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Here is my contribution to @meabhd‘s coloring contest! She did the lines, I did the coloring. 

I had sooooo fun with this, mostly cause they are Harry Potter characters (Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown) but also cause I tried a new coloring technique! Turned out to be great practice and something I’ll definitely try again.

Thanks for the opportunity to color your lines Méabh, your art is amazing and it was an honor omg lmao *-* <3

WELL HERE IT IS!! My piece for a contest hosted by Latin-American CN. I’m really happy with the result :D
(Anytime soon i’ll get a link for you guys to vote if you want to, it would really help me)

Jim, Claire, and Toby could be admiring one of YOUR creations! Create your own Trollhunter from the past and post it on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #TrollhuntersFanArtContest. Three winners could see their art featured on a future episode of the series! Find out more at

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT & INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED TO ENTER. Void where prohibited by law. Contest starts 12:00 noon PT on 3/31/17 and ends 12:00 noon PT on 6/23/17. Open only to legal residents of 50 U.S. & DC, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, 13+. 3 prizes available, each consisting of a $250 USD check payable to the winner and possibility of Fan Art featured on the Trollhunters series. Art skill required. Subject to full Official Rules. Sponsor: DreamWorks Animation LLC, 1000 Flower Street, Glendale, CA 91201.

Nemo’s 3k+ Fan Art Contest!!

To celebrate 3k followers, I thought hosting a fanart contest would be a great idea. Suggestion pitched by the awesome @dracini~!

All you have to do is draw an amazing banner of my OC Nemo celebrating 3k! Now, before you go off thinking some “much better artist” is going to win, I will not be picking a winner based on the art skill. I’m judging based on how you do it. How you really capture Nemo’s character in your piece is what I’ll be looking for. Something that’ll make me go, “Oh wow! Yes, that’s definitely Nemo!” Basically what I’m looking for is how well you really express him in your piece.

The prize…. your very own peppermint horse from my closed species. Only there’s a catch. As the creator of the species, I’d expect that you respect my demands when you win one of my very exclusive peppermint horses. Please understand that I have a certain condition to prevent from having a million Nemo’s running loose.

When you win this horse, you are free to give them any occupation and personality you wish. You can ship them all you want. If you want them to have foals, fine. That’s dandy. But please hear me out, you may not and I mean absolutely NOT give them a peppermint foal. The foal can not look anything like the rest of my peppermint horses. It can be peppermint scented. Again, I’m demanding this to prevent from more copies of these horses.

I do have some other conditions, I will be the one designing and naming this horse. I will also be deciding the gender. Now if you feel like this is totally unfair or don’t want me designing this horse, then I’m going to have to ask you to refrain from joining this contest. I just want for you to respect that I don’t want anyone designing their own peppermint horse.

Now, this horse will be apart of Nemo’s family. A cousin, in case you were wondering. They will also be in future posts involving his family. And will be added as an additional character in the family.

There will be 1 winner.

Second place winners will receive a drawing of their OC drawn with Nemo. It can be a kiss on the cheek. Or a hug. Whichever.

Third place will get a chibi of their OC.


  • You must be following me. New followers are welcome to join.
  • Do not copy someone else’s entry idea. Try to come up with your own.
  • Do not reblog this with your entry.

Contest will end by July 11th.

If you have any further questions about the contest, feel free to shoot me a message on the tumblr messenger. If you need his ref, just ask. Sound good? Cool. Have fun! c:

#nemo’s 3k+ fan art contest

jacksepticeye community october 2016: omg,, were those, glitches?? zalgo text??? what is happening… could it be, antisepticeye?!?! what if he kills jack on halloween?!?!

jacksepticeye community summer 2017: i’m dead, you’re dead, jack’s dead, we’ve been set on fire three times in the last six minutes, chase is a MURDERER or he’s going to DIE, dr. scheeplestein is probably in my head RIGHT NOW, morse code in the tags, theories longer than essays, fan art contest, WHO THE FUCK met with darkiplier, i haven’t slept in three days, august third

The art was done by @lucheek

Pokemon Crossbreed Fan Art Contest Now Open!

For winning first place in the Fire/Fighting fan art contest, trakolock got to choose the theme of the next fan art contest. The theme he chose was crossbreeds! 

For anyone unfamiliar with Pokemon crossbreeds, the artist imagines a Pokemon (ie Snorlax) with the characteristics of another Pokemon (ie Lapras). Crossbreeds aren’t limited to Egg Groups; the artist can choose whichever two Pokemon they want to be crossbred! 

Here are the rules: 

  • Three submissions per person
  • You must have ONE crossbreed per submission
  • The crossbreed MUST be between two Omnis Pokemon or an Omnis Pokemon and a canon Pokemon. Crossbreeds involving Legendary Pokemon will be permitted

Here are the prizes:

  • First place will get to choose the theme of the next fan art contest
  • The top three artists may choose the Shiny Palettes for Pokemon that lack them.

And that’s it! The rules are few, so get out there and get those creative juices flowing!

The contest will end on Thursday, May 11th, at 5pm EDT.