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So I wondered to the fem!Keith tag and I’ve been itching to doodle for a while. I’m actually a big fan of boyfriends who can do their girl’s hair and make up so…

Imagine Lance being really good with braids (especially ‘cuz he has a younger sister) and then, we all know Shiro has his eyeliner game on (he probably knows how to use contour tbh).

Keith’s the type of girl who rarely fixes herself up but actually cleans-up pretty nicely.


So I’ve wanted the Mistwarden title for ages but kept putting off finishing the revenant collection, literally just because I didn’t want to do the Tangled Depths meta orz, but I ended up pretty much just getting it incidentally while working on TSB. (Naturally I’m not even gonna use it now because “Relentless” is an infinitely better title for Connie lmaooo)

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Can you draw Benny and Pete as friends? I can see Benny being like a big brother to Pete. I totally headcanon Benny teaching Pete how to open the fire hydrogen.

HAVE YOU BEEN READING MY MIND????? i think about them being friends a lot

now that benny has an actual job and like life plans and stuff hes got to pass on his legacy