according to a handful of fan accounts: nct’s taeil went to jonghyuns’s concert today. the above pictures were taken of him arriving at the venue. fans pointed out that he attended the concert despite being in the middle of comeback promotions / nct 127′s comeback week. a note that taeil has mentioned that jonghyun is his role model / most respected sunbae a handful of times in the past. (source)


[Trans] 170315 fansite Godetia-N account of Yixing at Kagoshima airport (Kyushu island, Japan)

At today’s airport a lot of sakura girls (a Chinese way of calling Japanese fans) were waiting for Yixing. I chatted for a bit with a few. Some came from Tokyo and some were locals. They said it’s too rare for Yixing to come over here so they all came to see him. A lot of people came with support goods and Yixing took all the letters. He was really very gentle and when he replied to the sakura girls he was really too gentle. Maybe it was too tiring flying today so he didn’t look very spirited in the photos, but he really responded to the fans. He really is a super super good person.

He didn’t walk fast either. Everyone surrounded him yet he didn’t get impatient, really the very top of a good person. Also, when other travellers who were at the airport knew Yixing was coming, they were super excited. Boss Zhang’s popularity is really steady.

@xiulayallday described her impressions of seeing EXO in New York and her descriptions are dead on. I can’t put into words what it’s like to have been watching them for years on your computer screen and then they’re walking next to you on a street.

Suho was the first person I saw when I got into that area of the city. Literally the first person. I didn’t immediately think “Suho!” I thought, oh wow what a handsome guy…Wait he looks familiar. WAIT. I’m 5'9" and he was definitely shorter than me and in a city filled with gorgeous people, he still stood out.

We wandered on a bit when @uminbean was looking around and said quietly “that looks like Chen… It’s Chen”. By the time I looked properly I could only see the back of him, but I could still see it was him by those legs.

We got up thinking wow, 2 EXO members? What a day! When I glanced over and saw an unmistakable pair of ears crossing the street, and by the time I processed that it was Chanyeol, Baekhyun was beside him. Baekhyun looked a bit… uncomfortable? I only made brief eye contact then stayed away because I didn’t want to be associated with the horde of fans following them around and wanted them to just have a good day. Chanyeol was shorter than I anticipated (I think I assumed he was just beastly tall by how people talk about him). Still tall though, just not gigantic. Baekhyun was not as short as I thought he’d be either. About my height.

My friends and I go lean on a wall to process what we’ve just experienced in the span of 20 minutes, when @uminbean whispers in a ‘brace yourself’ voice, “Sehun is coming”. Now this is my bias. Can I do this? Will I just fall over? Will I go blind and cease to feel emotion? I didn’t. He was perfect. I couldn’t believe he was real, and he looked just as he does in pictures. And he was about the height I imagined. He walked by me not 3 feet from where I stood. I still can’t believe it.

We all needed to sit down at this point and wanted to get as far away from the stalking fans as possible. Chanyeol and Baekhyun passed us TWO more times filming something and I wanted to shout “how is this real right now?!”

We walked on a bit and my friend whispered “it’s Xiumin” and there he was, 2 feet from us happily watching a show. No fans around bothering him. It’s the only time @xiulayallday and I got our phones out because we knew we could snap a picture without causing him stress and hell, he was taking pictures too. He was so bronze and handsome. Smiling and laughing. It made us so happy.

Now today we go see their show. Wow.

[FANACCOUNT] 170506 TRIPLE H 1st Music Core

- CUBE finaly doing something right, we got a sticker calendar. 

- They gave out free masks! 

- Hui lost both of his shoes on the first take.

- HyunA laughed so hard during the take because Hui lost his shoes.

- Kino, Shinwon, Wooseok, Yeo One, Yuto all came out to support their first broadcast.

- The dance is so cool but there is a lot of Hyojong and HyunA touchy so fans get ready.

- Hyojong tripped on HyunA at one point but checked to see if she was ok.

