fan art submission

hi hello this is what I’ve said months ago, some fanmade swap!sensy

the swap!pap is still coming up, gotta finalize a few things before acually making the ref “9-9

i’m not the best at designing and stuff I’m sorry i’m a disgrace 9_9 also since sensy is your character you can go think up his personality, etc since I never thought of that stuff either ,-,

i’m submitting to see if you’d like it or smth and maybe wanna use it as the official swap!sensy design? IDK???? ;7;

i’m sorry I’ll leave now ,3,


Art by @deltryx

Mun: I LITERALLY THOUGHT THIS WAS ALTERTALE! SANS XDD THIS IS SO CUTE! I LOVE THIS!! And yeah sure! This could be an official design. I’ve been waiting for a design for NC!Swap!Skelebros for a while now. Since I haven’t properly introduced you guys to Papyrus yet in the comic, I would be glad to give him the personalities he need :3

darthalex23 submitted:

Violet Rose’s new armor design. My idea is the cuisses hold the pony’s cutiemark on the right and their spouses on there left. They have darkend mail under the plate and simple padding which is commonly seen when in the village for is like a warrior simple clothing. Hope you like it.

Ohhh, that’s an interesting take on it. I gave it a shot myself as a quick doodle, to try it out. Apologies for being a little off in some places, it’s hard to see details and colours with what you sent.

Thanks for sending it in! It’s really neat! <3


The AU where Mordremoth didn’t have a back up plan and Trahearne lived, changed and beaten and battered but still alive and kicking.

Hey! This is obsessedwithamedot!! I check on tumblr every once in a while and I miss you all! Tell @amedot-fangirl I say hi. Here’s an amedot you can post for me. (I can’t make an account cuz I’m trying to stay away from that haha)
I miss the fandom and I hope everyone’s doing great! And yes I still am totally obsessed with amedot!

Edit : obsessedwithamedot submitted this.