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I'm In the hp au, how did the fight with Teru begin/escalate? Also could we draw fan art of this au?

oh gosh, i love fanart, please tag me in it. mob got better at magic thanks to his teachers’ advice and teru took it as a personal offense, so he challenged mob to a duel. he pushed mob to use his magic but he wouldn’t, so teru attacked him to get him to fight back. that made mob want repress his magic even more which, ultimately, led him to release his obscurus.

Popee the Performer and rising(?) Interest

For some reason, I keep getting videos recommended to me about an old CGI anime called ‘Popee the Performer’. Doing some research, I found that a lot of people have heard about it, drawn fan art, and made memes (and the obvious that it’s bloody fun for kids.)

I’m just trying to understand why people have picked up interest for this series. Is it because it’s so bad it’s good? Is it obscure and weird enough? Is it because it was doing DeviantArt darkside art before DeviantArt did it? Or is it because the creator Ryuji Masuda started talking and drawing doodles on this series?

All I can say it’s not the first Japanese CGI toon I’ve been exposed to (Gregory Horror Show), but there are plenty of theories to create on this. And that excites me.


I’m just gonna remind everyone that Bakugou seems to be the only one that doesn’t care to cover up.

Also I love that Kami plays with Ojiro’s tail so often.



ps. I got just got some comicbook art boards for the first time (all my other doujin were just in my sketch book lol) and I had to draw some bakushima to test it out!

you’re like the ocean. pretty enough on the surface but, dive down into your depths, you’ll find beauty most people never see.                                         lucky me. i fell in, headfirst.