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MONSTA X ‘Beautiful’ tour in Chicago - Highlights

  • So many fan projects!!
  • Starting the concert late bc they opened the doors late and everyone was stuck in the merch line
  • MONSTA X looking fine as usual
  • Opening with ‘Beautiful’
  • Introductions that included Jooheon beat-boxing and Minhyuk saying, “My favorite word is ‘gorgeous’… You’re so gorgeous.”
  • So much dabbing
  • All the members using English as much as possible
  • The translator having an oddly attractive voice
  • Wonho commenting on this and the translator saying “Oh…. um… ‘Our translator’s voice is very handsome.’”
  • Minhyuk/Jooheon hyping up Wonho’s muscles whenever he took off his jacket (”MU! SCLES! MU! SCLES!” “Make some noise for his muscles!”)
  • Jooheon saying Chicago is the best because they have delicious (and apparently salty?) pizza
  • Always leaving a spot for Hyungwon. Having seven standing mics onstage, Shownu/Kihyun putting their arms around the space Hyungwon was supposed to stand…
  • Their competition on who was the most romantic feat. ‘Flower Cafe’ (Jooheon won)
  • Sharing water bottles
  • Kihyun looking like a vampire prince the whole time
  • During ‘White Sugar,’ I.M shouting “Alright, who wants toffees?” and MONSTA X throwing candy into the crowd while Wonho ate one
  • Wonho performing ‘From Zero’ and thanking us for loving it even without Hyungwon
  • Shownu/Minhyuk/I.M performing ‘24K Magic’ and all 3 killing the raps
  • 2CHAIN
  • The translator accidentally saying “This is our last song” and all the members being like “No! Don’t listen!”
  • Legendary remix of ‘Rush’
  • Minhyuk’s hair sticking up and Jooheon fixing it for him
  • I.M forgetting his water was uncapped and spilling it everywhere
  • Before the (actual) last song, Minhyuk saying “Our last song is Bruno Mars ‘Versace on the Floor’” and Shownu singing it
  • Group photo with Monbebe
  • Right before they left, pretending to descend into the floor but there was no descending platform

161031 Ohmokgyo Fansign (w/ Yoongi)

Q: Yoongi oppa~ I am 9 years younger than you ♥ Please write something warm for me ♥
Yoongi: A 15 year old should be studying.


(credit is on picture)

(You)r “inclusivity” in fan fiction is still exclusive to white skinny women.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it, so I’m just gonna say it.

As a black woman, it sucks rarely being represented…in movies, tv-show, books (especially books because I love writing and that’s what I want to do with my life) etc, it just isn’t fun.

So, when I found the concept of fanfiction, especially K-POP fan fiction, where the protagonist is “You” I thought it’d be fun to picture myself as leading woman 🤷🏾‍♀️, ya know?

Boy, was I wrong…

Somewhere along the way, the concept of “You,” in this situation, me–whom as I stated earlier, a black woman–I developed long, silky hair I can throw over my shoulders, pale light skin, blue or green eyes, a petite frame, etc…

Now, I’m no rocket scientist, but I don’t think it’s a far fetched statement to say that most black women, or other ethnic groups of women, or women with larger frames, don’t look like this…

Somewhere along the way, fan fic writer’s definition of “inclusivity” became the “exclusive to white, skinny women” club. It became more and more clear to me, with each and every line, that the protagonist was meant to be/ relate to a white woman or a “white passing” woman, both groups my dark, black ass can’t and will never relate to 🙅🏾.

And honestly, it’s become the biggest “fuck you” that you can give me as your reader. Wanna know why? Cause if that’s the route that you, the writer, are gonna go, then you mine as well just pick a white, skinny protagonist, name her Becky, and get it all over and done with. At least then I know to not get my expectations up.

I understand that the point of making the protagonist “you” is to allow the reader to picture themselves as the apple of their leading partner’s eye, thus allowing the reader to develop a real and genuine role in the narrative. However, newflash, WE AREN’T DOING THAT ‼️ We’re perpetuating this fucked up westernized stigma that only white women are worthy of love, affection, and time. And, along the way, we’re inherently telling women of color/ larger women that they aren’t good enough. And it’s like, damn, we already get told we aren’t good enough in the real world. Can a girl catch a break in fairytale land?

And yep, that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.