- Hui talked to fans before the takes.

- Hyojong shyly greeted fans but also had the most people screaming for him.

- Ok so awkward story time. I was ushered down the stairs to the pit and I said “hi” to Kino and he waved back at me. Then the staff was like “no you can’t enter, go back up and around” so I did, having to walk by all the other boys. Then I had to walk down again.  Past all of them once I got up.

- PENTAGON boys were screaming at Hui and Hyojong, trying to get their attention like the fans were. They even stood up and waved.

Source: pentafun

[Fan Accounts] 170514 Japan Showcase Tour 'MEET ME‘
  • Jackson spotted a small Wang sign and he picked it up and was holding it for a while. I think MK noticed too and was pointing at it to show Jackson
  • Jackson took off his jacket, and Mark said “Jackson has so much swag”
  • They keep on joking Bambma has the most muscles, while Mark insisted Jackson has more
  • During Markson rap part in LOVE TRAIN, Mark touched Jacksons chest and tried to pull him closer
  • They tried to make Jackson dance MY SWAGGER but he didn’t want to so shouted Marks name instead
  • Jacksons white shirt was wet with sweat, and it was sticking on to him. MK said “wow Jackson you’re so sexy" 
  • Mark kept on trying to make the camera show Jacksons back, but Jackson sat down and put a towel on his back to hide his sweat
  • There was a Spanish Ahgase, and they made mark speak in Spanish. After Mark said me llamo Mark, Jackson tried to copy him and failed. Mark laughed
  • Mark tried to make Jackson take off his black tank, and Jackson was on his knees to make it harder. Mark literally was on top of Jackson. Jackson fell on to the floor after Mark got off him, Mark kept on trying to get Jackson up, and he was giving his hand to Jackson
  •  Mark did something (couldn’t see well) and Jackson looked into the camera dumbfounded. He then proceeded to chase MK around the stage
  •   Mark looked so happy, as he went under the stairs on the stage and Jackson followed him as they ran across the stage together
  • At the end, Jackson kept on trying to make Bambam take his shirt off, and Mark joined. Bambam ran away from his hyungs, but Markson ran after him across the stage and Mark happily ran after Jackson who was intent on stripping Bambam. Markson pulled Bambam back onto the stage, and Bambam was on the floor as they tried to strip him, JB came back on stage and helped then left again. Markson successfully did strip Bambam and Bambam ran away from the stage, while Markson threw his shirt into the stage. Mark left running behind Jackson
  • source: kaeito__

[Trans] 170214 Wechat post by Ruan Zhiyong (OP was selling flowers near where Yixing was filming Operation Love on Valentine’s day when Yixing bought all his flowers):

I’ll never dare to sell flowers again for Valentine’s day in the future. It was really too hard to sell. After two and a half hours I sold three.

But damn it to hell, I thought of that phrase “you still need to have a dream, just in case it can become real”.

Holding my bucket, the bucket that contains the flowers, I’m walking along the desolate ErSha Island. I’m a little eye catching and a little dumb looking, but I have something beautiful beside me, such beautiful flowers so I’m feeling not too bad.

I’m walking and walking, in front of my eyes appear a wave of people. I continue to walk forward, I was called to a stop by a guy with makeup on. He then gestured another guy beside him and left these words.

“Get all these flowers. Today’s Valentine’s Day. Let’s buy them to give to the production team.”

I found out after that this guy was called Zhang Yixing and he happened to be filming a drama at ErSha island. Around the set in all four directions was all full of fan girls.

I don’t really know the person, but just for the straightforwardness and that he bought flowers for the staff of the production team and the supporting fan girls, I thought yep, this brother isn’t bad.

I don’t have any other intentions. I just want to see how many Zhang Yixing fan girls there are in my (wechat’s) circle of friends.

Life is like (a box of) chocolates, you never know if the next person you’ll meet will buy all the flowers you have on hand in one go.