fan art exhibit

I just HAD to do a drawing for Yurio’s exhibition skate!!! OMG I’m still not over it! Please have this adorable dotty Russian fairy!

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Hi hey hello,

I would like to show you my newest painting, I’ve prepared for NOC MUZEÓW 2017, polish day of free night entrance to every art galery, museums etc.
It’s strong and brave white gorilla, with own little fans (grupies paws :D )

“Idol naszych czasów”
90x90 cm
acrylic on canvas


Jongins comments on the FanBook exhibtion 

And his autograph on some of the art. (art and photos not mine)


Here is the full set of promo images I created Teen Wolf​ Season 5.

(left -right, top-bottom) afraid - curious - doubt - hopeless - insane - steadfast

Named for the feeling I thought their character might feel during Season 5 based off of the promo! 


Calling all Korra Nation artists!

Here’s your chance to have your amazing LOK or ATLA artwork on display during our Legend Of Korra / Avatar The Last Airbender Tribute Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in California starting March of 2015.

Click here to find out how to submit your artwork

Click here to find out more about the art exhibit


We’re at the grand opening of the “Heroes in a Half Shell” TMNT Art Tribute Gallery at Gallery Nucleus in LA!!

So many of our artists have pieces in the exhibit…it’s amazing how many of the folks that work on the show are also HUGE fans!

Come check out the gallery if you can! The exhibit will run til August 3rd.