Baekhyun & the duckies

During the ending ment of Exoluxion in Nanjing, a fan threw 7 yellow duckies on the stage. Baekhyun went and collect them all and arrange them according to height. That fan was a Baekhyun stan. She threw the duckies on stage not expecting Baekhyun to pick it up (because what are the probabilities lol), but she figured it’d be good enough if any other members picked it up so she did it anyway. :)

That fan actually wrote down a hidden message for Baekhyun on the duckies. That was why Baekhyun was arranging the duckies, to read the message. (’ ㅅ ’)

OP’s weibo update:

Dang dang dang! Now is finally the time to reveal the mystery of the yellow duckies of the the century! Previously, a lot of you were discussing what’s the actual positions of the duckies, but none of you actually realize that there are words written on their heads, so i thought to myself “alright then. let this be a little secret between me and Baekhyun”. However, somebody realized that Baekhyun’s name was written on one of the ducky’s head, so i decided to just tell you the whole story.

The 7 duckies, if arranged from the biggest to the smallest, will spell out “I like you ah, Baekhyun”. 

I’ve not taken picture of them after i wrote down the message, because i’ve never once expected that Baekhyun would pick it up. BUT! HE! DID! ACTUALLY! PICKED! IT! UP! AND HE ARRANGED IT FROM THE BIGGEST TO THE SMALLEST TOO!!! I was so excited at that moment, i nearly passed out in that crowded B2 rock zone, but that’s not important. What’s important is that he saw the love confession from Aeris to him. I was actually worried that he might not be able to arrange the duckies in the right order, so i numbered them. But our Baekhyun managed to arrange the duckies in the right order without even looking at the numbers, his heart is aligned with Aeris. 

I like you ah, Baekhyun. Always. Forever. ♡

The fan was worried that the duckies will injure Baekhyun if she threw it directly at him. That’s why she threw the bigger duckies at the side stage and the smaller duckies on the center stage. But Baekhyun still went around the stages to collect them all. ㅠㅠ  

Baekhyun gave out the other duckies to Yixing and Kai but he kept the last two for himself - the one that has his name written on it. ㅠㅠ This is the boy that we stan. Baekhyun who is so warm and loving. Baekhyun who cherishes the hearts of Aeris. 

some things from tonight!!!!

wow okay I had notes out on my phone that I wrote real quick if anything caught my eye!! behold!!!

xiumin’s hip thrusts are as illegal in person as they are through a screen

xiumin throughout the concert twirled around (them fancams don’t lie) and danced really energetically

fans screamed extra loud when Kai or lay were seen on the videos

the members fans screamed the most for were chanyeol and sehun ㅋㅋ but everyone got cheers

chanyeol made sehun and baek kiss during Peter Pan

xiumin tripped while coming out of the paper during ‘lucky’ but didn’t fall!! he smiled afterwards

baek kept saying the concert was cute and sexy

chanyeol started hopping around really high when Chen told us to jump

suho spoke English a lot and was very cute

suho said everyone was tired but he had an energy drink and was ready to go~ lol

I’m 99% they did all of it live and it was amazing

I almost broke my neck jumping around during the ‘machine’/‘drop that’/‘let out the beast’ mix
(xiumin came out with chanyeol first to lead fan chants and rap before machine)

(I started crying when xiumin yelled ‘lucky TO HAVE YOU’) (just a little bit)

chanyeol kept try to get us to say ‘say dallaseu’

DO wanted dinner at the end of the concert. he was hungry

baekhyun kept saying “sad sad” at the end of the concert

xiumin said the concert was “so hot! perfect!”

Chen forgot his part for ‘sing for you’ and hesitated for a second before singing and smiling at his mistake. suho told him afterwards to not forget anymore and Chen said “I’m fine” and suho said “I’m fine, and you?” and they both laughed

chanyeol called us pretty ^^

chanyeol said they were really jet lagged before the concert but when the doors opened the tiredness left

baek was worried for the bored dads

baek also said that he was sad the fans in the back couldn’t be closer, but not to worry since they could see their faces (they described a girl in glasses on the balcony that jumped weird bc she was wearing a skirt LOL)

baek kept making record scratching sound when sehun was talking, then cutely said “sorry” (chanyeol was doing it too hah)

before their last encore, the entire theatre chanted “we are one” for a really long time

