fan art for me!

Stakar’s old crew~
with little Tullk!!
(I love them so muuuuch!)
It’s gonna be one of the introduce pics of the cast in my fan book
《Smoking heart and broken gun》
it includes 3 fan fics (about 60000 words for now,in Chinese)and all my fan art of GotG recently.

I may not live to see our glory…


I finished some greeting card samples!

This is just a little tester post to see if there’s any merit in selling my Berena themed greetings cards (and/or postcards) on Etsy.

I have about 54 other drawing designs with adorning quotes, and there’s a range of slightly alternating card designs in which to feature them so this is just a small idea of the range I could end up making. (Mainly because I’m skeptical about making 59 cards if there’s no interest in them - I have plans to improve designs if there were)

If any of you are keen on the idea then please let me know - any feedback would be great!


H: Sometimes I over analyze things and Yoongi really helps me calm down, he always makes sure to listen to me and he always knows what to say.

Y: Whenever I feel down on myself Hobi brings Holly and some snacks and it’s an instant mood booster <3

Regan Week 2017: Day 5 - Wedding 

Negan gives him a choice: someone’s death or wedding. Rick already knows what he will choose