb your edits are amazing ^_^ *

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GREED: 京 x Free Talk

(Couldn’t find translations for the free talk portion of the GREED documentary so I started sometime last year. And then got bored and immediately stopped lol. This is only 2 out of the 11 pages for Kyo’s section.  I stumbled on these notes while cleaning out my computer so here.)

京 : I’ve really liked Histoshi Matsumoto for a while. Given that I do music, I’m not really interested in comedy, but on the inside Matsumoto Hitoshi is very extraordinary. Within his comedy I think there’s malice. Rather than [from the comedy of] DOWNTOWN, it’s Hitoshi Matsumoto. He has a DVD series called “HITOSO MATSUMOTO VISUALBUM” and it has strange ideas/thoughts. But honestly speaking, I don’t really read his books for a deeper understanding. Generally, I only understand parts of it. I’m immensely drawn to [reading like this]. I don’t just read his books though, anything else (with his name) I also read/view, even movies.

(Note: I can’t find a way to word it, but Kyo says how he just likes reading Matsumoto’s book with a normal mood, like when you wanna read a book before you go to sleep to relax, and not to analyze it, that kind of mindset ^^)
**Matsumoto is a popular japanese comedian, and DOWNTOWN is the comedic duo group he’s in

I: You said it was “malicious/evil”, can you explain?

京 : Well…I think comedy is divided into many categories, but the purpose is still to make everyone happy. Hitoshi Matsumoto probably feels the same way… but I think he is more focused on self-satisfaction. (he talks about doing what you want, instead of changing your ‘art’ to suit the audience) Although this is a bit biased, there’s a comic that everyone loves called “ONE PIECE”, but I find it very annoying. Hitoshi Matsumoto is probably able resist to the performing in such a way. In the end I don’t truly know, but [it seems to me] his taste is not the same as others.
(Kyo mentions that he really enjoys that type of comedy/comedians who stay true to what they find funny, and keeps mentioning “malicious/evil feeling”)

I: Are there any other comedians that you like?

京 : Although his style [of comedy] is different, Chihara Seiji is also good. There is no malice in his comedy… but rather a very free feeling. It’s such an extreme (from Matsumoto’s comedy), but surprisingly I still liked it.

I: (talks about how Matsumoto’s methods to comedy on stage might be basic, but he’s managed to capture the hearts of the audience with his strong performance)

京 : Exactly. When listening to him, you probably don’t get a good impression of his character (laughs) But it’s really interesting to me. Before dying, I want to see him even just once. Just because I know him, doesn’t mean he knows me. So… just a meetup is fine (laughs)

I: That’s totally like a fan [to feel that way], isn’t it? (laughs)

京 : Is that so? I don’t consider myself a fan. I just really like him.

I: (something like since Kyo wants to meet Matsumoto, he asks a question regarding fans who want to meet with Kyo, and how Kyo perceives their feelings?)

京 : Hmm…. even if I said “like/love”… everyone calls it a “like/love” but I’m not very convinced. I’m not deliberately trying to be negative, but simply because the “like” they are talking about is not how I view it. “Ah, I know how you feel”, I have heard such responses, but they don’t even watch TV, and so I would think, “uh huh…..” (laughs)

I: Actually, it’s not just limited to bands, right? In regards to artists and idols, there are sometimes changes in the mood/feeling when they say “I’ve graduated”. (basically like when people stop being fans of something)

京 : Yes, it is. So … like that word is has very ambiguous feeling (he means the word “fan”). But I’ve like Hitoshi Matsumoto for more than a decade, and my feelings have not changed.

I: It is a love for it/them (laughs).

京 : Yes. So someone tells me, “I have liked [this object/show/artist] for two or three years,” I only have “huh” as a response.

I: True, as time passes you really find out whether that love/interest is genuine.

京 : (talks about how even if Kyo likes them, the comedian for example, it’s only natural for the interest of the individual to change on both fronts. Over time both the performer’s self ideals change as well as the 'fan’. Kyo then wonders about DIR EN GREY’s fans, those who have stuck by them for so long despite their artistic changes, and the fans who leave whenever the band changes.)

I: (Says something about how when that relationship changes, sometimes either the idol or fan will change in order to meet the standards of the other, instead of just accepting change)

京 : (Talks about changing of views and uses North Korea as an example) …so for people who truly like us… it makes me very happy.

I: (I’m so sorry i have no clue what he’s saying here haha something about like “not understanding something very similar to sensitivity”)

京 : Maybe so. Basically even if the musical style [of DIR EN GREY] changes, but what I want to express [in my lyrics and poems] does not. Do they really want us to change this?

I: (Long question basically asking about Kyo’s smile and at what moments does Kyo smile on stage)

京 : I can only say that this is a very natural action, such as when you want to laugh out alone even when I don’t laugh… (talks about giving his 100% effort) at the end of each live I’m at 0 [because I’ve exhausted my being], (talks about how the band members stay around on stage and throw things into the crowd) But if I want to, then I will do it, that’s all. (talks about how he says whatever he feels like saying when he’s on stage and at the end of performances)

I: (Talks about how most mucisians will announce that they are happy at the end of lives. usually they say it’s because they performed their best/put in their all.) Kyo is this how you feel as well?

京 : Well, naturally, language coupled with physical action… but this for me is only about 95% of completion, and the remaining 5% is when the fans become one (with me/us). When all the conditions are reached, I will then say, “I am very happy,” this is the case.

(they end this segment by discussing Kyo’s smile at the end of concerts. the interviewer mentions that the fans feel happier and more satisfied when kyo, and the rest of the band, show signs that they enjoyed themselves. kyo laughs and goes “ah so it’s like that”. The interviewer explains it further, and Kyo goes “isn’t that something fan[atics] say/think?” )