baekhyun said he was really impressed when we sang along to the songs. so was Chen~

suho said we didn’t need language, just music to become one

suho made the whole theatre go quiet before he felt his chest and said “did you hear? we became one”

xiumin said he was worried about not being able to go on tour because of his leg, but then said, in English, “no problem!” he told us to look after our health and he would too

sehun talked about Chris brown a lot, and then got embarrassed, because we kind of didn’t understand why he kept talking about Chris Brown (it was probably the only time after one of the members talked that people didn’t cheer bc we were so confused lol)…and then he said the reason he was talking a lot was to make the concert last longer~~

suho promised to come back soon with lay and Kai

last thing that was said: Chen “goodnight baby”


I finally get to witness the day Kris appeared in the Times Square billboard. I never even thought this day would come, but Kris just keeps on surprising us. The billboard was HUGE. Smack in the middle of Times Square and has THREE SIDES. That’s right, you get to see him in all three sides. I am so proud of him, and so proud of calling myself a meigeni.

[TWITTER] Zico Attends the Funeral of a BBC

[FAN TO ZICO] Oppa Thank you Thank you so much..Please take care wherever you goㅎㅎ

[ZICO TO FAN] You have to stay strong.!

T/N: There was a post on Nate which explained something that was connected to the tragic Sewol Ferry disaster. The post said that the younger sister’s body had been found at sea. The family members of the young girl knew of the celebrity that she was a fan of and contacted an acquaintance who was able to contact the celebrity’s manager. The celebrity attended the funeral of the younger sister and consoled the family. The celebrity was BLOCK B’s Zico.

Please note that the translation above is a direct translation of the nate post.

160625 BTS KCON NY 2016 Fan Meeting Fan Account

This short and sweet fanmeeting consisted of:

1. Jin dabbing
2. Hoseok kkab dancing and just being an excited ball of energy.
3. Jimin’s dazzling shy eye smile and lowkey dancing.
4. Taehyung’s small hearts and gangsta hi-touch methods.
5. Namjoon’s look of pride as a leader seeing so many fans.
6. Yoongi’s gramps demeanor and president-like waves.
7. Shy Jungkook with his looks of gratitude. Him and Namjoon looked a little overwhelmed.



FAN: (post-it) What kind of relationship do you have with Taehyung?

JIMIN: (draws two swords)

cr. VeMine95_btsVM站


FAN: (in a note) If you have the chance to choose your roommate, who will it be?

NAMJOON: (without hesitation) Jungkook.

cr. 勤劳的汤圆xi


FAN: Please write whatever is from your heart with the phrase “Oppa is…”

JUNGKOOK: I bought lamb skewers.

HOBI: I don’t know what to do.

JIN: I’m hungry.

SUGA: I’m loved(?).

(T/N: I = Oppa [is]…)

cr. leeeuijoong


FAN: (post-it) RM-ah, I really love you! I’m a Chinese ARMY, when will you come to China and marry me?

RAPMON: In Guangzhou, January!

cr.  防弹后宫宫主


FAN: (post-it) Do you have any plans of getting a tattoo in the future? What design do you want?


cr. taetae1230V


FAN: (in a note) Jiminie, who is the most mischievous member and makes you feel like you’re being tortured?

JIMIN: Jungkook.

FAN: (in a note) Taehyungie, who is the most mischievous member and makes you feel like you’re being tortured?

TAEHYUNG: Jungkook.

FAN: (in a note) Jungkook-ah, have you read their answers?

JUNGKOOK: Not yet.

cr.  木正果


FAN: (post-it note) If you’re going to travel around the world, then who would you want to travel with? 1) Jimin 2) Maknae Jungkook

TAEHYUNG: (encircles) Jimin.

cr.  Kissheartbeat_朴智旻亲吻站

[posted on 151219]

FAN: (in a post-it) Jiminie oppa, who is/are your favorite people? 1) Jungkook 2) Hobi 3) Suga

JIMIN: (boxes JH and SG’s names and checked them)

cr. 釜山一只萌鸡

[posted on 151219]

FAN: Please draw any BTS member!

JIN: (draws Jungkook)

cr.  GlossJin


FAN: (in a post-it note) Jungkook-ah, usually of the things about life which member you learn the most from?

JUNGKOOK: Namjoon and Suga.

cr. 木正果